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Oh look!!! It's the Toby Keith of sex toys!

In many ways, MiMi could be a fantastic toy. But I don't think it deserves all the hype that surrounds it. It's an ok and a decent toy, not a "good" toy. MiMi is like the Uma it just feels cheap in my hands and that I just find hard to get over because it doesn't feel like a quality toy, even thought it is an ok toy.
fantastic silicone it's like butter!
cheap feeling, motor is a little buzzy
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Je Joue's MiMi is the most annoying vibrator on EdenFantasys in my opinion. Sure, it's decent, and better than my other clit vibes I have just recently purchased. But is it really worthy of all the hype? Almost every single thread in the Forums where a member asks for an opinion on various toys, someone always pipes up, "MIMIMIMIMI" makes me think Je Joue really put some effort into naming this guy.

For the first time in my life I have named a toy. "Toby Keith".

But is it worth the hype?



But I'll explain that as we go through this review pointing out where the MiMi is faulty and where he does actually excel. For he does have some redeeming features and some features that just... for lack of a better term, suck. But let me just explain right now, I am trying to be non-judgmental but I am finding it hard to be unbiased when from every corner I hear how wonderful MiMi is. I will attempt to save my personal thoughts and opinions till the end in the "Personal" section.

Ok, so MiMi is a clit vibe, but he is a hand held vibrator. So anywhere your hand can can go (outside the body that is) you can use the MiMi as a massager. The MiMi has incremental speeds so it's a toy that could be used for any level of user.

Without further ado, please plug yourself into EdenFantasys and enjoy the review. Do not attempt to adjust your screen.

Material / Texture

I ordered my MiMi in the purple colour because I had the Uma and the Ami both in the purple, I thought it would be fun to have all my Je Joue in the same colour.

Just like what I said in my Uma review, the MiMi is no differnt. It feels cheap in my hands. There is very little weight to it, and even the Spirit feels like it weighs more and it is smaller! It's almost as if the MiMi is hollow.

Toby's Hollow?

Carrying on!!!

But, thankfully, it's a hard plastic shell coated in a quality silicone cover with a plastic control panel. The silicone feels like butter or slick like wet seals skin (almost!!!). As with all Je Joue products, there is a little bit of a drag, and for me I love the sensation of the MiMi lubed up sliding between my labia. I really do like their silicone!!! And speaking of lube, I would strongly suggest water based lube as silicone does not really like silicone (many people will say that high quality silicone lube would be ok just do a spot check first. Me I say play it safe! Invest in good quality water based lube and all is well!)

He is tasteless and scentless, and today because I had to smell my MiMi, I decided to give myself a nose massage. Figured if MiMi was going to be under my nose may as well enjoy it. Which resulted in tears because of the vibrations. But I would be keen to know the long term effects of using sex toy vibrators as laugh line removers. Hummm... maybe a good use of old toys?

Because he has an incremental control panel, you click and he gets more powerful. When a toy comes with these kinds of controls, I say the toy is good for everyone no matter their level! And because he does come with some some-what decent vibrations, he would make a good progressive toy for beginners.

Design / Shape / Size

To look at Je Joue's MiMi, one has to wonder. Did Je Joue get their inspiration from a rock or a bar of soap?

MiMi is almost egg shape if you look at face on. And if you look at it from the side, it looks like a real thin, long egg.

Well you all know how much I like comparison pictures, so I took MiMi on a walk today to the grocers. I was planning on getting a comparison picture of various eggs lined up with MiMi. I had pigeon, quail, chicken, duck, goose and an ostrich egg all lined up when I got shoo'd and tisked at with a muttered, "crazy foreigner!". If you are curious, MiMi is just a wee big bigger than your average sized duck egg. Just in case you wanted to know that is.

And if I am being honest, when it comes to the shape, I kind of like how the base fits snugly along up into my thumb joint with my index finger along his length for added pressure. I think his shape and size would be a good size and shape for all women. For me personally, I just wish his tip was more broad like a g-spot toy's head.

Technical details... length, three and a half inches and two inches wide at his fattest point.

Is the MiMi easy to hide. Ummm.. yes? Because of his size, you could have him in your pocket and no one would be the wiser. But, because sex toys are becoming more common place and more people are buying then, I would suggest putting him away. I mean, he's not in your face, "Hello, my name is Toby and I am a sex toy" sort of deal, but he is odd enough that people would be asking questions about what he is.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Je Joue MiMi- Control panel

For the control panel, I must admit I prefer Jopen and Leaf's control panel. To me they just make much more sense and you have more options on level of intensity! But With the MiMi you have a + a ~ and a - button on the base of the toy. I find it actually really easy to press the buttons, and from all the reviews, many people have had issues. I find holding him like a stop watch makes it so much easier. Changing intensity when I've started to play is a little more tricky. So I just crank him to the top from start to finish.

To turn on the MiMi, press the + button for about three seconds. You turned on the toy on the first setting. Now, to turn him up, you must press the + button many many many times. That is what I liked about the Jopen and Leaf line. You just press and hold. This toy is like a finger work out. I would love to tell you how many levels of vibrations there are... but I am sad to tell you that after the fourth level I cannot really feel the intensity getting stronger because there is such a small difference.

The ~ button is the pattern button, but I must be honest with you. I cannot seem to make this button work. And I am ok with that as I hate patterns!!!

To turn him off. Press and hold the - button for about three seconds.

The motor is housed in the top half of the MiMi, and the vibrations are felt most in the tip. But the whole top three quarters of an inch of the top toy to me have damn decent vibrations.

