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I have joined the ranks of the multi orgasmic!!!!

This is the best clitoral toy I have ever tried. It is absolutely amazing and I will buy it again, if it ever dies after its warranty. It's smooth, firm silicone. It's water-proof, rechargeable and has two motors housed in this little tooth shaped device. I give it 5 stars even with the 'glitch' that everyone mentions; which I don't find is a problem if you use it gently. Perfect for pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris and nipples, this toy is a must have for every well equipped toy box.
Frequency is perfect
Nice size
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The Form 2 by Jimmyjane is a CLIT VIBE!!!! The best clitoral vibrator that I have found yet, in fact!!! It'll work for any external erogeneous zone, but it's designed especially for womens nipples and clits. Alone or with a partner, this is a perfect versatile girls best friend, but held between two bodies while having intercourse and both of you can enjoy its super strong vibes. Men may enjoy the vibrations on their perineum or frenulum while women will especially enjoy light pressure on or above their clits, held straight up and down, sideways or against their vulvas and/or clitoral shaft. I would not suggest using the Form 2 internally at all, though you could use it to stimulate the opening of your vagina or anus, just avoid insertion.

It's travel friendly, discreet and waterproof. Its the perfect go anywhere, include in any sexual situation vibe.

Material / Texture

Made of medical grade silicone which is a 10 on the eden safety scale, the Form 2 is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, latex and phthalates free and consequently safe to share between users, when cleaned properly of course.
The silicone is thick and very firm, although it does have a little cush and the two prongs don't feel like they have a plastic core. Texture-wise it is super smooth with one seam running down the side of each prong down to the metal base. I don't notice seams, especially when I'm not using a toy internally, but some women might. It comes in pink and slate (a dark grey almost black), and does not smell nor taste at all. Personally I think that all females should start and stick with silicone unless they prefer wood, glass or metal.

Design / Shape / Size

The shape of the Form 2 is like a tooth. It has a rounded base to hang on to and two teeth or prongs that are basically two of the strongest, firm bullets ever. They sit perfectly, side by side with these dimensions:
Length of entire toy: 2 1/2"
Width: 1 7/8"
Width of each prong: 1/2"
Length of each prong: 1"
Weight: 1 lb
Circumference: 5 1/2"
Distance between each prong: 1/2"
It's a prefect hand held masterpiece in my mind. I think that it will work for both beginners and advanced users as it is great for solo use and it also slips easily between two bodies. I like to hold it sideways as it is just the right size to stimulate everywhere from my lower mons, across my clitiral shaft to the bottom of my clit. You can use just one prong or two.
The buttons are a little too easy to push and use a 1 function, one plus button, one minus button system. Where they are located- just near the bottom of the handle/base is an issue.
It easily is tucked in a pocket or purse for travel.
The charger is approx 2" square and takes up barely any room on your dresser. The cord is detachable.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The form 2 has simple controls, one arrow increases the power, one arrow decreases the power, and the function button chooses from 4 different patterns. These different options are as follows:
Function: 1)steady buzz 2) rolling pulse vrrOOm vroom 3) slow pulse vrooom vrooom 4)rapid pulse
I like these kind of controls where you can pick the intensity for each function, not just follow the strongest with each. They are easy to use and they are located at the bottom of the toy. I did not find that they tend to press too easily during use but some will I am sure. When travelling, press the plus and function button together for a couple of seconds and it will lock the controls. Super handy if you don't want your vibrator going off in public.

It is a super strong toy, reaching 4 vrooms very easily! In fact I would say 4.5. The vibrations are buzzy but I actually enjoy it. It's not that loud but I wouldn't call it a quiet toy either- maybe 2.5 bees.
The vibrations are strongest right on the tips of the prongs but can also be felt in the beginning of the handle. They are not strong enough that it bothers your hand, in fact I like to lay the toy flat when in between orgasms when I'm a little too sensitive, then slide it down to the stronger vibes in the tip.
The Form 2 is notorious for its 'glitch'. Personally it doesn't bug me at all and I have even found it adds to my orgasm to have the extra vroomvroomvroom right before I go off. I don't find it that different from a rapid pulse function. You can avoid the glitch by not pressing the prongs at an angle. Any pressure pushing either prong inwards seems to instantly increase the noise of the toy and disrupt the pattern or the steady buzz. Use it flat, up and down, or sideways and you will have way less glitch occurrences if they bother you. My solution is to use barely any pressure which actually ensures more, not less, intensity of vibration.

