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Form 4

Traditional vibrator by Jimmyjane

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At $150 ya think you'd get a better toy

In today's sex toy world, we expect more bang for our buck. And I am sorry to say, but the Form 4 just does not deliver. Especially since there are a few toys under $100 being stronger in intensity and all that the Form 4 has going for it in my opinion is the shape and a long battery life.
Brilliant shape, nice fat head, long battery life
The price. Seriously? $150 for that? Not worth it.
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Jimmyjane's Form 4 is designed to be a clitoral massager. This next little blurb is directly from the instruction manual, "Form 4 is the most powerful vibrator of its kind, with a versatile, elongated design for internal, G-spot and clitoral stimulation. When inserted, its flexible shape adapts to your body, yet it`s firm enough to hit all the right spots. Best of all, we`ve put an oversized motor right in the tip, providing exceptional power exactly where you need it to take you over the top."

It is a neat little toy, its biggest strength in my opinion is how it fits snugly into my hands. Compared to all the other clit massagers I have it is not only the tallest, but it's head is also the most comfortable against my clit. I also really appreciate the way the Form 4 has a light indicator for the amount of battery left.
Jimmyjane Form 4- comparison
But, his size might be the best part of him. I find it very difficult to find other positive things regarding the Form 4. For me, I think the hardest part is, he is just not worth the $150 price tag attached to him. Sure, he is a decent toy strength wise, he's rechargeable, nice power control, waterproof all the yummy goodness you'd expect in a luxury toy. But there are other toys that provide all of the same things as the Form 4 that cost much less.

Now that's all said, let us carry on with this review.

As for who the Form 4 would be best suited for? That's easy. Anyone who has $150 to spend. Just like all the clit toys out there in the sex toy world, the Form 4 can be used on nipples, anywhere there is skin, clit or g-spot just be very careful if you plan on bringing it near your bum. Personally I'd suggest never putting a clit toy anywhere near your backside. But that is just me.

I am going to be comparing the Form 4 to a few other clit toys throughout this review. Most specifically these toys: MiMi, Spirit, Tango, UFO, Better Than Chocolate, Matryoshka, Siri.

Material / Texture

The Form 4 is made from a platinum grade silicone. It feels heavenly!!! Smooth, slick when slathered in lube.

Then you feel the seam. And then it is not so heavenly.

What to me is shocking, is in the instruction manual, it claims, "Dual motors, seamless construction, platinum silicone, cordless charging". Doesn't "seamless" mean no seam? But there is a seam! I am so confused! Just wait till I get to the cleaning of this little bugger. Grr. Rant.

But the good news of it is, you cannot feel the seam while it is in use.

I really enjoy that the Form 4 is... how do I explain this? Hard plastic covered in silicone. Then where the middle indentedishy part is, it feels like it is solid silicone making it a little flexible. Now many folks reading this might be wondering just how "flexible" is flexible.

That one is easy. If you have seen/touched any of the Jopen Vr(low number) line, they are too flexible in comparison. And if you think about the G4 line, again. Too flexible to compare. I've tried to find things to compare the Form 4 to in regards to flexibility and I just cannot. It does take a fair amount of effort to make it bend, and I've never had an issue pressing it hard up against my clit (and trust me, I've tried!!!).

Design / Shape / Size

I received the Form 4 the same day I received the Rianne S Matryoshka in the mail. To me, on my very first impression, it looked like the Form 4 is just a stretched version of the Matryoshka.

Many have called it an hour glass shape, to me, it kind of reminds me of one of my old "Babcia" dolls from Poland I had as a child.

Let's talk dimensions shall we?

Head: just under four and a half in circumference
Neck: four inches in circumference
Body: six and three quarters inches in circumference
Length: just over five inches
Jimmyjane Form 4- product comparison

Left to right: Venus razor with an original head, tube of Burt's Bee's Lip Balm, Form 4, tube of Maybelline's Falsies.

To me, the size is PERFECT!!! I love how it fits right into my hand, how it feels against my clit. I feel I should tell you, I do not like pin point stimulation. This is one of the main reasons I have issues with quite a few of the clit vibes like the Tango and the Spirit. Many people might say that each toy is more designed for beginners or advanced users, but I say it is good for anyone who prefers broad stimulation. He's got a control panel, which you can control the strength.

The Form 4 itself is easy to hide, but the the recharging base is a pain in the ass and a little more effort to hide. All my recharging cords are nicely hanging and they are easily hidden behind my couch. But the charge base is much more difficult to hide. This is another strike against the Form 4 in my opinion.

For travelling, the Form 4 can be locked by pressing the + and the ~ for about two seconds till the indicator light blinks rapidly. To unlock, just repeat the process or sit him in his charge port.

