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You want to feel decadence? Feel up the purple cardboard box of the Matryoshka and fall in love. It feels so lush... right! The toy!!! It's a brilliantly shaped clit vibe with a semi-pin point/semi-broad head for stimulation to fall in love with, it has a lush silicone covered hard plastic so feel free to grind against it without worry it'll get bent outta shape! If you have a clit? I'd actually recommend this guy to you!
whisper quiet, pretty powerful, best packaging on earth!
that gull-almighty charging base and control panel
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extremely useful review


I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the Matryoshka is a clit massager.

Did I win???

Am I the weakest link?

In any case, welcome to my review on the Matryoshka the Russian Staking Doll of Sex Toys! I am your host, Woman!!! No applause necessary.

This was the last toy I received in the mail to complete my clit vibe comparison. And I have to say it was an interesting couple of months. But that will be in the blog post.

Today we are going to talk about the Matryoshka. I only ever use it by myself and not with a partner, and I've only used it on my clit, I've not inserted it vaginally, nor have I used it anally. Nor do I like green eggs and ham. I am sure there are many people out there who would like to use it anally, but for that purpose I would have to say use at your own risk, remember to clean well and hold on tight!

This little guy packs a fair punch, but if you are looking for an oom pa pa of a punch, I would say look at g-spot vibrators as they seem to be stronger than clit toys. He comes with a control panel so he is progressive. Beginners to advanced, sensitives to clits of steel (I am talking of using him as a warm up toy for those with a clit of steel) he has my recommendation and I think he would make a good addition to anyone's toy box.

You can use him as he was designed, on your clit. Or you can use him to stimulate your nipples as well. Personally, I like to glide him over my inner thighs before I use him.

Because he is almost as quiet as a church mouse (do churches still have mice???) I say he would be perfect for those of you in dorms at college and university, as you cannot hear him from under a blanket even if you are in the same room. But he is perfect for anyone who is a toy collector, or is just looking for a good quality clit toy.

And he is just an odd shaped sex toy that is fun looking!!! Now, I am one who really does not like pin point stimulation on my clit. So toys like the Tango or Spirit drove me bonkers. The Matryoshka has a pretty fat head for a clit toy to provide those that prefer pin point stimulation what they are seeking, or those like me; who prefer a more broad stimulation we can be happy too!

Throughout this review, I am going to be talking about some other clit toys; comparing features from the Matryoshka to various clit toys. Here you have a picture of the clit toys I am going to be talking about so you don't have to flip pages too much:

Clit vibe comparisons

Material / Texture

Pssst!!! Did you know that the Matryoshka is hard plastic covered in a buttery smooth silicone?

Well now you know!!!

The silicone has a wee bit of a give to it, but not much. It is not flexible in the slightest. If I were to compare the silicone to another toy; the closet would be to the MiMi.

I have to say that my impressions were kind of... spot on when I felt him for the first time. After reading everyone's reviews where they went on about how he felt, I know I was in for a treat! The texture is a buttery smooth silicone. That means it is good for any toy user. From a first time user to an advanced user. With a base of white plastic.

Design / Shape / Size

As everyone is by now aware, this guy looks like a miniature Russian Stacking doll. Did you know Mongolia has stacking dolls too? So does Poland!!! And many other countries.

Ok that lesson is over!!!

He looks like a Russian Stacking doll. Personally, I kind of think he is on the small side, but then again I have giant hands so this could just be me! I enjoy how he is easier to hold onto over other clit toys. The Tango slips right out of my hands, the MiMi I just find painful with my arthritis and the same thing with the Spirit. I like how I never get finger or knuckle cramps using the Matryoshka.

I would say for the majority of women, this guy is the perfect size to hold in your hands. Men on the other hand, or women like me with giant hands... it is a much nicer clit toy to hold onto than almost all the others! I do find the Form 4 a little more comfortable to hold onto as he is longer.