So let's talk about the vibrations since everyone goes on about how strong the MiMi is.

But first... a comparison picture of the toys I am going to be talking about:

Clit vibe comparisons

In my follow up review, I'll be comparing the MiMi to Lelo Siri and I haven't decided yet, but either the Matryoshka or Form 4. I really like to compare things. Can you tell?

So the vibrations.

They are... not deep. And not buzzy. They are both. The We-Vibe Tango is DEEPER than the MiMi. Their power level I think is the same. But the Tango is deeper, where the MiMi is a little more of a buzz.

And so to put these guys all in order... if they were all put on high, who have the deepest vibrations?

Better Than Chocolate

And if we are going to talk about noise... the only clit specific vibe I have that is louder than the MiMi is the UFO. I'd suggest closing the door and turning on some music even if it is on low.

Care and Maintenance

When you are finished with the MiMi, toss him in the sink, and wash with some mild antibacterial soap. Be sure to use a toy brush (I use a hotel swiped soft bristled toothbrush for my sex toys) along the plastic base. Make sure you keep that area nice and clean!

It is a great thing that MiMi is waterproof! You can use him in the shower or the bath if you live with others and you want some privacy!

Once you have finished cleaning him, allow him to air dry then store in your toy box. Make sure that he is not up against other toys as silicone is not a toy to toy friendly material! It might be amazingly body safe, but not toy to toy safe! For me personally, I store him in the same pouch as my We-Vibe Tango.


JeJoue MiMi- packaging

This is what comes with the MiMi and like almost all luxury line vibrators, the MiMi is rechargeable. The initial charge took about ninety minutes for a eighty to ninety minute play time on the highest setting. The charging cord is 110-240v so it is internationally friendly!!!

Be warned!!!! When recharging you might hear a whine coming from the magnetic contact. Everything I have heard, says that is ok. But this is something you should be aware of before you go to recharge yours for the first time!

All my toy packages get saved and stored in a few large tote boxes because when I move, I want my toys kept safe and what is more safe than the packaging they came with? Plus, if I decide I want to sell the toys I do not like because they just are not right for me, I've got the original packaging!

Personal comments

Je Joueof iMi- international comparison
Of course we have the international comparison picture so you can really get a good idea on MiMi's size; Venus Razor with a regular head, tube if Burt's Bee's Lip Balm, Je Joue's MiMi and a tube of Maybelline's Falsies.

My personal comments about the MiMi... I don't like it. There is just way too much hype around a toy that really is not all that good a toy. I mean if the Tango motor were in the MiMi and MiMi's head was a little flatter... I'd be on that MiMi bandwagon as their advertisement pimp. I mean there is a reason why I love using my g-spot toys as clit vibrators. They are usually stronger, and have a better shaped tip/head that stimulates more area than traditional clit vibes.
JeJoue MiMi- tip

See what I mean about the tip? I find using MiMi I have to "work" at my orgasm rather than just letting go and enjoying the session, I have to focus on what my fingers are doing. And that just takes away from the entire purpose of masturbation in my opinion. To actually get off with the MiMi, my clit has to be fully exposed and that takes some effort; moving my labia, the clitoral hood and holding everything in place while you are lubed up... not that easy!!! And rather than just enjoying a g-spot toy gently sliding the g-spot toy over and around my clit (I'm lazy can you tell?), the MiMi is like work. I have to move it all over the place trying to find a sweet spot to work at. A g-spot toy, it just seems that my entire clit is a sweet spot to play with. The few times I was able to orgasm with the MiMi they were just weak orgasms. As soon as I reached for my Jopen vr6 a moment later I was squirming from a very deep and powerful orgasm.

I've discovered that from time to time MiMi will get a jolt of power, or will suddenly loose some of it's strength and this is usually when it has been stationary in one position for a time, then I move it ... and again I have to sit here scratching my head in wonder at Je Joue. I hate to say it, but they could have an entirely amazing line of toys if they wouldn't jump the gun on getting their toys out to stores. For 90USD don't you think that they would at least give you a quality item? And because of this, I am knocking off two points giving the Mimi a three out of five rating over all.

And because of all the issues I've had with Uma and the MiMi... I don't think I'll ever buy another Je Joue line toy. Well, if Je Joue comes out with a new toy, and there are quite a number of reviews posts, and NONE of them have any complaints about the manufacturer or product defects... I might consider it.

So you see gentle reader as to what I said at the beginning of this review? There are some ways that MiMi does kind of suck as a toy, and there are some ways that Mimi is a pretty decent toy. If was forced to make a recommendation between Uma and MiMi and those were my only two choices, I'd suggest the Uma. He is more versatile and the head/tip is nicer on ones clit.

I do hope you have found this review insightful and helpful. Live long and masturbate for peace!
Follow-up commentary
MiMi and I still have a love hate relationship. But that is mostly due to his controls. While in use I find it insanely difficult to change his settings. BUT if I can actually manage to change his intensity... I find him to be a neat little toy. I still hate the shape and wish he were more circular and broad at the tip rather than thin and almost pointed. I still think he should weigh a little more as to me, he still feels a little cheap because he is no that heavy.

But we are working out our differences.

I wrote a very detailed comparison post about luxury clit vibes. I compared these luxury toys:
Betterthanchocolate Nomi Tang
MiMi(Je Joue)
Matryoshka (Rianne S)
Siri (Lelo)
Spirit (Leaf)
UFO (Fun Factory)
Form 4(JimmyJane)
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