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Form 2

Discreet massager by Jimmyjane

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Good Form and Function, but not Great

The Form 2 does not disappoint. It's incredibly strong and incredibly pinpoint, making it quite a little powerhouse. However, there are so many cons for this toy that make me hesitant to fully recommend it. Many of these cons can be ignored, especially for those who are very used to using sex toys, but for others these things may annoy you to pieces. Form 2 is not the perfect toy. Personally, I was hoping it would be, at this price.
Incredible power
Love the ears
No travel options
Long charging time
Whiny noise
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The Form 2 is one of the most talked about clitoral vibrators, from Jimmyjane's Form line. The Form 2 is designed to stimulate the clitoris "in stereo", using two motors, on in each ear of the toy. The rounded, spherical base can be easily held in the palm. For those who don't mind the price tag and who want some of the most unique shape and unique vibration will love the Form.


But there are some caveats that go along with the Form 2. The sensations that Form 2 gives me are like no other toy, because the character of the vibrations is different than any other. The sounds and sputtering it sometimes gives out are also kind of strange. I haven't encountered the infamous glitch yet, but I've certainly seen a number of inconsistencies and odd behaviors that I dislike.

The Good Things:
1. Unique shape is effective
2. Vibrations are quite strong
3. Silicone, waterproof, rechargeable, attractive...

The Weird?
1. Toes the line between buzzy and rumbly
2. Sputtering
3. Errors in turning on
4. Possibly a delicate toy -- doesn't travel well

On the whole, I like Form 2. I'm always interested in toys that offer something no other toy can, and Form delivers due to shape AND sensation. However, I've seen other toy companies deliver exceptional toys as well, for much less. Read on, to see if you'll like the Form 2 and for more details.

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    • Couples
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    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Dual motors
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    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The Form 2 is made of matte silicone that reminds me very much of Je Joue's Mimi or Uma (even in color -- I received the pink Form 2, which is nearly identical to Mimi and Uma). This silicone is slightly draggy but not sticky. Like the Je Joue toys I mentioned, Form 2 appreciates lube (Mimi is notoriously lube-hungry) but the relatively small surface area overcomes this aspect of the material.

Compared to Mimi
Tips of ears

The surface of the two ears has absolutely no ridges, bumps or other normal sources of texture. The body has no texture either, except for the slightly raised buttons, covered in silicone. The tips of the ears, pressing in the plane of the body are firm, but they have some flex to the sides and towards each other. The bottom is metal, designed to sit and make contact with the charging base. I honestly never notice it while I'm using it, not even to notice that the metal is cold against my hand or something. I've also certainly never been shy with lube around it or while cleaning, so I can attest to its waterproof-ness.

Magnetic base

Texture is relative:
In terms of how it actually feels in use, I would say that the feeling of the two ears provides sensation like texture. You can't ignore the feeling of two sources of vibration and it's awesome.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design of the Form 2. I can understand why it's a winner for both aesthetics and purpose.

Form 2 is small! It fits easily in the palm of my hand, at 3" in length and only 1.75" deep.


Two Ways to Hold It:
The shape of the Form 2 has been likened to legs or the ears of a bunny -- I see the ears of a bunny, so I'll call them ears. These ears are separated by about 0.5" - 0.25", depending on how you measure the distance. Either way, it's a fairly small distance. This makes the Form 2 excellent for positioning the ears on either side of your clit, on the horizontal plane. That's what all the advertisements call stimulation in stereo and it's pretty awesome.

But there's another way to hold it, which I actually like even better.

I personally have a hood that hides my clitoris very well, and it seems to be rather recessed. The distance between the ears is just a smidge too wide and my temptation is to hold one side or the other against my clit (which defeats the purpose of two motors) or to pinch the ears together. Neither is a good solution. So, the second way you can hold the Form 2 against your clitoris is on the vertical plane. You can position 1 ear almost directly against your clitoris, at the edge of the hood and one above it. This is a sure-fire position for me, when using the Form 2.

Size and Traveling:
I love toys that are small and discreet. I love being able to tuck them in a small bag and travel with them. The Form 2 meets these first two characteristics and fails miserably at the third.

Form 2 can't travel.

Form 2 is cute and fits in the palm of my hand. And perhaps, if not in the know, you wouldn't recognize it as a sex toy. Which is good, because Form 2 has no storage options. JimmyJane couldn't include a travel bag for 145$ and couldn't even make an enclosed, box-like charging stand to either hide it from view or protect it. How disappointing.

I attempted to borrow the excellent, attractive, white satin pouch from my Salsa that We-Vibe included (plus it has a better storage box -- and the Salsa/Tango is ~60% of the price). And then something terrifying happened. I assume Form 2 couldn't take being jostled around in a normal purse, inside a bag, because it started to make a high-pitched whine and started to shut itself off after 3 - 4 seconds. Then it refused to turn on at all. Luckily, I recharged it, and it was fine. Unfortunately, I have to assume that Form 2 is a delicate toy. If you're going to take it somewhere, use a padded bag, inside a sturdy box and don't move it around too much.
    • Discreet look/design

Functions / Performance / Controls

Buttons and Charging:
The Form 2 has three buttons: a +, - and ~. The + button is used to turn the toy on and cycle up in power. The - button is used to turn the toy off and cycle down. Pressing the ~ button triggers the functions, which can be cycled through using the same button. The functions can be turned on at any level of power and increased or decreased in power just like the steady vibes.

