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Marry Me, MiMi?

The MiMi is a waterproof, silicone toy that's awesome for solo use, as well as partner use. It's portable, so you can take it with you anywhere, and rechargeable so you don't have to worry about the batteries dropping out on you mid-session. You can sanitize it so you can share it, and it's, quite simply, the perfect first vibrator for new toy users, or a lovely clitoral stimulator for the toy user who though they had everything already.
Strong! Can be sanitized! Waterproof! Rechargeable! What can I say, I'm in love.
It doesn't come with a pouch. I also have to remove it from my clitoris to charge it.
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Oh, MiMi, vibrator of the Gods. The MiMi has completely replaced all my other toys as my go-to vibrator for daily use. That's right, y'all, the Hitachi has been dethroned. I was anticipating something that was nice, but not enough to bring me to climax, but this? This blew my mind.

Mimi is a waterproof, rechargeable, clitoral vibrator, meant to be the perfect solo or couples toy. Petite, measuring in at just 3 1/4" long and 2" wide, this toy is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or be stashed in a pocket or purse. I found that this toy is the perfect size, I find that standard bullets are always too small to be really enjoyable, but this stimulator is big enough to be a great hybrid between eggs, bullets and bigger clitoral toys. Aesthetically, MiMi looks like an extremely smooth river stone, and would go completely unnoticed from afar on a soap dish--provided nobody picked it up and investigated it.

MiMi is made of hypoallergenic, food-grade, phthalates free, latex free non-porous velvety silicone. This toy is completely sterilizable, meaning that you can share it with partners safely once it's sanitized using a 10% bleach solution. (Remember: don't boil this or throw it in the dishwasher as that might destroy the sensitive inner mechanisms.) If you just want to do a maintenance clean, then you can wash her with antibacterial soap and water without worry--the MiMi has been tested and proved totally waterproof. That's right, toss her into the sink, bring her in the tub, take her on vacation and have a ball on the sand without worry! Even though she is waterproof, I don't recommend leaving her submerged for long periods of time, as a leak can develop. Because the lovely MiMi is made of silicone, you shouldn't use silicone based lubricants with it--but there are loads of awesome water-based lubricants that you can use!

The MiMi comes in a really beautiful black box, that tied with a satin ribbon. Inside, the vibrator was nestled on a plastic cutout/mold; underneath you have the charger and an instruction booklet. The vibrator doesn't come with a pouch (Je Joue! I need pouches with my toys! Your box is too big!) but it can be stored safely in the lovely box. What I loved about this packaging is that inside the outer box, is a sealed package, to ensure that yours are the first hands to touch your MiMi.

The MiMi charges with an included charger--you just set the MiMi onto the charger (it can slip off easily, if it's knocked over or wobbled off the charger, so I put it on top of a towel to keep it from wobbling around) and wait for the light on the top to stop blinking. I found this far easier to charge than FunFactory's click and charge, as it stays on the charger better. This charger is colour-coded to match the colour of your MiMi, so if your partner has a MiMi, you'll not fight over which charger belongs to whom. When the light is steady, your MiMi is fully charged and ready to go. Her battery life is phenomenal; I've used it six times for about 15 minutes each on the highest intensity with no noticeable decrease in battery life.

I did find that the box itself had a serious funky plastic odor, which was transferred to the toy after sitting inside the box for so long. However, after I left the toy out overnight, the odor vanished and it smells like silicone ought to (which is to say: it's odorless). But those who are especially sensitive to odor should leave the box, charger and toy out at least overnight to reduce the scent and should definitely pick up an alternate storage facility. I suspect that it's the plastic inlay causing the odor, and the shrinkwrap sealing it in rather than allowing air to get in there and remove the odor before you open it.
MiMi can be used effectively on the clitoris or other erogenous zones--though I would not advise MiMi for internal use vaginally nor anally. MiMi's shape would be prohibitive for vaginal use (it just seems too painful to be really functional internally), and there is no flare that would prevent the MiMi from being lost internally if used anally. For these reasons, you should use MiMi on your other bits--she works extremely well for stimulating the nipples or the sphincter. MiMi is unobtrusive and would be great for partner sex, as it's small enough to fit between bodies without intrusion and strong enough to provide great stimulation to both parties. The vibrations are strongest in the tip (the opposite side of the buttons) but they are intense throughout the whole toy.

MiMi is extremely strong for her size, by far stronger than any other clitoral toy I have short of the wands. (To give you an example, they're stronger and less buzzy than Lelo's Gigi, and a bit stronger on the highest level than the Black Magic bullet by Doc Johnson. They're nowhere near the Hitachi's light-a-fire-with-this-vibration setting, so if that's something you need for climax, this toy probably won't be what you need.) She has five speeds, and then five separate patterns. The first five settings are increasing levels of vibration, ranging from very gentle, and increasing to extremely strong. After those five settings are the patterns:

-A short pulse-pause at vibration level 5
-A very fast pulse also around level 5
-A rev (like revving a car engine, from about level 1-3, and back down)
-A quicker rev, about level 2-3
-A very fast rev, about 2-4.

To start up the Mimi, you hold down the + button, and to shut her down, you hold down the - button; you cycle through the patterns by hitting the + button, or - button. Having to hold down the button prevents the toy from being turned on accidentally in transit or during storage. Unfortunately, this means it can be hard to turn the toy off when it's vibrating intensely, as after holding the toy for a while your hands can go a little numb. The buttons are set in to the 'face' of the toy so as to be flush, which makes them nearly invisible, but also makes them difficult (though not impossible!) to push during use.

There is a trick to pushing the buttons during use that I've found, though: the button to increase vibration is much more raised than the decrease button, so when you're fumbling around, trying not to move the MiMi and still trying to hold it in place, just run your finger up the side until you hit the smooth plastic, then keep moving it until you feel one of the buttons. If the button you touch is flat, that's the decrease vibration button, if it's more bumpy/textured, that's the increase vibration button.

I find that the MiMi is equally loud on all settings, the lower level being a more thuddy vibration and the highest setting being a buzzy vibration--no matter what setting it's on, though, it's quiet enough to be covered easily with music, and it would be imperceptible behind a closed door.
Follow-up commentary
Although MiMi has taken second best in many ways to my Form Bunny, she's still the strongest toy in my arsenal. Her stellar battery life means that when Form Bunny dies in the middle of a session I'm not left hanging. The only problem is that, because she's tiny, dark, and discreet, I keep misplacing her in my bedroom. Maybe I'll just have to buy a spare for those moments of disappearance...
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