It's Miss Bunny, To You.

The Form Bunny is a great vibrator; it's strong, rechargeable, body-safe, and features great patterns. Plus, I can't dog it when I keep having flashbacks of that One Magic Night. It gets a star off because the bunny ears make it less than ideal the 99% of the time I'm not having a religious experience with it, but it's otherwise a wonderful product.
Strong vibrations, rechargeable, cool patterns
The bunny ears are too close together!
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Oh, Form Bunny...

Form 2, otherwise known as Form Bunny, for its bunny-ear design, has two motors. Yes, two. Just think about that for a minute: two motors. That's right. Form Bunny arrives in some luxurious--yet LARGE--packaging that I found a bit deceptive. For such a large box, the Form Bunny is... Tiny. That was my first thought, upon opening Form Bunny: "Oh. It's so... Petite. Well, then." It's not problematically small, I just somehow built it up to be... Bigger. And I'm sure we can all imagine, if we've not experienced firsthand, the disappointment of things that wind up being a wee bit more petite than we'd imagined it to be. Form Bunny is only 3" long, and about 1.5" wide at its widest point--but the bunny ears arch in and are only about 1" wide (for scale, I can't even put the tip of my pinky between the bunny ears without pushing against them. Luckily, it's not hard to do, as the ears are a bit flexible, you can squeeze them together or push them apart without difficulty--but they do not stay in that position.

Anyway, it's not the size of the boat, Form Bunny, but the motion of the ocean that matters. You may have read in other reviews my undying love for MiMi... Well, I feel like I'm in a polyamorous relationship with Form Bunny and MiMi. But we'll come back to that a bit later.

Form Bunny has two motors, as I said, with each motor located in an ear. The motors cannot be moved independently, but are powered together with the speed button (located roughly where a bunny nose would be). It has five different speeds/intensities, ranging from "Is this thing on?" to "Well, hello there." The vibrations are a bit less intense than the MiMi, but are more thuddy/throbbing vibrations, which makes this an equally effective toy. I find them to be more or less equivalent. For those of you who've never tried a MiMi, they're nowhere near the Hitachi, but are stronger than, say, Ina. By a lot. And it's really quiet, a boon to those of you who have houses full of people; on its loudest setting it could just be a really intense cell phone ring.

Form Bunny is made of silicone, which means it's a sterilizable material. Because you can't boil it (mechanical parts!) or dishwash it (no scrub and soak!) you should only sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution or with alcohol swabs. Silicone shouldn't be used with silicone lubricants, but anything else is fair game. Beyond that, Form Bunny is waterproof so you can give it a thorough clean between plays in your sink with antibacterial soap and water. You can also take it in the tub with you, and save some water. And on that ecofriendly note, Form Bunny is rechargeable. It comes with a base and cord that connect and plug into any electrical socket. All of the Form toys use the same base, so you won't need sixteen chargers for all of your toys--which I can appreciate. I can say that the Form 4 fits in the base, and I use the same one for both. Form Bunny does have a tendency to fall over, when she's on her charger, but I can sympathize because I often have a hard time standing up after our encounters, too. Form Bunny's charge lasts a decent amount of time--I can use it twice without recharging, but if I think about using it a third, I get about halfway into a decent session when... Sigh. No juice.

Form Bunny is meant for clitoral play, but there's no reason it couldn't be used on a penis or a nipple, but I wouldn't recommend it for internal play of any kind. It doesn't really nestle around my clitoris, like I thought it would, but more on top, in between my labia. It's nice, but, again, not exactly what I expected. Because it just rests against my clit, I find myself turning it to the side to get more direct vibrations, which negates the dual motor purpose. I think if the bunny ears were set a bit further apart, I'd be able to enjoy it more.
The vibrations are centralized in the ears, but can be felt throughout the entire toy--which means that, on occasion, when you're using Form Bunny on the highest setting, your hand will go all tingly and numb from being buzzed like crazy. I didn't usually find this problematic, but your mileage may vary. To change the pattern (oh yes, there are different patterns) of your vibration, you push the button with the sideways S on it, which is located right below your up/down power/intensity button (the bunny's mouth). This gives you four different patterns (steady vibration with an occasional 'pulse'; steady pulsing (about an intensity of 3/5); a very weak pulse; and then back to your steady vibrations. There's also a secret mode, which I only found through Carrie Ann's review. If you hit the +/- button about six times (up down, up down, up down) it has a pattern that encompasses all of the others. It's interesting, but I'm totally obsessed with the first pattern (occasional pulses) so I rarely use the others.

Now, let's discuss why I'm obsessed with that first pattern. The first time I used Form Bunny, I wasn't really impressed. I mean, I thought it was a nice toy and all, but it was kind of like going on a date with someone where there's just no chemistry. They might be a really nice person--but you don't actually want to sleep with them. I'm really glad I offered Form Bunny a second date, because... Well, we had a religious moment together. I'm not entirely sure how I did it (I know that the first pattern was involved) but the Form Bunny really gave me an AMAZING impression of oral sex. The pulsing pattern combined with the strong vibrations? Well, I had one of the best orgasms I've *ever* had from the Form Bunny faux cunnilingus...

...And I've never been able to replicate it. Maybe this was just a sex toy miracle? The diety of sex toys throwing me a lightening bolt saying, "Don't judge a bunny by its box?" I don't know. But ever since then, I've been waiting for another religious moment. I know it's out there, and if I have to walk through the desert for 40 years, I will. When Form Bunny and I aren't having religious moments, it's a good vibrator--but not the best. So I have a polyamorous relationship with Form Bunny and MiMi, and we're all quite happy together.

I also want to address the infamous "glitch." I've had the Form Bunny for almost three weeks and, to the best of my knowledge, I've never experienced it. I run the Form Bunny exclusively at level four or five, and I'm not exactly gentle. You might experience it, but I didn't (and I'm glad of that).
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