On light

To charge, place the Form 2 in its base, perfectly upright. Its pink light will turn on, letting you know that a strong connection has been made. The manual warns you that sitting the Form 2 at any angle will not allow it to charge.

Unfortunately, that pink light is totally steady and doesn't seem to turn off if it's done charging. The manual states (and based on experience, I would agree) that the Form 2 needs 8 hours to charge.

In base
charging light

The white base is really just a flat rectangle with the metal contacts at the bottom of the hollow. It's attractive and well-presented, but it's clearly to display the toy rather than protect it.

Front base
Top b ase

Levels and Patterns:
I have a love-hate relationship with the levels of the Form 2. There's a huge jump in power that I somewhat dislike, since I like to warm up with a toy, spend most of my time on the mid-levels and then go over the edge with the highest level. I would say that everything past level 2 is high.

There are 4 steady levels of vibration:
1. Low: 2 vrooms, 2 bees.
2. Medium: 4 vrooms, 3 bees.
3. High: ~4 vrooms, 3 (annoying) bees.
4. Crazy: 5 vrooms, 3 (annoying) bees.

1. Throb
2. Strong rev
3. Fast pulse

Water Test:
In my reviews, I use water tests so you can better visualize how powerful a toy is. Buzzy toys tend to vibrate at high frequencies, making small, tight ripples in water. Rumbly toys tend to be 'deeper' and vibrate at lower frequencies, creating wider ripples. Strong toys in general move the water around a lot.

The Form 2 surprised me. I got water on my camera. I got water on myself and everything in a 2 foot radius. You're welcome. No other toy gives me this result from the water test, not even the We-Vibe Salsa or Jopen 4.5. For comparison purposes, see the photos below. I rated all of these toys at 5 vrooms.

The Form 2:
Water test with flash
Water test
The Jopen 4.5's clit arm:
Jopen 4.5 water test comparison
The We-Vibe Salsa:
Salsa water test comparison

Power and Performance:
So the Form 2 is suprisingly powerful. It's a five vroom toy, to me. But I understand why other reviews rate it at 4 -- it toes the line between buzzy and rumbly. Those who like or need power as well as those who don't sometimes find buzziness to be an unsatisfying kind of vibration. Form 2 very nearly falls into this category. I love and need power but I cannot take the Form 2 on level 4 (the strongest setting) no matter my level of arousal.

In addition to this, the noise is pretty distracting and a little irritating. It hums, whistles a little, whines -- it's not a steady noise. I found it distracting to use with a partner, though by myself I could block it out.

Honestly, the buzziness gets to me. It simply doesn't feel as good as rumblier toys. For the first week of owning the Form 2, I was a bit bummed about this -- but I've since gotten over it. The two ears are worth it and anyone who needs a very high-powered toy will appreciate the Form 2.
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

The Form 2 is great to clean -- as a non-insertable toy that capitalizes on its shape to stimulate, there's not that much to clean. Even so, you can fully submerge the Form 2 to clean in warm, soapy water. Toy wipes or a 10% bleach solution are also acceptable. Do not boil, send the Form 2 through the dishwasher or microwave it as it contains motorized components.

The Form 2's body is completely enclosed in its premium silicone, making it waterproof. I've had waterproof, silicone toys that charge via DC jack as well as magnetic base and I still prefer the magnetic base. Form 2 is no exception. Be sure to wipe the base thoroughly dry after cleaning before putting it back in the charging base.

As I mentioned before, the Form 2 takes a long time to charge -- on the order of 8 hours. The battery life also doesn't seem to be super, but I understand that there are two motors and Form is fairly powerful. So I don't hold it against the Form. But, I was able to get about 3 sessions out of it before it needed to charge again.
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean


Form 2 doesn't have very reuseable packaging. This is probably one of the few toys above a certain price bracket that I would not keep the packaging for, because it's useless. It's not meant to be used again for storage, it's almost solely meant for store display.

As you can see, the sides are just lists of the toy's features, which you know if you own it and probably don't want to advertise in your closet.
Side ad
Side ad 2

Inside, the Form 2 sits in a white plastic mold that is not sturdy, though it holds onto it fairly well. The white box contains the charger as well as several international wall adapters.
Plastic sleeves and internatl plug
    • Not discreet
    • Not good for storage
Follow-up commentary
I still hold by the fact that the Form 2 is a buzzy but powerful little clit vibe. It surprises me everytime, but I've come to use it more and more. While those who are more sensitive to the quality of vibrations (like me) will be a bit disappointed, the strength of the vibes will not disappoint.

Certainly, after using the Form 2 for about a month, I haven't yet encountered the glitch, elusive vibrations switching back into the body or anything like that -- so take the reports of glitches with a grain of salt.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Lildrummrgurl7
    Thanks for the review! I've been wanting this for sooooo long and now I want it even more.
  • Sangsara
    Amazing review- especially the pictures!!!
    I'm going to pm you
  • Ningyo
    Great photos, excellent descriptions, and the comparisons are very helpful. Overall, an outstanding review!
  • ImaGodiva
    Wonderful review! I've been curious about this and you've answered my questions. I'm just not sure if it would be too buzzy - I really like rumbly vibes. Thank you for such thorough info & pictures.
  • chicmichiw
    So glad you liked it, guys! I love hearing your comments.

    I really took a long time thinking about this toy. I don't take back a single thing about the buzziness, but I certainly know that I've been using the Form 2 three - four times a week. I really like it and don't regret it.
  • ththpup
    Sounds expensive to be glitchy. Thanks for a very helpful review.
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