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No matter what I'm in the mood for or where I'm in the mood for it, Matryoshka delivers! The smooth and luxurious feel, plus powerful, yet quiet vibrations never let me down. Whether I'm using it in the car or my partner's using it on me, it's always a unique experience and far from your regular wand vibrator. The intensity levels are always enough to please me and at times is too much for direct clitoral stimulation. Matryoshka is an exciting experience each time we use it!
Holds charge well.
Shape, design and size is perfect.
Finicky buttons at first.
Numbs hands.
Trashy packaging.
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Matryoshka is designed to be used as a clitoral massager. While the rounded tip is short and probably won't provide much pleasure, it can still be used at the entrance of the vagina. Both clitorally and internally, Matryoshka is fun. The small size makes it oh so easy to hold comfortably in the hand while you massage the clitoris, labia or other body parts. Guess what else this means? That the lovely Matryoshka can also be used easily by your lovie for some couple play, foreplay or however you choose.

Matryoshka is simple to use and the adorable shape makes it user friendly for those who are new to sex toys, those who are just starting to introdue toys into their relationship and those who have a large collection already! Matryoshka will certainly please a wide variety of ladies.

Use the rounded tip to stimulate the entrance of your vagina (or let your partner do the teasing!) Or you can use the rounded tip for a little bit of pin-point stimulation on the clitoris. You can also use the base of Matryoshka to stimulate a wider area.

Basically Matryoshka will fit in your hand upside down or right side up and even sideways. Whichever you find more comfortable.

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Material / Texture

Matryoshka is made of velvetly, soft silicone. It feels super smooth and velvety. Dragging it across my skin, there's little drag on body parts like my arms, stomach or booty, but dragging it along my crotch, I feel no drag. I actually spent a lot of time just running the smooth body of Matryoshka all over my crotch because it feels so smooth and luxurious!

There's no taste and no reason to taste it, but I did especially for those of you who find it important. There's a tiny scent when I sniff hard against Matryoshka, but nothing that I could notice otherwise.

Matryoshka has a smooth, curvy body without texture unless you consider the slightly raised buttons to be texture.

The lovely material is non-porous, food grade material, hypo-allergenic, latex and phthalates free and has a safety rating of 10, as you would expect from a toy of this price.

Matryoshka's silicone material feels somewhat like that of Cleo. Some silicone toys I have are firmer than other and some have thicker silicone than others. Matryoshka is pretty thick and I'm not able to feel any hard material underneath the silicone whereas some toys simply have a thin silicone coating on them. Matryoshka is nice and firm while still having some squish to it making it appropriate for grinders like me! I'm very thankful for that and will get more into detail about those things in my personal experience section.

While Matryoshka doesn't feel hard like plastic when I grind against it or apply pressure, it has little give. It's not flexible and when I hold the tip and try bending it, it will only slightly budge. It's the perfect amount of firmness and squishyness for me and probably for other grinders out there.

Everything about Matryoshka is smooth and sleek. The slender, rounded tip gracefully flows into a curvier base. The only thing not perfectly sleek about it is the hardly noticeable seam up the sides. These factors make it great for a beginner and also give the more advanced vibrator girl something to appreciate.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Cleo next to Matryoshka

The design of Matryoshka is one of the most unique and while it doesn't resemble Cleo, it reminds me so much of it with the way the unique shape and soft silicone is.

Matryoshka is small, measuring about 2" wide at the base and 3 1/2" at the widest part of the tip. Below the tip is what I'll call the neck, right before you make it to the fatter base. The neck measures right at 3"
Then we get to the top of the base, where it begins to get wider. The widest part of the base measures 6 1/2". Matryoshka measure 3.25" long and weighs 2.7 oz.

The battery is a Li-ion 250mAh 3.7v
Matryoshka charges 2 hours at 5.0v 1000mA
2 hours to charge and 2 hours for use.
Frequency: 120 Hz

Size comparison.

Since the base is so wide, it won't be possible to insert Matryoshka past the tip. You can get about 1 1/2 inches inside which can feel nice after using Matryoshka clitorally. There won't be any room for thrusting or deep penetration, but I really like that you can get that little tip in there some. It's great for teasing! If you're the kind of girl who enjoys subtle stimulation at your entrance while recieving oral, the small tip will probably be something you enjoy.

