Reflections serenity - double ended dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Kayla

I Found my Serenity

The Reflections Serenity is a glass dildo that features a gentle curve that will feel pleasurable during you. If you can't afford an Njoy Pure Wand, this is a good alternative, but if you already have a Pure Wand, you'll probably end up liking your Pure Wand better. However, in its own right, it is a quality glass sex toy that's bound to bring you a pretty good amount of pleasure - especially if you want a large-diameter glass toy.
Quality sex toy, Two different sensations, Smaller end is easy to use, Storage-able packaging
Heavy, Can be hard to handle, Larger end isn't that pleasurable, No storage bag
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The Reflections Serenity glass dildo is a curved g-spot dildo made of glass that Doc Johnson sells. It's part of their "Reflections" series. The dildo is about seven and a half inches long, and one end of the dildo has a two inch diameter while the opposite end has an inch diameter. My dildo matches the color shown in the EF pictures, but my dildo is actually about 1/3 inch longer than the dildo shown in the picture. Since glass has to be handblown, this makes sense.

The packaging for the Reflections Serenity is basic but presentable. The packaging is made from plastic, and the dildo itself is kept in a plastic tray inside the plastic box. This box will work for storage, and the dildo does not include a storage bag. The packaging is tasteful and okay for gift-giving, and the packaging allows you to see the dildo through the plastic to know what you're purchasing. It's not the most luxurious packaging I've ever seen, but it does keep the dildo safe and present it in a comfortable way.

Serenity is a large dildo. Really. This is a piece of glass that's a lot bigger in diameter and weight than most glass sex toys on the market. I'm not sure why they chose to make it this way, but this toy is surprisingly heavy compared to other glass toys I own. It's nowhere near the weight of the Pure Wand, but it's still heavier than something like the Bent Graduate. One end of the dildo has a diameter of an inch while the other has a diameter of two inches. I don't know about you, but I can't usually comfortably enough a two-inch dildo in flexible materials, so when it's in hard glass? This thing is definitely too large for me to comfortable enough. However, if the Vixen Creations Randy or the Njoy Eleven are your idea of a fun time, the larger-diameter head may end up being a blessing instead of (like with me) a curse. (Tuesday posted a great picture on her review that shows that the Serenity's large head is definitely bigger than the larger end of the Pure Wand. Their smaller ends are about the same.)

The Reflection is definitely one of the larger-diameter g-spot toys. I didn't have as much luck with it as a g-spot toy as, say, the Bent Graduate. However, it did hit the g-spot in a more passing manner. It was much more of a gentle brushing up against the g-spot instead of a direct hit like the Bent Graduate tends to get. The fact that it hits my illusive g-spot is actually impressive though, so if most g-spot toys tend to hit your g-spot, this one is going to be downright amazing. (This is when using the smaller end)

When using the smaller end, the big bulb on the opposite end works amazingly as a handle. It's actually surprising. I much prefer to use it this way just because the bulb on the opposite end is so large and easy to grasp. Even with slippery hands, it's pretty easy to grab the bulb for control. However, handling the Reflections Serenity can get a bit difficult because it is really heavy. If you have wrist problems handling the Pure Wand, you'll have problems with this. Along with this, the Pure Wand's bulbs are also nice and distinct from the shaft. One of the bulbs on this one is distinct, but if you want to use the smaller end as a handle, it's much, much difficult to grasp and can get pretty frustrating.

Using the larger end is possible, but you must like larger toys for that one. I tried it, and it just was not an experience for me. If you've tried those G-Pop sex toys or enjoy the larger end of the Pure Wand, the larger end is for you. However, the PureWand actually gets larger in the shaft towards the bulb while the Serenity stays at a common diameter throughout the toy, so you get a really big "shock" when using the bulb because the shaft is literally 1/2 an inch smaller on all sides than the large bulb itself. However, if you enjoy that filling sensation, the Reflections Serenity is going to provide it.

This glass sex toy holds the same properties that other glass toys do. It is extremely slick and easy to insert. It will only require a small bit of lubrication (if any) to insert. Along with that, if it is soaked in warm water or cold water before insertion, the glass itself will retain that temperature during use. Furthermore, glass is perfectly safe to use. This is not hollow, and it would take a whole lot more than vaginal muscles to break it.
Glass is extremely easy to clean, but at the same time, this glass toy is heavy, so make sure to keep a good grasp on it while you're trying to clean it. It can easily slip out of your hands. This toy can be sterilized with bleach to use it with multiple partners. It also is compatible with any different types of lubricant. Like mentioned before, this toy does not come with a storage bag, so you either have to purchase your own (The Pleasure Pouch and EF Storage Bag are both good options here on EF) or keep it in the original box. Either should do a pretty good job of protecting the toy.

I can't say I'm not fond of the Reflections Serenity, but I don't think it's the best toy out there and I'm pretty sure it's not the one for me. If you already own the Pure Wand, this toy isn't going to blow your mind, but if you want a glass toy that's larger in diameter than most glass toys or you enjoy really filling and large sensations, this may just be the perfect sex toy for you.
Follow-up commentary
I still like my Reflections Serenity. It definitely did "compare" to the Pure Wand, and for those that can't afford the Pure Wand, it's still an okay choice. As I have the Pure Wand, I don't reach as much for the Serenity, but it doesn't stop it from being still a good toy. It's still holding out really well in storage when it doesn't get used, and it still looks brand new. I purchased one for a friend as a gift, and she's repeatedly told me it's her favorite toy, so it's definitely a good one to check out!
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  • spiced
    Thanks for an excellent review--I'm REALLY curious about the Pure Wand after reading this. If you know what size/shape pleases you, it's hard to go wrong with glass toys, IMO...
  • snowminx
    thanks for the review =)
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