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Matryoshka proved to be better than I thought it would be, at least for my preferences. As a girl that likes pinpoint stimulation, the broad head of this toy worked out well since it wasn't overly large. The vibrations aren't the strongest out there, but were just strong enough to bring me to orgasm. What makes Matryoshka a toy I won't be throwing in the bin anytime soon is how much pressure I can apply with it. No matter how hard I press it doesn't lose one bit of power or react in any way.
Does not lose power when pressure is applied, Head gives broad stimulation but isn't too large
May not be strong enough for all users
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Matryoshka is an external vibrator by Rianne S. It's small in size and discreet in shape. Its name comes from the word for the Russian nesting dolls. Its shape is similar to that of a Russian nesting doll, so the name is fitting once you know what it means.

Matryoshka is primarily a clitoral vibrator, but can be used externally anywhere you desire. It has a rounded head and offers a more broad stimulation. It can be inserted a small amount. The small size means that it won't do much internally. It should not be inserted fully if you choose to insert it. Though it does flare out a bit, I would not recommend using it anally due to its small overall size.

This vibrator can be used solo or with a partner. Its small size means it can be used during sex or with an insertable toy without getting in the way. It can also be used as a stand alone clitoral toy.

Material / Texture

Matryoshka is made of silicone. This places it at a ten on the safety scale. Silicone is non-porous and body safe.

The silicone of Matryoshka is incredibly soft. There is no drag to the material. When you run your hand across it, there is no hopping or jumping. The hand glides easily across the material. It is velvety with a slight powdery finish to it. The silicone is very high quality. It's not quite as soft as Je Joue silicone, but it comes pretty close. It's some of the nicest silicone I've come across and is a pleasure to use.

There is no texture to the material. It is a smooth surface. There is a seam that runs across the body. I can just barely feel it with my hands and cannot feel it during use. The letters "RS" are raised on the body near the buttons. This part of the toy does not touch the body during use.

There is a slight silicone scent to the toy. There is no taste to it.

The material and texture will be good for users at all experience levels. It is high quality silicone and feels wonderful against the skin. Even for those that are used to high quality silicone, Matryoshka will be a treat. For someone new to silicone, this is a great introduction. The glide to the silicone works well with the body and many users will not need additional lubrication to use this externally.

Design / Shape / Size

Matryoshka is small in size. It's total length is 3.25" with about 1.5" being insertable as per the product page and my measurements. The base is 2" in diameter. The tip is 1" in diameter which then comes inward to .75" in diameter.

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

Matryoshka is a good size. It's size makes it easy to hold and use without getting in the way. The base makes a nice area to grip during use.

The head offers broad stimulation instead of pinpointed. It's not as broad as what you will find on a wand vibrator or a larger rounded head, but is still broad. It won't cover a huge area but you won't be able to get it to hone in on specific areas like you would with a bullet pointed tip. If you need very pinpoint stimulation, this may not work for you. If you can deal with some broader stimulation, you may be able to use this.

Beginners and advanced user will be able to use Matryoshka given that a more broad stimulation is desired. The design and size have no experience requirements, just preference requirements.

Since it's shaped like a Russian nesting doll or a chess pawn (what I thought it was before I looked up the name), Matryoshka is a very discreet toy. It doesn't scream out "sex toy" when you look at it. It has a locking feature so the vibrations can be turned off in case someone goes to playing with it. This also makes it good for travel. If you're still concerned, it's easy to hide away due to its small size.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two raised buttons on Matryoshka that operate the toy. One is two circles and one is a squiggle line (~) or tilde. The buttons are easy to press, but not so much so that they will be accidentally pressed during use.

Either button can be pressed to turn Matryoshka on. To turn it off, press either button down for three seconds. To lock, press both buttons down for five seconds. To unlock, do the same. To cycle through the power settings, press the double circle button. To cycle through the patterns, press the squiggle line.

There are five power levels available. The lowest one starts at a high two vrooms. The next is a low three. The next is a mid three. The next is a high three. The final level jumps to a mid four vrooms. There's not a ton of difference in the power levels as settings 2, 3, and 4 all fall in some type of three vroom range. The mid four peak won't be enough to satisfy those that need a lot of power. There was just enough power on this for me to orgasm with a little bit of work. I found the vibration's power to be nice, but it would have been nice if there was one more setting in the five vroom range.

The vibrations are midway between rumbly and buzzy. They penetrate the skin well and don't cause any numbing or itching. You can hear both a rumble and a buzz to them if you listen. You can feel both as well. I feel the rumbly quality more than the buzzy quality, but there is an undercurrent of buzzy to the vibrations. It shouldn't be enough to annoy people who don't like buzzy vibrations, but it's not a full on rumble.

The vibrations are located near the tip. They travel down the head of the toy, but cannot be felt in the base where your hand rests. This means no hand numbing or vibrating when you use it.

The vibrations lose no power when pressure is applied. No matter how hard I press down, there is not even a slight drop in power. This is a major plus for those that like a lot of pressure.

