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Small silk reviews

40 reviews
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Average review rating
40 reviews

If you want to try a new type of penetration, are new to sex toys, or new to silicone, this is a perfect starter toy.

Small, sleek and very pretty this dildo is harness compatible and completely anal safe. It is slim enough to be used as a warm up toy for anal play or vaginal play if you prefer a slimmer dildo. For around $20 this is a positive steal!

For someone just starting out with vaginal or anal penetration (including for pegging), the Small Silk is just the toy you are looking for. For someone who has experience with dildos, you might find more pleasure in investing in another product on the Silk line.

If you need something that isn't so scary looking for anal, then this is your toy. I can't speak for vaginal use, but I can say it has made my anal play easier. I am so glad I was able to add it to my collection, and I plan to get the medium and large Silk dildos as well. It doesn't work wonders in the way of stimulation, but it's just enough to let you know it's there.

I bought this toy in a shop as an afterthought, because it was clearance-priced. I got a fantastic bargain, as it turned out, because this silicone is bendy, somewhat squishy, and just gorgeous in its shimmery simplicity. It does what it's meant to do with perfection.

If you need a non-intimidating toy to be your first step to a larger journey in penetration, this one is for you. It is the smallest and most comfortable toy you can find to do the job. The price is good for a first-step toy, but this is unlikely to be more than just that for you - a first step.

As a beginner, I think this toy was definitely worth it. It was a great introduction to dildos and insertion. More experienced people who are used to bigger toys and regular intercourse might not have much to gain from such a small, simple toy, but anyone who is nervous about insertion might want to try this dildo to start.

The Small Silk is a great toy for anyone interested in trying anal play or pegging, but if you intend to use it for vaginal play you may find it lacking. A quality toy at a great price, there are no fundamental negatives to this toy. Be sure the size of this toy fits what you intend to use it for, and you'll be impressed.

I love this toy, and when I found out it could work in my harness, I was even happier. This is a GREAT toy for beginners, and can be used for advanced users too. I usually keep mine in my purse for 'Fun on the run'...

This item is pretty small, and not for anyone wanting any size. Someone wanting something SMALL, however, could find nothing better!

The product is nontoxic, aesthetically pleasing, and flexible! Since it has a flat base, you can turn this dildo into a suction cup dildo using a double-sided suction cup! Excellent for beginners, but this will ALWAYS be a staple in my toy chest!

As far as most dildos you see on the market go, this one tends to be about as small as they get. This dildo is only 3/4 of an inch in diameter, which is about the size of a womanly finger. This toy has the smallest circumference of any toy with its basic specifications. Silicone is able to be sanitized easily, and is firm enough to insert, yet it's not too firm that it may hurt tight holes. If you're new to strap-on sex, I would suggest this toy as larger toys can be harder to control.

This is a sweet one for your first anal dildo. Don't think it would do much for vaginal use. It is flexible and non intimidating.

The small silk is perfect for a beginning dildo user, or anyone who just prefers smaller toys. Its smooth, silicone surface is easy to clean and care for. Its base is wide enough for anal use, it can be harness compatible, and you'll never have to worry about accidentally hurting yourself with it. Unless you prefer toys with more girth and length, the small silk is a great choice.

This small dildo is perfectly smooth and supple with no variations in the design that could cause pain, and the base is wide and sturdy enough that it's truly safe for anal play. Best of all, the premium silicone is both easy to sanitize.

The Tantus small silk is a wonderful beginner toy. It's perfect for first time vaginal or anal penetration. The small silk is completely smooth, and has a wonderful rounded tip for smooth insertion. It's made of silicone and can be fully disinfected. I do wish that the small silk had a little firmer core that would make insertion even easier. I wouldn't recommend this for someone who is more advanced, but for someone just starting out, I don't think this is a bad starting place.

Ever wondered if the joys of anal play are achievable? Maybe you are like me and need a warm up toy for your anal playtime. No matter whether you are a beginner to anal play or a pro., the Small Silk is sure to be your go to toy. Use it analy, vaginally, solo, pegging, or with a partner this toy is a delight.

Overall, we were really glad we purchased this toy. It was so simple to use and a great introduction for toys in anal play.

Although often touted as a beginner dildo for both vaginal and anal stimulation, I'm an experienced user who often finds herself still reaching for her Small Silk. Smooth and flexible and definitely slender, the Small Silk is excellent for solo play or strap-on sex including pegging.

