Reflections serenity by Doc Johnson - review by Woman China

Joss Whedon would be so proud!!!

Ticked off that Firefly was cancelled and want something to remember the show by? Take a gander at Serenity by Doc Johnson! It's bold, it's black and it's got a big head and a small head. You can use it in your front door or back door! He's got a curve that g-spot lovers will grin over and above all else??? "Serenity". I love the name!
Fantastic price! Great heads! All level of users!
No storage pouch but that's ok!
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Now being a sci-fi (did you note how I use sci-fi not that silly syfy mumbo jumbo that they go going on?) buff and of course Firefly was like one of the best sci-fi series going on and Fox (the twat's) cancelled it after screwing up the series order.

Well, have I got news for you. This double ended dildo by Doc Johnson, can be your saving grace.

Sharing the name of the ship used in that wild wild west space show, I guarantee you that the Reevers won't come near you while you've got this dildo out.

To use this guy, please insert one of the bulbs into your snatch. Taking some precautions (for there are no Alliance doctors out here) you might be able to use this anally. Butt (pardon the pun), this review will focus on vaginal play. You can use this to massage ones prostate externally/internally, the perineum, the clitoris... or as a massage apparatus.

Squirt some face cream on your face, and use the fat head to gently massage the lotion into your skin. This head works really nicely between your eye brows. They use tools quite similar (same head, different handle) here at the beauty salons, but even with international shipping... this guy is still cheaper.

Butt (tee hee hee, this one is not a pun), again, this review is on using the Serenity vaginally.

I really approve of this toy, and even though it came with cheap packaging and no storage pouch, it has one particular great feature going for it. It's progressive. Any level of user from beginning to advanced, to women who prefer smaller toys to women who prefer some girth... this guy is your guy. The second reason why I'd give this guy my thumbs up, is many have compared him to the Njoy Pure Wand. Similar in shape and curve but a fraction of the weight and a portion of the cost, Serenity will let you see if spending over 100USD on a steel toy would be worth it. And as a bonus, for all of you who have bought the Pure Wand and worry about your wrist and the weight of the toy, this guys does not weigh nearly as much.

Here is a little picture of a bunch of various g-spot toys so you can see the differences between curves, heads, tear shaped heads, bulbous heads, sizes and shapes.
G-Spot Toy Comparison carious toys

Material / Texture

My first impression was, "Ohhhhhh.....ahhhhh look at that colour! I've never had a black glass toy before! Holy fudgeknockers... cheap packaging. Reminds me of designs from the 70's. But I'm not a hippie."

Quite seriously, that was my very first impression of Serenity.

Then I took him out of the plastic package. "He feels.... cheap."

Now let me explain. He is just really a light weight. I have been using the Njoy Pure Wand which is 3lbs in weight frequently (I've been working my my pipes you know) and I've no idea how much Serenity weighs. Less than the weight of a 500GB hard drive though. And with the difference in weights you forget that glass actually weighs less!

Serenity is made out of tempered glass, and he's got two heads (he's double ended you know not like an ancient Greek monster with two heads and one body), one head is smaller and the other is just yummy.

The glass feels delightfully smooth. But be careful when you go to use him for the first time. If you are just starting out with toys, his thick head might be a little too much to take. So start off slowly. As I have already mentioned, he is a progressive toy as he has a smaller end and a bigger end. Making it one of those rare starter toys that you'll be using forever because you can upgrade to the bigger side once your body is comfortable taking the larger end.

And remember, glass is not forgiving. It's hard and usually starts off cold. Your body will move to accommodate him, and sometimes, that means bruises on your insides. Glass is bodily safe, and any kind of lube can be used!!! If the lube is good for you, it's good for Serenity! He is actually going to be the first toy I test out my coconut oil lube with. I cannot hardly wait!

Design / Shape / Size

Serenity is a double ended dildo; four inches in circumference on the smaller head and five and a half inches in circumference on the bigger end. The body of the Serenity is three and a quarter inches in circumference. He's just under seven and a half inches in length BUT he's eight and a half inches if you follow the curve.