I wasn't so sure I'd like the small size, but I do. It's so easy to hold and I love that I can use it for a very long period of time without it dying, getting hot or becoming annoying to hold on to. Cleo is so large and it's nice, but when you want to hold it to yourself, it's hard so I ended up appreciating the small size of Matryoshka.

Matryoshka comes in a pastel purple color, rose and a dark blue. I wasn't so fond of the colors, but rose was fine. In my photos and the product page photos, it looks much brighter than what it is. It's actually somewhere between a dark plum color and a tiny bit of fuschia. It looks almost neon in my photos, but it is not.

Since it is such an easy-to-use size, it'll make a nice toy for beginners as well as advanced users. The small size also means it's easier to hide and travel with! It's the perfect toy for a mini road trip! In fact, I think it'll end up spending more time in my purse than in it's storage box.

As for the look of Matryoshka being discreet, I can only speak for myself. During the time that I have had it, I stare at it trying to think of what it would look like to someone who just came across it. I've reached a total loss for words each time I try! It resembles a teeny-tiny bowling pin and I suppose some people may assume it's a type of child's toy. I did however, come to the conclusion that the lovely little Matryoshka does not automatically look like a sex toy. I've spent quite some time thinking about this and even on it's charging base, it does not say "sex toy" to me. I really can't figure out what others would assume when they first saw it, but based on the way people in my life may think, I'm pretty sure they'd never think of it as a sex toy. Upon further inspection, they would though. If you pick it up and look closely, you'll see the buttons and figure out that it vibrates. Other than that, I can call it discreet for how it works in my own lifestyle.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Futuristic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Matryoshka has two buttons to control the speeds/functions. These are actually a little hard to see until you look closely. Directly under the buttons is a raised "RS" symbol. These things can also be felt when you run your fingers across them. They are located right under the neck and at the beginning of the wide base. Basically, the buttons are in the mid-section of Matryoshka. For me, they're convenient enough. I haven't had trouble changing them or using them, but when I want to change speeds, I have to take the toy away from my body and look closely at them. If you're eyes are bad, you may struggle just a bit.

Before I go on, I want to say something important. Do NOT use Matryoshka anally! I haven't ever used anal toys so I know little about it, however, I do know that Matryoshka's flared base is not going to keep it from going all the way inside! I wanted to say that is because it was brought up just a while ago. Someone said that it'd be good for anal. It is NOT an anal toy and if you're looking for that then I suggest purchasing a toy intended for that purpose. In the user manual, it says to never try Matryoshka anally! Now, back to business...

When Matryoshka arrives, it's set in travel lock mode. To turn it on you need to hold down both buttons for longer than 5 seconds and it'll unlock. The LED light will light up and it'll start working. To lock it back, hold down both buttons for 5 seconds. At times I've had to hold down longer than that in order for it to lock. This locking feature means you're safe to travel with Matryoshka without it turning on by accident. It also ensures that curious fingers don't turn it on. This is a good feature for those of us with small children, but adults may be able to figure that part out.

Charger/house size compared to perfume bottl

When charging for the first time you, let it charge for 8 hours. Afterwards, charge time will require two hours and Matryoshka will run for 2 hours. I may have timed it wrong, but I was sure I had it running for a good extra 30 minutes the other day.

To turn Matryoshka on, press either of the two buttons. It has an LED light that looks red or pink and it'll light up when it's turned on and it blinks while charging.

Matryoshka on charging base

To turn it off press down either button. The manual says to press either button "continuously." We assumed that meant over and over, rather than holding down. We tried everything and it would not turn off. It was stuck in ON mode! Finally I placed it back on the charger in order to turn it off. That was the only way it would turn off for the entire day! Later the next day, I tried turning it off and pressed the button "continuously." That didn't work so I did what I did the last time and held one button down *constantly* for 5 seconds. That turned it off. The manual should have said hold the button down, not continuously press the button! Either way, it was a bit finicky the first time and holding it down or holding them both down or even pressing continuously, it wouldn't turn off until put on the charger. If this happens, remember to put it on the charger to turn it off.