Let's go through the sizing: and just because I can, I shall be hilariously Canadian and give them to you all in centimetres:
Head: 9cm (3.5inches) in circumference
Head: about 4cm (1.5 inches) in length
Body: 16cm (6.25inches) in circumference
Body: approx 5cm (2inches) in length
Total length: about 9cm (3.25inches)

Let's compare him shall we?
Matryoshka International Comparison
On the left, Venus razor with a regular head, tube of Burt's Bess Lip Balm, Matryoshka, and a tube of Maybelline's Falsies Mascara.

As for if this toy is discreet or not; that is totally up to you. I think he might be, but with more and more people buying sex toys and sex items... do you really want to leave him out?

In my personal opinion the Matryoshka would not be suitable for prolong periods of travel. A weekend sure. But not more than that because he will have to be recharged. His recharge port/stand requires that you stand him upright on the stand while he is plugged in (not the most discreet). Sure he comes with a purple cup like thingie that you can put over top of him to hide him from the world, but you have to think about it. They've done studies where they say that over 70% of house guests snoop. So if you have a really pretty purple thing on a counter people are going to look if you are at home or at someone's house or even in a hotel.

Matryoshka Power Base- Recharge thingie

Functions / Performance / Controls

Ok. Let me start off by saying this. If you need oodles of power (think you can only get off with a Hitachi or the vr6), Matryoshka would be a good start up toy for you but he probably would not send you over the edge. From what I have discovered about clit toys, they seem to be missing the oomph that many g-spot vibrators have. But this being said, he is a decent little toy that packs quite a punch.

And even though I have to be highly aroused in order to get off with the Matryoshka, he is still a quality toy, that I would recommend to any level of user.

The vibrations are felt mostly in his head, but you can feel some vibrations through the whole toy, and I've never once experienced itchy hand syndrome or numbing hand like I have with other toys such as the MiMi or the UFO.

Let's talk controls shall we?
Matryoshka Control Panels
There are two buttons that control the toy. The top button is like a ~, and it controls the patterns. Of which there are four distinct patterns and one steady for a total of five patterns. I am not all that keen on patterns, but I have to say that none of these have those annoying "oh my god my toy broke! No it didn't! Oh my god my toy broke! No it didn't!" where suddenly it just stops. These patterns are more roller coasterishy. The second button looks like a bullseye, or a circle within a circle and this controls the intensity of which you have five power levels.

Now to turn the toy on, you just click either button. To turn it off, just click either button for four seconds.

Now. I have to admit there is a problem I have with the control panel. I don't know if it is because I have fat fingers, man hands, or just a really big labia, but while I am using it, I find it difficult to change the settings. And when I am trying to change the settings going by touch alone, I usually try to press the raised RS: thinking that is the intensity button, or when I do hit the intensity button, sometimes I hit other pattern button.

This guys is probably the quietest toy I own; he is on par with Siri and Form 4 when he comes to noise. And if you use him in your room even with the door open, I don't think anyone is going to hear you.

Matryoshka in water on high (of course)

The Matryoshka is fully waterproof, I played with all my clit toys in a bucket of water to test them out and to see how well they held up. The Matryoshka was quite funny. He remained butt up, and bounced around the bucket like a fish on land.

Care and Maintenance

He's made from silicone and he is waterproof. Use him them toss him into the sink and wash with your favourite toy cleaner and hot water. You could use wipes if you are so inclined, but I say hot water and soap or a toy cleaner is best. Pay attention to his base. There is a little seam where the plastic base meets the silicone, if you are using this guy and your hand is covered in lube be sure to use a toy brush and clean the base.

I store him in the storage pouch he came with in my toy box. It's like a fitted tan coloured jewelry pouch. Quite pretty!!

As I said, he is made from silicone and since he's a clit toy and not meant to be inserted, I'd strongly suggest only a water based lube with him.

Note: Silicone is not a fan of silicone. Store him in his storage pouch so he does not rub up against other silicone toys resulting in colour exchanges or degrading in the silicone. This goes for silicone lube as well. If you are so inclined to use a silicone lube, do a spot check.