The design is... a curve. Somewhat reminds me of a half moon shape.

I really enjoyed the shape and the more extreme curve than most of my other g-spot toys. I mostly use him with the large end inserted, with my thumb covering the head of the smaller end. This way I can angle just right and get oodles of pressure on my g-spot.

Personally, I think the size is perfect. It would suit beginners and advanced users alike for as I mentioned it is a progressive toy. The smaller end is great for those who are not yet comfortable inserting larger things into their bodies, and the larger end... well I find I have to work myself up to taking it.

Serenity; remember, I've the black one so it is easier to fib a little and claim it is a massage tool for facials or muscles. But the pink one on the other hand might be a little more difficult to leave out as to me it does scream, "SEX TOY!!!!!" So let this be the fair warning between the black and pink one and leaving it out in the open!!! (Just remember... hide from the Alliance!!!)

For traveling, he'd need a travel pouch that has some fluffy stuff to keep it from breaking.

I've added some pictures for you to take a look at the length and width of the Serenity and so you can compare it to some other toys out there.
G-Spot Toy Comparison Width
G-Spot Toy Comparison Length

And as always, here is a picture comparing the Serenity to a Venus razor, Burt's Bees Lip Balm, Serenity and a tube of Maybelline's Falsies Mascara.
Serenity- international comparison


The best thing about this toy is actually the price. At 29USD you get to save oodles of cash!!!

But, the product page has the head looking like some sort of tear shaped thingie.
Serenity small head thingie

And in reality, it's a bulbous head.

I am quite impressed about how easy he is to grip and thrust. Each of the heads could be used as a handle. I really like how easy he is to grip and angle up along my g-spot applying as much or as little pressure as I like at that moment.

Personally, I'd wish him to be just a little bit longer though.

Care and Maintenance

Pssst!!! Guess what?

Serenity is made out of glass making him uber easy to tend too. Hot soap and water, toy wipes, toy spray, bleach and water, boiling water you name it!!! You can use one or all of the above if you'd like!!! Wash in your preferred manner and then let air dry. Please remember to store in a plush storage pouch. He might be easy to tend too, but because he is made from glass, he can be easily broken if you drop him!

If you like silicone lube... use it! If you like water based lube? Use it! If you like coconut oil? Use it! I mean oil based lube you can use it too!!!

Any lube will do... and now I am singing Joesph and the Technical Dreamcoat, "any dream will do..."

Damn musicals.


Serenity- packaging

And because a picture is worth a zillion words... here is what the packaging looks like. Easy enough to crush and recycle!

Personal comments

I always try to find something about each toy I review that I don't really like or wish I could change. I know I said I wouldn't mind it being a little longer... but I could take it or leave it. Serenity is quite perfect the way it is. And he's made from black glass!!! How nifty is that???

I've made the decision to give him a full five stars. His packaging leaves a little to be desired for, but for the price you pay... that's ok by me!

In case you were wondering;
I prefer Serenity over Ella because Ella's head moves. The Amethyst is too pointy and too small in width for me to really enjoy it. I like how the Serenity weighs less than the Pure Wand. And as much as I love the text of the Icicles no24, Serenity brings a smooth surface to my g-spot. Compared to the Swirled G, Serenity is a joy! I love the bumps of Sapphire Falls, but Serenity is still smooth in comparison and great for thrusting!
Follow-up commentary
I still am in love with Serenity.

Whenever a friend asks me for a suggestion on a new glass dildo that she/he may not have, I do suggest the Serenity.

I have started to enjoy the smaller end anally, but. And this is a large but here. I have to use another smaller toy for foreplay as that end is not tapered and I did get some ouchies the first time I tried. (Helpful hint? Relax!!!)

He will for a long time, be housed in my frequently used Toy Box within easy reach of my bed.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • faust
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    You can't take the sky from me amen hallelu
    Cheap pure wand = really good. That packaging is really 70s though lol. Thank you!
  • sunflower
    You can't take the sky from me amen hallelu
    Cheap pure wand = really good. That packaging is really 70s though lol. Thank you!
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