On a full charge the Form 4 lasts between six to seven hours on high. Out of all the clit toys, he is the only one that did not get "hot" while on high continuously for one hour.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations of the Form 4 are located in his head. They can range from quite low, to quite high.
Jimmyjane Form 4- control panel
The control functions as you can see are just three buttons; +, - and a ~ and they are actually pretty easy to use once you remember where the controls are. To turn the toy on, just click the + once. It will turn on to the lowest setting. To increase the strength, just click the + till you get to the desired intensity. There are only five intensities. To turn off, just click the - until the toy stops. There are four patterns you can cycle through.

Jimmyjane Form 4- base and recharge port
This is how the Form 4 recharges. As I've mentioned, I find it horrible compared to the usual recharging cord. I really do not understand how this is an actual selling feature. You put the toy into the cradle and then you have to make sure it is in there just right or else it will not charge. Then, even a light breeze will shift the toy making it no longer charge.

It ticks me off.

Can you tell?

When you pick up the Form 4 from the charger, it will blink to tell you how full the battery is. Three blinks, high charge, Two blinks, medium charge. One blink, low charge. But if you see four slow flashes, you have a zero charge.

Jimmyjane Form 4- light indicator

If you choose to take this guy for a swim in the bathtub or under the shower waterfall, you'd be good to go!!! He's waterproof! But the one neat thing I discovered is that his bum end floats while his motor heavy head end sinks. Then he spins around in circles!!! I got some chuckles when I saw this.

He is MUCH quieter than the UFO and the MiMi, a little quieter than the Tango, about the same noise volume as the Siri and about the same level of noise as the Matroyshka. He's tasteless and ordorless and of course I gave my nose a little massage while trying to figure out how he smells.

Now let's talk vibrations shall we?

The Form 4 has some nice and deep rumbley vibrations. He's stronger than the UFO, slightly stronger than the Siri and the Better than Chocolate. The Form 4 is comparable in power to the Matryoshka, but weaker in power than the MiMi and the Tango.

Care and Maintenance

Since he's made out of silicone and he is waterproof, it makes it really easy to clean and to use. I'd strongly suggest using water based lube on the guy. Personally, I use Lelo Personal Moisturizer as my lube and after I have finished playing, I just toss him into the sink spray a little Lelo Toy Cleaner on him, rub him down, rinse him clean, air dry and voila!!! I'm good to go again!!!

If you use hot water and some antibacterial soap you'll be just fine too.

One thing I have noticed is that the instruction manual says this is a seamless toy. Yet, if you are not careful, your juices and lube will dry in the seam resulting in some dried white funky stuff. So be careful and wash well. This instruction manual lies.

Now as we all know, like does not like like. So silicone lubes should be avoided same with storing this guy against other silicone toys.


Jimmyjane Form 4- packaging

Simply put, a picture is worth a zillion words. The packaging is cheap especially when compared to other toys out there. Cheap is all fine and dandy, but there is nothing "special" about the $150 price. There is no storage pouch, no lube, nothing included to be an added draw to buy this.

The packaging is loud and in-your-face-sex-toy-inside!!!

So inside you do get a plastic shell to hold the toy, a small cardboard box to hold the charge cradle, and an instruction manual.

Personal comments

Thank goodness for a personal comment section.

It's so not worth $150. Maybe around $100 yes. Out of all the clit toys I've spoken about today, the Form 4 is my favourite to hold and use because of shape. The indicator light for the battery level and the shape of it in my hand really do not seem worth this price tag in my opinion.

What I'd love to see, is Je Joue to swipe this design and put their motor into this body. And I'd be all over that toy like me all over dumplings.

If you are wanting a power horse, I'd suggest you go for the Tango or the MiMi, but be warned. They in my opinion feel small and odd and are hard to hold onto once all lubed up.

For the Form 4's final grade... Three out of Five.

Minus two stars for the price. Seriously Jimmyjane, you have a novel toy here, but that motor must be made from alien ship parts for this price.

Minus one star: You talk about an oversized motor in the head for exceptional power... but to me that means that this guy should be in a class of power all on his own. But instead, his power level is just "common". Your manual and box talk about your seamless contruction... but as I've said, you've got seams.


I really do enjoy the Form 4 and I like it a fair bit because of its shape. I find that with a smaller toy my fingers seize up and cramp leaving my hands achey for the rest of the day. This miniature bowling pin of a sex toy feels great in my hands, no more cramped fingers and my play sessions improve because of this.

Still, to push me over the edge, I still have to reach for my vr6.

I would love to see a stronger motor in this design as I've mentioned before. That to me would be the perfect clit toy.
Follow-up commentary
As much as I loved the shape, it just wasn't cutting it for me any more. After many failed attempts of trying to climax (and we are talking long sessions here) ended up giving it to a friend to use simply because the vibrations were just so lacking. I still cannot justify spending all those points on a toy that is said to be "luxury" and powerful. If you are thinking about getting the Form 4 because people have spoken of it's power, I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere.

I do have to say that the battery does last a long time. I was able to get approximately seven and a half hours of play (on high) for one charge.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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