Matryoshka has 5 different settings. Press the second button to change the intensity levels. Using that button will make the intensity levels go up and down.

Use the top button to change the vibrations from a constant vibration to a "wave" pattern, and then to the 3 different pulses. The "wave" pattern can also be described as escalating. No matter which vibration I choose, they're all strong, but pulses do little for me. The escalating was interesting, but wouldn't get me there completely. If you enjoy pusling and escalating then I believe you'll enjoy Matryoshka's version of these very much.

The vibrations are the strongest that I own. I don't require extreme power, but to actually orgasm, require specific vibrations and a decent strength. Buzzy, high pitched vibrations get me nowhere. Deep and rumbly are often too muted to excite me and many slicone vibrators are too muffled by the silicone for me to feel them. Example: Snuggle Puss and Cleo! I'm always hesitant about buying expensive silicone due to that, but I was able to breathe better when I felt the vibrations of Matryoshka. Nothing's muted or too rumbly. It's the most pleasurable out of my collection. The vibrations are penetrative and the closest thing they resemble is Cleo only this is much stronger. It's stronger than it looks! They feel so strange! It's so penetrative and strong that I can feel them in my thighs while the toy is on my crotch! Using the strongest settings enable me to feel them all over my crotch and booty. I've noticed it feels like the vibrations are felt in my head sometimes. I've no idea how to explain how that is. It's not intense, but I notice them throughout my body. When It's on my crotch and my partner touches my legs, he can feel the vibrations in my legs!

I'm pretty sure the motor is located in the tip. I'd hoped the base would be as strong too, but I can barely feel most of the vibrations in the base when it's on my crotch. However, holding it by the base causes my hands to be numb. Thankfully though, it doesn't numb my precious bits! That's a huge plus since my partner likes to perform oral after we play with a vibrator and it's annoying when I'm all numb from the vibrations. We're able to use Matryoshka for long periods of time and then go directly into oral sex without me being numb! I'll talk more about how Matryoshka performs during oral sex later.

One more thing that I love about Matryoshka; it's absolutely whisper-quiet! The vibrations feel loud so I was shocked at how quiet it is! While my partner and I are on the bed and I'm holding it, he can't tell it's on. This would be the perfect clitoral vibrator for dorm girls. When I place my finger on the neck or base, the noise changes! It sounds strange and I suppose it's due to the tiny size. The vibrations don't change when I apply pressure, but the sound does.

Matryoshka is the quickest for getting me "there." Besides a dual-action vibrator, this takes no time and I'm there. Many times, it'll be too intense for direct clitoral stimulation.

Matryoshka on charging base
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Since Matryoshka is made of silicone, you should only use water-based lubricants with it. I've not needed much lubricant at all, but I use Liquid Silk sometimes on the tip for direct clitoral stimulation.

This is pertty low-maintenance and simple to care for, but let it fall in the floor and it'll act as a damn vaccuum cleaner! I dropped Matryoshka once and it picked up more lint, cat hair and dirt than I am able to even see in my floor! I won't make that mistake again as it had to be fully washed to remove the cat hair. A wet cloth won't take the hair off. It sticks!

Other than it picking up everything in sight, it's easy to clean, store and care for.

Use warm water and soap. Be careful that you don't use soaps with chemicals. You are not supposed to charge it while it's still damp or wet. I even let it sit out for a few minutes after washing before ever putting it on the charging base. It can ruin it.

You can use a toy cleaner or wipe if you choose. I have used my natural toy spray cleaner on Matryoshka, but I usually prefer washing well with warm water and soap anyways and without doing that, you're left with lint on the toy. Personally, I feel like warm water and soap will get it cleaner than a spray. I spray it down after washing sometimes and after using because my cleaner has all these fun anti-bac and anti-fungal properties.

