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Crystal egg reviews

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14 reviews

If you want to stengthen your PC muscles and aren't ready for things such as ben wa balls and such, this is for you! Great solid and sanitary rock, it's gorgeous, and has a cord for easy retrieval. I can't rave about this rock enough, I just love it! It comes with a cute little black bag to carry it in and also add weights for extra exercises. Everyone needs at least 5 of these pretty little gems.

This is a great kegal exerciser for beginners or more advanced users. The stone has a nice amount of size and weight to it and also has the ability to have weight added to it to increase resistance. The shape is perfect to rest comfortably inside so that you can use this anywhere, around the house or around town. It is very comfortable to grip and hold during your exercises and smooth enough to slide in and out easily. I really can't find fault in this beautiful piece.

I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to add to their collection. It is a work of art, as well as functional!

You can use this crystal egg as a vaginal muscle strengthener (kegel "helper") or you can use it for a palm massager! We used it as a massager and found that it worked pretty well for this use. The price is decent, easy care and storage and even comes with a great pouch to keep it in! Very well made and really beautiful look and feel.

Use as a kegel tool or use for massage. Either way, you really can't go wrong with this beautifully crafted stone that comes in a gorgeous, velvet, drawstring pouch. Fits really nicely into a Condom Cube too!

The Crystal Egg is a kegel massager made of "semi-precious stone " (read: rock) that is beautifully smooth and hard and deliciously heat retaining. But the Egg is affixed with a horrendous retrieval cord made of sharp stiff plastic, and so it unfortunately fails all around.

The Crystal Egg differs from other vaginal kegel exercisers in that it allows you to suspend weights, thus increasing the work to keep it inside and speeding up vaginal strengthening progress. You can only hang modest weights from it, but at least that's an option. Kegel exercising with weights is a nice way to add variety to your PC muscle strengthening routine.

This unique kegel exerciser is a great product. Beautiful stone and organic design make exercising less of a chore and more fun!

Smooth and lovely the Love Nectar Kegel egg is a delightful addition to your kegel exercise routine. It's just the right size, for just about any woman, to keep in comfortably and achieve PC muscles of steel!

I have been wanting to try an egg for a while now and this gave me the opportunity to do so and I am glad I did. This is very exciting for me because I can tell it is working. This is worth the price. I have recommended this to some of my friends that are also looking to do some exercises. After you have kids things start to lose their grip and control so this helps tighten things back up.

The Crystal Egg is an excellent kegel exerciser. Instead of inner balls that spin, this egg is simple, its weight and slickness making it a challenge to keep in and a GREAT work out for the pc muscles. Additional weight can be attached, making it a toy you can grow with.

Had been curious about using eggs for p.c. exercises for a long time. Delightfully pleased with this lovely choice. It makes doing your sex-ercises *so* much more fun. I definitely prefer that it is stone over some sort of plastic material. I would be interested to know exactly what type of stone it is though.

This egg is very much worth the purchase. It is built to last forever, and contains great healing minerals to really increase vaginal health. Doing kegel exercises with this is great for increasing pleasure during sex, healing some organ problems, and it feels great to use!

The jury is still out when it comes to the Crystal Massage Egg’s effectiveness in building energy in your second chakra, but it is one way of feeling sexy and possibly toning your vaginal muscles.

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