The Small Silk is a simple, but high quality dildo that should suit just about anyone looking for a very small dido for any purpose. It is pretty much the perfect toy for new or nervous practitioners of anal play, though, more experienced players may find it too small to be exciting.

Not sure where to start with anal? The Small Silk is all you need to get the ball rolling. This is a wonderful dildo for anyone, whether male or female. Want to try your hand at pegging? The Small Silk is also a great introductory dildo that can be comfortable for both partners. I'm really impressed at how well this toy worked for me and in my harness. I can't wait to upgrade to the larger sizes.

We love the Small Silk. It's perfect for our needs and I'd recommend it to anybody either new to anal or just wanting to play around a bit.

I do not believe you can go wrong with Tantus. I have not been let down yet. If you are a beginner at anal or just enjoy using small toys, this one is a great buy.

If you need something to get you started this is great if you're a little more experienced don't waste your time

My boy and I will turn to this time and time again until we graduate to larger toys. It opened him up to pegging and for that I am grateful. It did have its hiccups, but all-in-all is the best toy I've seen out there perfect for beginners to anal play.

I think every peg beginner should have this dildo. And it would make the perfect surprise for someone to buy for her boyfriend or husband to spice things up. I promise he'll be thanking you for it!

If you’re a beginner looking for a squishy, small circumference dildo the Small Silk is a very good choice. It’s not intimidating, easy to clean and safe for anal and harness play.

If you're curious about anal play but too intimidated to dive right in, the Silk Small acts like a pair of water wings to help keep you afloat in this foreign sea. With the Silk Small at your (hind) side you can come to discover the fabulous world of anal at your own pace. No rushing, no pushing your boundaries, this itty bitty plug is in no hurry. Take your time, and enjoy!

Because of the cleaning and maintenance, I'm going to have to give it four stars. The cleaning just isn't a turn on. However, in respect to my Silk, I'm going to have to say that it is perfect in every way for the anal beginner or sex toy virgin. It is comfortable, made of terrific material by a terrific company, hypoallergenic, nonporous, and then some!

I would really recommend this one to a beginner, or for use with a harness and a tight hole. Just remember to go with water-based lube!

The Small Silk is a wonderful toy. It's nonthreatening, smooth, and squishy, making it great for those who are new to anal or vaginal penetration. Though it is a very nice toy (my first, but certainly not last, Tantus product), the petite stature leaves much to be desired if you are one who enjoys a longer toy with some girth. If that's you, try the medium or large Silk. To those who don't like/need a large toy, you should definitely put this one on your wishlist.

This item is worth getting if you find sex painful and uncomfortable. The Silk series can be used to work your way up. However if you don't have any issues with pain or tightness and you're not looking to use this dildo anally I suggest you look elsewhere. I'm giving the Small Silk three stars because it has no firmness whatsoever, making it insubstantial. I don't hold its small size against it. It is called the SMALL Silk after all.

Vieux Carre here with the small silk dildo. Are you looking for a high quality dildo to pleasure those hidden spots? Are you tired of overly textured dildos and are looking for something smooth and silky? Well stop right there and look no further because the small silk is right for you. With its flexibility and smoothness, as well as its small size, this dildo is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Order yours today and begin to partake in the pleasure that this dildo has to offer!

This dildo is definitely worth it because it's not expensive at all, high quality silicone, and will get any job done suitable for a finger-sized dildo. I think anyone out there whose stuck in vanilla sex should take advantage of this silk's un-intimidating nature and explore other options!

The Small Silk is a high quality silicone dildo, and well worth the price. It is suitable for both vaginal and anal play, and is also O-ring harness compatible. A very enjoyable dildo.

A small toy that is worth your money if you are looking to try out dildo play for the first time, otherwise the size is likely going to be a little disappointing.

This dildo was very much worth the price - it feels great for anal penetration, doesn't give many problems with a harness (and most of those can be overcome by modifying how you use them together) and is overall a high-quality plaything. Definitely a worthwhile buy.

The Small Silk is a decent option for beginners who are deterred by the realism and size of most strap on dildos.

Good for anal beginners and those who need something small to stretch with, but don't expect this toy to completely satisfy.

All in all, this toy was great! Its versatility is unmatched and it gives us more options in the bedroom.

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