Matryoshka Packaging

How do I count the ways of my love of the Matryoshka packaging. The purple box you see in the picture feels like beaver felt. And I have to admit I played with the box for a while just because it felt so rich. If you really want to, you can reuse the box as a gift. But I'd say keep it so you can feel up the box some more.

But there are international plug adaptors and the toy itself is universal so 110-240v. And even you Aussie Landers with your plugs... you've got the adaptors included!!!

I have to say I was extremely impressed by this packaging. It was not discreet, but very fashionable. Which was new for me!!! Usually, you see white or black boxes for luxury toys, and most of the black boxes are styled after Lelo's packaging... but Rainne S took luxury to a whole new level.

Personal comments

I'm giving the Matryoshka a three out of five star rating. And I know that I am the first person to give this guy a rating lower than a full five stars. But, it does pain me to give him low scores. I mean with the Form 4 I got my jollies off taking off a point because he is just over priced. Same with the Spirit. But it does hurt me a little to give him a low grade.

I really cannot stand the way this little bugger recharges. I find that base thingie so inconvenient. It cannot be hidden in my house with all my other cords for my rechargeable toys, and even with MiMi or Tango or even the Jopen vr6, I can let them hang off the wall and charge on the hooks I've fixed into my wall. The Matryoshka on the other hand, needs to be put on a flat surface so any time I need to recharge him, I have to move and rearrange everything on the ledge around so he can rest flat.

Ticks me right off.

What can I say? I have a corner in the main room of my apartment for all my rechargeable toys. The Form 4 and the Matryoshka have recharging stands and have to be put in special positions or they don't recharge. I much prefer the plug-into the toy or the strong magnets where I can let the toy hand off the wall.

I am taking off another star because of the control panel. I don't know if it is because I have a fat labia or a labia that hangs from my body more than most or if I have man hands, but I find it wicked hard to change the intensity when I am using it to play. I have to crank it up to max and let it hover above my clit for a bit before letting it touch me and then I get to play. And turning it off is such a pain too. I always seem to press the logo rather than the button. Bu I do have to say that the Matryoshka buttons are much easier than the MiMi or the Tango buttons.

Other than these two issues, I would give this guy a full five star rating and my blessing. And even my recommendation to anyone looking for a clit toy.

In my opinion, the Form 4 is just a fraction of a bit less intense than the Matroyshka, and if anyone is trying to decide between them? I'd suggest the Matroyshka because the price is better. However; I have big hands, and I find Form 4 nicer to hold onto, but the Matryoshka has the ability to take me over the top where the Form 4 has yet been able too even after many hours of trying.

Compared to the MiMi, the Matryoshka is a low to mid four where I think the MiMi is around a mid four star for intensity/power. But the Matryoshka is so much nicer to hold onto!!! And quieter too! Plus, the Matryoshka is a finished product, tried tested and true.

And to compare it to the Tango, the Matryoshka is a little weaker, but much nicer to hold onto and has a better head, not to mention holds a charge better than the Tango too.

All the other clit vibes just don't hold a candle to this Russian Stacking Doll inspired sex toy so not even going to waste this space to compare them!!!


I received my Matryoshka and I was told that mine was a second version/generation compared to the ones that were originally sold here at EF. I am waiting for a reply to my email where I get it explained to me what are the differences between the original and the new models. When I find out, I'll drop it in here!!

I just received word from the lovely Rianne S: The motor is stronger, (stainless steel) and is has a shuffle function.
Follow-up commentary
Holy lizards on purple pogo sticks with wheels!!!

I've put the Matryoshka in a box while I explored some of my other toys. The Matryoshka was in it's box for well over six months. And this puppy still had wicked charge!!!

Great batteries.

I still enjoy and like the Matryoshka, its shape and design are swell, and with more use, the control panel has become easier to use. I still do not really like the recharging unit though. That I would still change.

It is still a toy I would recommend to others as it is fun toy!!!
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