There are five patterns. The first is the constant vibration mode. The next is a wave that slowly goes from the low to high speed and comes back again. The next is a wave that moves more quickly from the low to high speed. The next is a moderate pulse. The final pattern is a very fast pulse.

The noise level is louder than a cell phone. It can be heard slightly through covers. Through a closed door you can just barely make it out if you have it on high, but can't really determine what it is. Just that there's some type of a noise. It isn't loud enough that you can clearly say it's a vibrating noise.

Matryoshka is waterproof. The charger is magnetic so there is nothing that can get inside the toy if submerged. I have only tested this in washing, not in a tub. I haven't had any issues with running it under water for cleaning.

Matryoshka uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery. For first use, it should be charged eight hours. After that, each charge should last two hours. It should not be left on the charger more than 24 hours. On a full charge, the toy should last "up to two hours" as per the manual. When used on high, I get somewhere around an hour and a half out of it. It charges in a little dock. There is a circular bottom that you place the toy in which is then connected to the charger. Matryoshka can stay in this dock when not charging safely.

Care and Maintenance

You can wash Matryoshka with soap and water or toy cleaner. You can also use a wipe or toy spray if you don't want to submerge it. To clean the base, unplug it and wipe it with a damp cloth. The base is not waterproof (unlike the toy itself), so take care not to get the cloth too wet. The charging base should be cleared of any liquids.

Only water based lubes should be used. Silicone lubes could damage the silicone material.

There are a variety of options for storage. You can store this in the pouch that comes with it or a pouch of your choosing. You can also store it in the plastic container that is used for charging as it comes with a top. You can also use the box, though it is a bit large for storage. A plastic baggie will also do if none of the provided options appeal to you.


Matryoshka comes in a medium sized purple box. There is a wrapping around the box with a woman on it who is scantily clad, but done in an artful way. The box says simply "Rianne S" and the wrapping says "Matryoshka." Inside the box is the charging/storage cylinder which has a ribbon underneath it so you can get it out easily. It has a box to the side with hold the manual, charger, pouch, and adapters for the US, Europe, Australia, and UK. It also has a booklet with information on the company, mostly in picture form. It has warranty information in a separate booklet.

The instruction manual is easy to read and has enough information for everyone to figure out how to use the toy quickly.

The packaging is discreet in the sense that it doesn't state the use all over it, but does have a half naked woman on it. You can take that wrapping off and then it's just a purple box which is very discreet. This would be good for gifting or storage (perhaps a bit large for storage).

Personal comments

Matryoshka will be a great toy for the right person. That person is one that doesn't need pinpoint stimulation and doesn't need the strongest of the strong. Don't get me wrong, Matryoshka packs a punch. It's just not the level of punch that you'll find in a Mimi or Salsa or Tango. If you like to apply pressure, this is a great toy. I literally could not get it to lose power and I tried my very hardest. I pressed it against my body with all the force I had and it never reacted. It didn't lose power, the motor didn't jump, just nothing. It was like I wasn't doing anything. If you like pressure and a slight broad stimulation, this may be the perfect vibrator for you.


There was only one review up for Matryoshka when I purchased it, so I wasn't all that sure of what to expect. I liked the shape of it when it first came out, but I wasn't sure how well it would work for my body. I tend to be more of a pinpoint girl personally and I kept passing on adding this to my cart because the head looked like it would be a bit too broad for my tastes.

As it turns out, yes, the head is broad. Not so broad as to make it unusable, however. I have problems with wands and really large heads just covering too much space. While I will always grab a pinpointed head first, Matryoshka's smaller rounded head was still workable. It was small enough to just cover my clit and not make me feel like I was vibrating my whole vaginal area and then some like some bigger heads can do.

The vibrations feel just in the realm of something I could work with. I'd have loved for them to be on par with a Mimi, Tango, Salsa, or Life, but I can orgasm at a mid four vroom. I just don't get a super intense orgasm like I do with my more powerful vibrators. So many clitoral vibrators seem to leave me with no orgasm at all, so this one got me where I needed to go, even if at a less intense level than I prefer.

What makes Matryoshka shine above almost every other toy I have is it's ability to perform under pressure. In fact, this key ability has been why I have been grabbing for this toy over and over even though it's not the strongest one in my toy box nor is it my preferred stimulation type. I can press down on my clit like there's no tomorrow with this and it does nothing. Most toys will get at least a minor drop in power, even if it's not enough to cause a problem. Matryoshka has literally none. For someone who likes a lot of pressure, this is a heaven sent feature to have.

While it's not the strongest, I'm still giving this five stars. I can orgasm stronger from this than I can from most toys in it's vroom category simply because of how much pressure I can apply with it. While the head isn't my ideal type of stimulation, it worked surprisingly well for me. I see myself using Matryoshka a good bit, especially on days when I really want to lay on the pressure. If ever Rianne S comes out with a pinpointed clit vibe, I'll be first in line to snatch it up!
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