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Spur VixSkin reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

I love the Spur! It was a good beginner Vixskin for me since it's cheaper, and it's very versatile. You can use it without needing to warm up like with larger toys, and it never hurts or makes me sore. The base is firm for easy insertion but it's comfortable for gentle g-spot stimulation and clenching your muscles around (unlike super-firm O2 toys). I highly suggest it if you can see past the slim shaft.

I have to agree that VixSkin is "worth every inch". I love the luxuriously comfortable feel of the cushy silicone over the firm core. I will be purchasing other pieces from this line!

These toys are produced by Vixen Creations and are very realistic and so lifelike. Vixskin is the way to go. Not only that, but the VixSkin Spur is best for beginners or for those who want smaller toys. There is so many sizes to choose from, which is great. I love this and will be keeping this for a long, long time to come.

If you're looking for something realistic that is made of safe materials, I HIGHLY recommend the VixSkin line. The Spur, however, is for probably a smaller subset of people. It's on the smaller side of average, but perfect for beginners, anal sex, and those who simply prefer something a little smaller. If you want average, get the Mustang. If you want small, the Spur is perfect.

Well, I'm really glad I purchased the Spur, and if it ever gets destroyed in a tragic accident I will buy another one without hesitation. It sits proudly next to my bed and is my new silicone darling. If you like toys that are quite small and flexible, this one is for you. If you like them medium-large and firm? Move along, there's nothing to see here.

The only thing I could find wrong about this toy was the color. Not that it bothered me, but it was unrealistic looking. Everything else was just as a toy should be, perfect. I do not see how you could go wrong with the Spur.

Some "packages," despite being small, are well worth your time and attention. The Spur is one such package. A realistic toy for the smaller user, the Spur is fun to touch, fun to look at, and fun to play with. Some might find it too small, but for others it'll be just right.

Spur is a teeny-weeny, little prosthetic that's wonderfully realistic and made of vixskin, Vixen Creation's skin-like silicone blend. It's great for anal play and wonderful for people who like smaller insertables, and it can even be used in a harness for partner play. If you're a size queen/king, do not buy Spur—it's seriously a very small prosthetic!

The VixSkin Spur is an amazing choice if you want a smaller, realistic dildo. This makes it optimal for anal use as well as use for those who require a smaller-diameter toy.

Overall this toy was a bit of a letdown, however I will be keeping it in my regular toy box instead of the 'irregular/rarely used' toy bag as it is an interesting toy to use. Although I wouldn't recommend this to any of my friends except ones that have yet to experience anal play, I'm still somewhat glad I picked this guy up and gave Vixskin a fair shot. The choice whether you think this is the right dildo for you is definitely up to your individual needs; only you know yourself after all.

The Spur is a small dildo made out of VixSkin. It’s soft and plush, squishy but with a firm inner core, so it’s flexible and easy to insert while being rigid enough to thrust with. The size will please those who like realistic dildos on the smaller size, whether the intended use is for vaginal or anal insertion.

If you are looking for a high-quality realistic dildo that is on the small size, the VixSkin Spur is a great choice. It's the perfect size for those new to pegging or those looking for a moderately sized anal toy. It is, however, a bit underwhelming as a vaginal toy due to its short length and narrow girth.

I had just an, all around, "meh" kind of experience. Perhaps there is someone out there who has a boat this can float. It wasn't me, and it wasn't my partner.

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