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Form 2 reviews

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46 reviews

This toy is certainly a toy I have come to love. As stated above the only issues I have had are with the longevity of it, and the charging. Even with all these problems this toy still is worth it to me.

I have been the most impressed with this toy compared to any that I have bought in a while. The power alone is amazing, and it rivals the Magic Wand in intensity. This is definitely worth the money to those that prefer high end products and need that power for intense orgasms.

The Form 2 packs a lot of power. This fun little rabbit is great both alone and with a partner. It can be used in the shower or tub and is easy to clean. It holds its charge well and is great when traveling!

The JimmyJane Form 2 is a unique clitoral vibrator that sets itself apart through its dual motors and design. The smooth silicone feels great on the body and the dual motors provide stimulation in stereo. It's powerful, waterproof, and rechargeable. What more could you want in a clitoral vibrator? It sits at the top of my toy box for those reasons.

The Form 2 does not disappoint. It's incredibly strong and incredibly pinpoint, making it quite a little powerhouse. However, there are so many cons for this toy that make me hesitant to fully recommend it. Many of these cons can be ignored, especially for those who are very used to using sex toys, but for others these things may annoy you to pieces. Form 2 is not the perfect toy. Personally, I was hoping it would be, at this price.

While this is obviously a luxury vibe and not cheap, it's absolutely worth it for anyone from beginners to toy aficionados. When I got it, I was so impatient for it to complete the initial charge. I knew right away it would be something special and I wasn't let down.

This vibe packs a lot of punch in a little package. I am amazed by its strength. As a Hitachi user, I can definitely say that it is strong enough for those of you who require intense stimulation. Get ready for some mind boggling orgasms even when you think tonight's not your night. This toy will blow you away.

It's simply the best. Never fails. If you want power, this baby is it. The different intensity levels offer a slower start for beginners, leading to a powerhouse kick for the more advanced.

It was almost impossible to think of cons. As far as cost, this toy is worth every penny. The design is a novel approach to clitoral stimulation, working around, rather than camping on the spot. Powerful enough to satisfy even people who have previously owned a Hitachi, it can also be gentle enough for nervous first-timers. The rechargeable motor holds its charge for weeks if you ignore it, and charges quickly if you need it buzzing again in a hurry. It's truly a masterpiece of sexual pleasure.

I LOVE this vibrator. It is my ALL time favorite toy to play with. I am a total clit vibration whore and this toy sure does the trick. It can be flipped in just about any direction and still provides amazing vibrations. The speeds range from slow to extremely fast and it has different pulsating patterns. This toy was designed for anyone who loves variety and vibrations.

This is the best clitoral toy I have ever tried. It is absolutely amazing and I will buy it again, if it ever dies after its warranty. It's smooth, firm silicone. It's water-proof, rechargeable and has two motors housed in this little tooth shaped device. I give it 5 stars even with the 'glitch' that everyone mentions; which I don't find is a problem if you use it gently. Perfect for pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris and nipples, this toy is a must have for every well equipped toy box.

While the price may be a bit intimidating for such a small vibrator, it is totally worth every cent. The production quality is outstanding, and the performance is top-notch. The vibrations are consistent, with each level or setting noticeably different from each other. Small enough to hide between two hands, cordless, and rechargeable, this vibrator is perfect if you need to hide it or travel.

This is by far the best clit masturbation toy we own and we own quite a few, but also is probably the best and most used toy we own overall. It's pricy but it's also well worth it if your looking for great masturbation experiences that are easily replicated over and over.

Despite the product having some cons, I would recommend purchasing the Form 2 because of its unique design that enhances the stimulation of the clitoris. It is fun to use alone or with your partner and allows for an exciting time in or out of the bedroom.

Jimmyjane's Form 2 is certainly one sexy, unique looking dual-motored vibrator. Even though I don't think I experienced its glitch or "fatal flaw", this toy just doesn't do it for me.

The Form 2 is really a fantastic toy! It's really quite powerful and only produces a minimal amount of noise. It's very easy to clean with soap and water. The Form 2 feels really great to touch and looks super cute with it's rabbit head shape. The pink color is nice and vibrant making it an incising toy to want to use. It's a really great first vibrator. It's really a great investment. Especially if this is something new to you. You won't regret it!!

This is my go to toy in my collection every single time, and it has never left me unsatisfied. I have gotten my moneys worth out of this thing and I would buy it again and again. I am looking forward to adding toys to my form family.

What originally drew me to the design was the built-in vibe contained within each prong. It definitely doesn’t look like your average vibe. My wife will agree that the applications for this little toy far outweighs its tooth-like appearance.

This dual motor clitoral stimulator never fails to impress me. Flaw aside, its my favorite toy of all time. Hands down.

It costs a pretty penny, so it better work some magic...and it does. This little gem is cute, pink, soft to touch, quiet, AND waterproof, with too many speeds to count...Plus, it recharges. What more can you ask for? This curls toes, ladies. It never disappoints. It is easy to clean and discreet. I have not one complaint.

The JimmyJane Form 2 is not without its flaws, but the small, powerful vibe remains my favorite external toy. I don't start or end a session without it.

This toy is exciting and reliable. It is my go to for masturbation because it gets the job done quickly.

Overall I am impressed with the Form 2 and found that it has been worth every penny that I spent.

Buy this toy---it is a bit pricier than other vibrators out there, but you get what you pay for and this little vibe is packed with power!

The Form 2 boasts strong power, a rechargeable battery, and it's waterproof. The bunny ear design works far better than I imagined and allows for pinpoint precision that doesn't vibrate away from you when you're in the moment. However, it has a major design flaw that shifts the vibrations and generally makes the thing have a mind of its own. If you can work around this flaw though, this thing will give you mind-blowing orgasms like no other vibrator this size.