The Form 2 uses conduction charge, much like a cordless telephone. It has a small square charging port that is fairly heavy, I think this assists in holding the entire contraption down and balanced. I have used the Form 2 several times and haven't run out yet but I like to keep it on the charger anyway because having it die right before you cum really sucks. Speaking of which, when it does die it will just stop abruptly. It will then turn back on but never long enough to finish your session.
When charging, it will emit a steady small red light, as long as you have it sitting properly on the contacts. If you lift it up, depending on how much power is available in the toy and how much charging it needs, the light will blink either rapidly or slowly, a different amount of times for each.

Underwater works great, I'm just not really into it but I think I will take this toy with me next bath, too bad you can't use silicone lube with silicone toys, cause this might be a nice bathtime treat.

Care and Maintenance

Super easy to care for, I rinse my Form 2 off with water everytime I use her- best it be warm and use anti-bacterial soap. Normally I suggest toy cleaners or wipes, but Jimmyjane says "Do not use any other cleaning products on the surface".
Storage, on the other hand, is a little more specific. Siicone toys are snobs and don't like to sleep with their own kind, so find a small box or pouch (doesn't come with it) to store the Form 2 in. Same goes for lube- silicone based is a no-no, stick to waterbased or the material can start to deteriorate. I like- no love Intimate Organics Defense because it helps prevent the spread of HPV and fends off yeast infections. Even clits need lube.
Charging should be done for longer the first time and though you can get several uses out of this toy without having to place it on the charger, it's a great place to store it and that way, just like a cordless or cell phone, it will never die during your conversation. Jimmyjane does suggest storing it partially charged though. If the battery is fully discharged, it only takes 30 minutes!


The Form 2 comes in a large rectangular box with a simple picture of the toy in both colors on the outside, if you read it you will find it is described as "a waterproof rechargeable vibrator" which is rather simple. Other than that I find it totally discreet.
Inside is 2 pieces of plastic creating a form to hold the toy and the charging base. Underneath that is a smaller box with the cord for the charger. A booklet is included of course with all of the instructions, warnings etc plus the 1 year warranty.
I find it a hassle to keep putting the parts back in the box but for some reason I've been doing it anyway.

Personal comments

This is the type of toy that I will continue to buy probably forever. It's on a warranty but it is in the top 5 toys that I've ever tried up there with Fun Factory Ocean, the We-Vibe Touch and the W-vibe Tango and the Couture Inspire. As soon as it dies ( which it inevitably, eventually will) I will be buying another one, maybe in slate this time.


WOW WOW WOW a thousand times WOW. I got this toy on the most amazing deal ever. I purchased the [Jopen vr6] from another contributer off of the classifieds for $35 and though it was hella strong it just didn't work with my anatomy at all. I hung onto it for awhile and after listening to my cousin gush about the Form 2 I checked out all of the reviews on Eden. I found one person that had something bad to say other than all the people who mentioned the glitch. It just didn't work for her for whatever reason, so I messaged her and asked her if she still had it and wanted to sell it. She soon found out about my vr6 and a trade was made. We are both now happy clams. The absolute best luxury vibe for the cheapest price I have ever acquired born out of 2 failures! YES!
The first time I tried it it wasn't charged enough and I had just purchased my court wand so I put it away for later not aware of what a gem I had. When I returned home after a bereavement trip I pulled it out again, applied my fav stim gel and was welcomed to the world of the multi orgasmic. Usually I press quite hard with my clit toys but because of the glitch I was gentle and amazed with the results. What I do is I warm up with a wand ( and often try a new toy but always end up reaching for the Form 2 again) and then gently apply the Form 2 sideways, one prong at a time, [bold italic/above] my clitoris, not directly on it. Right on the shaft, on the back of the hood. It's like there's a couple of electrical cords just sitting there waiting to be joined by the exact frequency of this toy. After the first orgasmic jolt I wait a few seconds then very carefully touch down again. As long as I pace myself right, I'm capable of easily having around seven orgasms in the next five minutes. They are short and fast and hard but damn they feel good. Buy this toy. The glitch really does just feel like a rapid pulse and the toy is so strong that you can use it with out setting the glitch off.
Follow-up commentary
This is still my all time favourite luxury clit vibe and I will be shocked if I ever find something better! I love it so much that when it glitched I bought another one while I was waiting for the warranty to replace it. I didn't have to send it back or anything- a video was enough for them to send me another one immediately. Now I have two and i have sold a few more- I even had it in my pocket the other night at a night club (yes I randomly carry vibrators around with me) and when the convo turned to sex toys I whipped it out and was soon writing down instructions on how to purchase!!! I say if you are considering buying this toy DO IT! If you are a wand girl and really want to train yourself to enjoy a toy that doesn't plug in this is your best bet! How many more exclamation marks can I put in this review?!!! Seriously this vibe is the sh!t and I will promote it until I'm blue in the face- It's my best vibrator thumper tool!
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