    • Easy to store


I really don't care about the packaging of a product, but I do appreciate when a toy comes with a storage box. However, with luxury sex toys, I do expect a little taste when it comes to packaging. What I mean by that is when I spend a lot of money on a toy I would expect it not to be littered with degrading photos or nudity. With the cheaper toys, I can try to avoid it, but it's very common. I hate that Matryoshka was packaged with a strip of paper on the front of the box that displayed half naked people. It's distasteful and totally irrelevant to what the product is and does. That alone made me change my mind about buying a second Matryoshka to gift to my sister. I was really excited to have one and just as excited to give one as a gift to her, but if I do that, I'll open the plastic to remove the nudity first. A shame. The box that will store it makes it nice for gifting.
Entire packaging, everything included
The good thing is that Matryoshka does come with a storage box. It's sturdy cardboard and purple. In my opinion, it isn't a luxurious or long-term kind of storage box. It's simple and small which I appreciate and I love when that I have a box to store the instruction booklet, toy and adapters in. It keeps everything together. It also comes with a strange drawstring bag similar to the ones you get with some glass dildos. It's a tan color and feels slightly velvety. I wish it was sturdier though. After having it for a while the velvety-like stuff wears away and the bag becomes even more useless. The drawstring won't keep it closed and these are a little disappointing since I had planned to carry it with me in my purse quite a bit. I'll just take the advice of other lovely ladies here who've talked about sewing their own pouches. I love my Matryoshka and want to keep it safe so I'll definitely make it a new bag.

Being that the strip of paper has nudity on it, that takes away from how lovely and discreet it would've been. A simple purple box that says Rianne S. on it. Nobody would know what it contained until they opened the lid. Besides that bit of nudity, the container alone is discreet. As for Matryoshka being discreet, you'll have to decide that for yourself! For me, it's discreet and nobody has known right off what it is used for, but like I said, some people will know.

You can either store it in the purple box or on the charger base with the lid on. My photos show what that looks like. It's a purple container with a gold plate on the bottom front that says "Rianne S." As soon as I opened Matryoshka I saw that the gold plate was very rusted and looked bad. Not exactly a great first impression! My partner said it looked as if it had been wet and he's pretty sure it had been exposed to some sort of dampness. That made me a little skeptical about it, but it seems to continue working just fine so I'm OK.

The container is plastic and it's just a tall, round thing with a lid. You take the lid off to put Matryoshka on the charger and you can conceal it by putting the lid back on while it charges or while it's not in use. Or you could leave the lid off and display the lovely toy. In the back of the actual charging base is the charging port. You plug the charger in the wall and into this port. Sitting on my vanity along with my perfumes, cosmetics and lubricant, it doesn't stand out. It looks like a perfume that comes encased in a container.

The bottom of Matryoshka is hard, white plastic and there's two little gold prong things. These are also on the charging base. Line up the prongs on the toy and the charger and sit the toy there to charge! It sits loosely so I kept looking over to be sure it wouldn't stop charging, but even when I wiggle it, the charging light stays on.

I think the charger/container is neat! I like that it's not another darn charger for me to get mixed up with what charger goes to what. I spend too much time trying to figure out which charger belongs to which device. This is simple and even looks OK sitting out!

Thankfully, Matryoshka comes with a user's manual. It's not so hard to know how to use it, but there are some important things to know about it. When I first got it I put it on the charger and later when I was done using it, neither me nor my partner could make it turn off! I read the manual and nothing worked until I put it back on the charger. Putting it on it's charger will always turn Matryoshka off. The user manual warned not to ever use it while it is charging. It talks about the controls and how to work them. Very informative and necessary. You'll also receive a warranty card inside the box.

    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

A few notes and safety precautions about Matryoshka:

In the user manual, it states that you should not let Matryoshka charge for longer than 24 hours, but I've read where other owners say that it is fine to do that. That warning was noted repeatedly through the manual so I'll just be safe and not leave it on the charger for that long and you can decide for yourself what you'll choose.

The manual also says to charge it before using if you have not used it for more than 30 days.
-Do not use it on the abdomen if pain is present or you're pregnant.
-Always unplug charger cord from charger base when not in use!
-Keep charger away from any liquid or heat. Do not put toy on charger unless it is totally dry!
-Keep metal away from contacts on charging base and toy.
-Do not use Matryoshka if the silicone layer or the metal contacts have been damaged in any way.
-Do not dispose of in fire.
-Never place the toy or charging base in a dishwasher.
-Never submerge charging base in liquid/water.
-Do not touch the charging contact to any part of your body! (This one worries me a little since there's no cover over them!)
-Do not massage any area for more than 15 minutes. (OOOPS!)
-Do not operate the toy under blankets or clothing as it may cause excessive heating that can lead to fire!
-Do not massage upper neck area or skull! (Ooops again!)
-Do not insert this product in any opening.

