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Adventures in weight lifting

The Crystal Egg differs from other vaginal kegel exercisers in that it allows you to suspend weights, thus increasing the work to keep it inside and speeding up vaginal strengthening progress. You can only hang modest weights from it, but at least that's an option. Kegel exercising with weights is a nice way to add variety to your PC muscle strengthening routine.
natural material, beautiful, can use weights for faster muscle development, comes with storage pouch
Can only add small weights
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The Crystal Egg was designed to help women exercise and strengthen their PC muscles. Its not necessary to have a kegel exercise toy to do this, but it can help and adds variety.

My personal interest in this product is is that you can hang weights from it, thereby increasing the amount of work you have to do to keep the egg inside. I lift weights regularly and strive to lift the heaviest weights possible. The kegel egg is a step in that direction.

My interest in this is inspired in part by Tatyana Kozhevnikova's amazing achievement of suspending 31 pounds from her vagina. She won a 2009 Guinness Book of World Record for this feat. She says on her website not to idolize anyone else, but how can you not kneel before such a Goddess?

Material / Texture

The manufacturer's site,, states that Crystal Eggs can be made from Red Jasper, Pink Jasper, Green Onyx or Black Zebra Jasper. But the product literature states that they can be made from semi-precious gemstones like clear quartz, onyx, jasper, jade, rose quartz or amethyst. I cannot tell you which of these my egg was made from. Two thirds of it is beige and the rest is a mix of red and greenish tan. So perhaps its just a mix of various stones and gemstones.

The site states that the cord is made from cotton and attached with an eye hook, but the cord for my egg is clearly a plastic material like nylon and was glued into place. So, there seem to be differences from the information on the manufacturer's site and the actual product.

Here are some pictures of it so you can see its unusual coloring for yourself. And to give you a better idea of its size, here it is on a randomly selected book from my library.

Design / Shape / Size

The Crystal Egg is smooth and, when you first receive it, shiny. Its about the same size as a small egg, with a circumference of five inches.

The cord extending out from it looks exactly like the nylon cord used by children to make lanyards. The cord extends out about four inches from the bottom of the egg.

The Crystal Egg also comes with a soft, velvet storage pouch with a drawstring closure. This pouch doubles as bag to hook onto the nylon string from the egg with weights of your choosing inside the bag. It doesn't look like you're intended to suspend heavy weights from the Crystal Egg. The pouch is only about 3 1/2 inches square.


I had very ambitious goals for my Crystal Egg. Nowhere in the documentation does it say how much weight you can use with this product. My goal was to see how much weight I could suspend from the egg, with the correlary goal of increasing PC muscle strength faster.

The reason for my focus on that is my hope of achieving the full-body, shaking, powerful G-spot orgasms I've seen in videos. I want to shake uncontrollably! I want to be rendered unable to support my weight for a period of time. As it is now, there is no shaking and as soon as a G-spot orgasm starts and I remove the toy, it ends. No shaking. Sigh...

I actually have no idea where I am in the spectrum of PC muscle strength. I suspect I'm not far from average. Someone told me once that he knew someone whose vagina could squeeze him with as much pressure as a hand. I'm not sure mine can squeeze with as much pressure as a pinky finger at the moment.

I've been using the Crystal Egg, first without weights, where I don't feel much benefit, then with a two pound weight suspended, then a three pound weight. I push the egg fully inside, squeeze my PC muscles, then let the weight hang. I continue squeezing while keeping track of how much time elapses before the egg begins to come out.

Once I reach the point where I can no longer keep the egg inside, I remove the weight and squeeze again to slowly bring the egg back up. I can feel it move up a bit from this squeezing. Then I push it further up with a finger, tighten and suspend the weight again.

The detailed instructions that come with the Crystal Egg don't include exercises like what I attempted. They include three other exercises. Tatyana's site has videos of exercises to do with weights attached to a similar, but wooden egg.

On the second day of Crystal Egg exercises, one end of the nylon cord broke. It looks like the ends are glued in place. But the other end was still firmly in place. So I tied the now free end into a loop and continued with my new weightlifting regimen.

On the fourth day, the remaining cord broke off, this time not pulling completely out, but breaking where the cord exits the egg.

Apparently I'm not going to reach my weightlifting, strength improvement goals with the Crystal Egg.

Care and Maintenance

The instructions say to clean the egg either with soap and water or with alcohol. I use the former. They also recommend using diluted grapefruit extract for cleaning.

Do not boil your egg or it could crack.

Crystal Eggs can become less shiny with use due to vaginal acids. Mine lost its shine on the top almost immediately. But that's exactly where I apply lube, so I suspected that the lube I used had a part in the loss of shininess. I applied some lube to a still shiny part of the egg and let it sit for a half hour. There was no loss of shininess. Clearly its me and not my lubricant responsible. I don't intend to do anything about this. Its supposed to be safe to use any lubricant with it.


On the first day of my new weightlifting routine, I managed to keep the egg inside for ten seconds with a three pound weight suspended. By the fourth day, I could keep it inside for thirty eight seconds. I was so jazzed with that progress. But it was right after that accomplishment that the cord broke for the second time and all further achievements came to a halt.

Tatyana says it took her fifteen years to build up to her 31 pound record. I estimate that it would take me about that long also to work up to a super strong vagina. But I'm not sure that the Crystal Egg without extra weights will help me in that effort. Maybe its just me but I don't feel like I make more progress when squeezing with something inside me compared to kegel exercises with nothing inside.
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