Don't be a cheapskate. Purchase this toy IMMEDIATELY, for yourself or to use with your partner. You won't be disappointed!

I love everything about this toy, except that it does absolutely nothing for me. The honest truth is that this toy was not made for boys. The smooth, soft feel and the serious vibrations made me wish I had a clitoris because I think I would like to take this toy to be if I had the right parts.

The Form 2 may be the most unique clit vibe ever built. Having a motor in each prong brings an unprecedented level of stimulation - and the surge mode causes a heretofore unknown level of intensity to clitoral play. Honestly the 'chaos' mode is probably worth tolerating to experience the uniqueness that is the Form 2.

The Form 2 is a great toy. The settings lend themselves to prolonged play sessions, and the ears fit nicely around the clitoris, nipples, or other body parts. While the intensity won't please somebody who is looking for hard and fast stimulation, the patterns of vibration are imaginative and some of the best I've experienced. I didn't experience the flaw that many have discussed, but I don't think the flaw as described would change my opinion of this toy.

This vibrator could be an amazing clitoral vibrator for couples if it didn't have the problem with glitching every time I used it at higher intensity levels. This means that it has very limited use because you can only use it on the lowest setting. Overall, I don't think it is worth the price and would look elsewhere for a clitoral vibrator.

This toy fits as easily in the palm of your hand as it does in your pocket, and its texture makes it easy to grip even when wet or covered with lube. In spite of the intensity of its vibration, it keeps a charge for a remarkably long time (several hours) until a brief rest on the uncomplicated charge station quickly makes it ready to play in no time ... and it plays to win.

The Form Bunny is a great vibrator; it's strong, rechargeable, body-safe, and features great patterns. Plus, I can't dog it when I keep having flashbacks of that One Magic Night. It gets a star off because the bunny ears make it less than ideal the 99% of the time I'm not having a religious experience with it, but it's otherwise a wonderful product.

Minor glitches don't set back this amazing toy! Customize your experience, the Form 2 caters to your every need and desire.

It’s light weight, easy to use, body safe, rechargeable, 100% waterproof, very strong while also be exceptionally quiet, has dual motors to guarantee stimulation, is latex and phthalate free, hypoallergenic, hygienic, has varying speeds and settings to play with, and best of all it comes with a 3 year limited warranty! Seriously, I don’t think there is much more you could want from a clitoral stimulator that the Form 2 doesn’t have – like I said, I love it!

The price tag may seem hefty but I anticipate that the Form 2 will be with me for years to come. My first experience with a rabbit ended up in three trips to replace the thing since the manufacturer had no warranty in sight. It ended up costing me $200 for what was initially supposed to be a bargain. My biggest advice would be not to allow the price tag to determine whether or not this toy makes it to your doorstep.

Form 2 is worth the price you pay to have a vibrator with style and class. It is everything I could wish for in a vibrator.

I have a lot of higher end clit vibrators, but Form 2 is my absolute favourite. You might have heard about the famous "flaw," and it can be annoying at times, but it's easy for me to overlook any problems because Form 2 gives me the best orgasms I've ever had. It is quite expensive, but for me it is very worth it, especially since it comes with a 3 year warranty.

The Form 2 is a nice, compact little clitoral vibe with two motors that surrounds your clitoris with sensation. It has 5 levels of vibration, 4 types of vibration and some very interesting patterns, including anarchy mode. It may not fit everyone but, if it fits *your* body, it is strong, intense and provides a lot of direct stimulation in multiple areas due to it's lovely, abstract ears.

Lovely little toy. Law of cuteness states that its tiny size automatically makes it adorable. Feels great for foreplay stimulation on clit, vulva, nipples, or anywhere with nerve endings. Great for getting some people to climax, not so great for others. Lots of settings, easy to customize for your personal preferences, but potentially frustrating to switch through them blindly. Good toy if you know yourself, your body, and practice with all 3.

The sexiest, most adorable vibe out there; strong, steady, sleek and unique. Has one flaw, but your body will still thank you!

The Form 2 is a cute and futuristic clitoral vibrator. The two prongs, combined with a little imagination, provide for multiple uses and ways to stimulate many parts of the body. It is waterproof and rechargeable, so you can get off anywhere you fancy. The bright pink color doesn't hurt either! It certainly isn't cheap, but I highly recommend breaking open the piggy bank for this one.

Jimmyjane's innovative Form 2 has something for everybody, and because it lasts 7+ hours on a single 2 hour charge, it won't let you down. The dual motors that control each ear make for a powerful vibrating experience and unique sensations. Warning; this is not your mothers style of rabbit!

The Form 2 took me by surprise - who knew such powerful and varied vibrations could come in such a small package? The versatility of this compact, wireless, waterproof vibe makes it ideal for creative play: in the bath, in a side room at work, tucked into a harness pouch during partner sex... Think of it as an investment for good times to come.

The Form 2 has so many aspects which should make it the most sought after clit vibe to come on the market in a long time. It's super strong, has a really unique design with the two motors, cool patterns and it's waterproof and rechargeable. Yet, because of the weird glitch in every single Form 2, which essentially means the vibrations stop when you use it at certain angles/sometimes for no reason at all, it is virtually unusable - at least for me.

The Form 2 has a clever, innovative, beautiful design that delivers strong vibrations through each of two motors. But it also has a serious flaw that drastically limits its usefulness.

The Form 2 by JimmyJane is the most amazing clitoral vibrator I have ever tried. I would like to say it is perfect but it does have some glitches. Though I absolutely would buy this again in spite of its problems. The pros of this vibrator just outweigh the cons by a landslide. Not to mention it is backed by a three year warranty and a wonderful reputable company. If it had no glitches I would have given it 10 stars.

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