These were some of the "do nots" listed in the manual. In earlier pages it states that the tip is fine to insert, but later it says not to insert the toy in any opening. A little contradictive.


Finally The experience part! I have waited for what seems like forever to have Matryoshka! I was so excited and nervous at the same time. As I mentioned, I can't get too much clitoral stimulation with a hard material because I always need to apply some pressure or grind. I didn't know how well Matryoshka's silicone would lend to that and I wasn't sure of the vibrations. I was nervous to spend so much money on a small toy that may not even bring me to orgasm.

I put it on the charger on my vanity when it arrived and we sat staring at it from the bed. The light blinked and I was desperate to feel the vibrations. I don't think I've ever been so anxious about a toy! After it had charged for the full 8 hours, we snatched the little guy right of the charger!

I was mostly worried that the silicone would muffle the vibrations since I've encountered that so many times before. When that happens, there's little I gain from a vibrator. Matryoshka is one of a kind! The vibrations are wonderful and just as unique as the toy itself. It's so smooth and neat that I actually enjoy just touching it!

My partner was so excited to use Matryoshka on me! I spent some time checking it out myself and trying the different vibrations and eventually he couldn't stand it and had to play with it himself! He rubbed it all over and held it at different angles, changed the speeds and we spent an hour straight playing with it. I enjoyed almost every way we used it. At one point I just kind of nested the neck between my labia minora (sorry if this is a bit too graphic) and let the tip sit under my clitoris. That actually felt nice and since the vibrations are so strong, I didn't need to press on it. The wide base makes it hard to sit there without falling over, but it works well when laying on my back.

We wanted to try Matryoshka on my clitoris during intercourse, but it's just not going to stay there without holding it and quite frankly, I can't concentrate enough during intercourse to hold it there. However, we did find one heck of a fun way to use it like that! With him lying on his back and me sitting on him backwards (my back facing him) and that way my hands are free and his body isn't in the way of using Matryoshka on my clitoris! I can hold it there while he does the work. It was fun and very intense. If you're interested in using Matryoshka for that purpose, that will probably be your best bet although you could hold it where you want while in the "doggy-style" position.

So, you can certainly get creative with this little guy and it's even possible to use it during oral sex. While my partner did that, I was able to hold the tip of Matryoshka on other parts of my crotch and even nipples! It feels awesome there since it's strong enough for my nipples to actually feel it. It also fits nicely at the vaginal entrance during oral sex, but the vibrations can annoy your partner's face. We layed the wide base on the bed and the tip inside during oral sex and it adds some extra teasing for that.

Also, since Matryoshka won't painfully dig into your pevlic bones, you could use it while lying on your stomach and placing it under you. I suppose it may be tough to keep it in place this way since it's so round, but the idea of using it this way has crossed my mind! I'll try it out that way and we'll see what happens.

My partner and I use my toys together, usually him using them on me and then I'll use it on me while he does something else. It's an interesting toy to say the least and the settings are purr-fect!

Besides all the wonderful ideas I had planned when I bought Matryoshka, I had mostly wanted something that was strong, very high quality, and could travel along quietly on our mini road trips! I wasn't sure which would be the best for all of these things so I wanted this as well as Zini Deux that way we could take Zini Deux with us on the road and I could use mine as well as use his on him! Deux has been out of stock for ages so I wasn't able to get them both just yet. Now that I've fallen in love with Matryoshka (and he has too!) I'm afriad that Deux will not measure up, but I'll still give it a try.

Matryoshka turned out to be everything I was looking for and then some! I was getting so tired of buying the crappy, buzzy bullets and panty vibes that never worked for car trips. I was always left numb and disappointed and least of all horny. I couldn't be happier with Matryoshka and I love how excited my partner is to use it on me! I think it's the perfect solo toy and foreplay toy.

Matryoshka just has so much wonderful things going for it that it will be hard to find something that could measure up.
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