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The Form 2 by JimmyJane is the most amazing clitoral vibrator I have ever tried. I would like to say it is perfect but it does have some glitches. Though I absolutely would buy this again in spite of its problems. The pros of this vibrator just outweigh the cons by a landslide. Not to mention it is backed by a three year warranty and a wonderful reputable company. If it had no glitches I would have given it 10 stars.
Dual motors, 5 levels of vibration, 4 functions, rechargeable, waterproof, silicone.
It does have some glitches when pressure is applied or certain functions are used.
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I have had a very hard time deciding how to write this review. It has taken me a while because of concerns over the problems with this toy and struggling with how to handle them in my review. I want to go on and on gushing about how awesome the Form 2 is. How it has the potential to be the best clitoral vibrator on the market. That it is amazing and I love it more than any other that I own. And all of that is true…..BUT! It has some glitches. And I would not want to mislead anyone into believing otherwise. I also want to mention that I had to exchange the first one after my first use because the problems were very pronounced with that one. So far, I have had very little problems with my second Form 2. And I have tested this second one over a dozen times just to make sure before I wrote this review.

So I’m going to start by explaining what those glitches are. First and foremost, many of the Form 2 vibrators get very loud and the vibrations move out of the ears and into the base when any amount of pressure is used with this vibe. I say many because I am aware of several others who have had these problems. Another issue is the second function, the eroscillating one, is supposed to alternate the vibrations back and forth. I have not found this to work correctly with either one of the Form 2’s that I have tried. The pattern is much more random, and tends to have that same noisy, not exactly in the ears, vibration issues that pressure causes.

But in spite of these glitches, I’m still absolutely in love with this vibrator! It is by far, the best clitoral vibrator I have ever tried. One reason is because it has two very powerful motors, one in each ear. There are 5 power levels of vibration that go from very mild to very strong. There is a raised silicone covered bar with a + and - that you press to turn the vibrator on and off, and to change the power levels. The vibrations are an equal mix of a deep thrummy and buzzy, with a side to side motion similar to those on a rabbit vibrator. The Form 2 also has 4 functions. Below the power level bar is a small silicone covered button that you press to cycle through these functions. The first one is steady vibrations from both ears. The second is the eroscillating function, which JimmyJane describes as, a slow vibration wave traversing from side to side. The third is the Thrum function, which I can only describe as the vibrations traveling down both ears like a vibrating rolling pin feeling. And the fourth and final function is a rapid pulse. According to the included booklet this is supposed to pulse from side to side, but mine just pulses both of them together. Personally I could totally skip functions 2 and 4, but that could be because they don’t work right on my vibrator. But the 3rd one, the thrum, feels amazing. I can actually reach orgasm from this function, and I normally don’t care for vibes that have different functions, I usually just like steady vibrations. One other great feature is that by pressing both the + and - buttons at the same time for 1 1/2 seconds, the Form 2 can be locked for storage and travel.

The Form 2 is made of body safe, phthalate-free, platinum silicone and stainless steel. The silicone has a satiny texture with a little bit of drag when skimmed across the skin. It is also nice and small and fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, making it perfect to use during intercourse. The dimensions are 3.25” tall by 2” wide. Each ear is 1 1/2" long, and about 3/4" wide. The ears are probably the thing I love most about this vibrator. I’m the type that cannot have any direct clitoral stimulation. The type of vibrations combined with the fact that these ears surround both sides of the clit actually cause me to have a faster and stronger orgasm than I can with any other vibrator I own. Even with the Eroscillator it can take me anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes for an orgasm. But with the Form 2 it only take 5 to 10 minutes. And for me that is nothing short of amazing!

The Form 2 is completely waterproof and actually works great in the tub. The water around and in between each ear actually vibrates, strongly, and the sensations they create when you put the ears even close to the clitoris are incredible.

To be Continued...
And finally, the Form 2 is rechargeable. At the bottom of the vibrator is a round metal base. The charger base is a small square white plastic piece with an indentation and 2 small metal prongs at the bottom. All you have to do to charge it is set the Form 2 into the base, facing forward, making sure that the little indicator light is lit. It is recommended that you charge it for 8 hours the first time. Also this vibrator cannot be overcharged, so it can be left on the charger when not in use. When you first take it off the charger there is also a battery indicator light that will let you know what the battery level is at.

Since this is a waterproof toy it can be fully cleaned with mild soap and water. JimmyJane recommends that you do not use any other cleaning products on the vibrator. If needed the base can be cleaned with a damp cloth. But be sure to disconnect it first, and make sure it is completely dry before reconnecting.

As I already mentioned the Form 2 is completely covered with silicone. So do not use silicone lubricants with it. Only water based lubes are recommended.

I do want to mention that the Form 2 has a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years. Plus their customer service is wonderful! I contacted them when I had problems with the first Form 2, and they took care of it right away. I had another vibrator in my hands in less than a week.

So while I can’t say that I recommend you run out and buy a Form 2, due to the possibility it may have some issues. I can say that there is no way I would give mine up. In spite of everything it is my favorite vibrator, and I’m incredibly glad I own one! I feel that JimmyJane does realize there are some problems with this toy and hopefully they work those out. In the meantime I feel secure knowing that I have a very good warranty from an excellent company backing up the one I own, in case there are any new problems.
Follow-up commentary
I know there have been a lot of complaints and problems with this vibrator, but I still love mine and use it more than any other vibrator I own. It does still have the occasional glitch, but it has not gotten any worse since I first got it. If I should start having more trouble with mine I will update this follow up. Until then, it's still the best little clit vibe I've ever owned!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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