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Form 4

Traditional vibrator by Jimmyjane

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Form 4, me 4 and counting

Form 4 is the last vibrator in Jimmyjane's Pleasure to the People line of toys. It offers deep vibrations and a design that works well both for clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It may not be the strongest rechargeable vibrator available, but the quality of its vibrations is remarkable.
Deep vibrations, rechargeable, waterproof, dual use.
A bit less strong than I hoped.
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Form 4 is a strong rechargeable vibrator that functions wonderfully both as a clitoral and a G-spot vibrator. It boasts an over-sized powerful motor located near its tip. While its vibrations aren't as strong as a plug-in vibrator or even as strong as many other rechargeable vibrators, Form 4's vibrations are quite deep.

Whether you're looking for an easy to hold clitoral vibrator or a G-spot vibrator, you will find both in Form 4.

Its also locks making it an excellent choice for a travel vibrator.

Material / Texture

Form 4 is covered with phthalate-free medical grade platinum silicone. Only its bottom, where it connects with two metal pins in its charging base, is metal.

It is untextured with a matte finish. There is a very slight seam running along its sides and across its top. You will not be bothered by that while using it although you can feel it if you run your fingers across it.

Its a firm vibrator that can be compressed only the smallest amount in the thin section along its middle and not at all near the tip or the base.

This vibrator is completely scent-free.

Design / Shape / Size

Form 4 is shaped like a bowling pin or perhaps like a chicken drumstick. Its 5 inches long and has a circumference of 4 1/4 inches at the tip. The bottom inch and a half of Form 4 is identical to that of Forms 2 and 3.

It bends slightly if the tip is pressed against something. There is a modest amount of give but not enough to bother anyone who wants firm pressure.

The size and shape of Form 4 will work for all users. It is easy to hold for clitoral or G-spot stimulation.

It is charged by placing it in its charging base. A small rectangular light near the base will glow to let you know its correctly positioned. Forms 2, 3 and 4 can all share the same charging base. It can be a little fiddly trying to adjust Form 4 so it is correctly aligned in its charging base. This is true of all of the Forms.

The charging base for the Form 4 has been modified somewhat compared to the charging base for Form 2. Form 4's base has a thin ridge that extends up from the base and wraps almost all the way around Form 4 to better hold it in the correct position. The problem of the loose connection of the charging base to the cord has been resolved as well. The cord remains firmly inserted into the charging base even if you move or reposition the charger.

When charging for the first time, allow Form 4 to remain in the charging base for a full eight hours to extend battery life.

On the bottom of the base, the words "JIMMYJANE Pleasure to the people" are etched in tiny text. In the very center of the base is a star.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Form 4 has five steady vibration levels and three patterns of vibration in addition to steady vibration. You can adjust the vibration strength and the pattern of vibration separately.

The vibration patterns for Form 4 aren't named as they were for Form 2. Here's a description of them:

1) steady vibration
2) escalation and deceleration. One cycle takes about two seconds.
3) faster escalation and deceleration. One cycle takes about a second.
4) fast pulsing

It also has chaos vibration mode. Press + - + - + - and it will enter chaos mode where it randomly changes between the four vibration patterns.

The vibrations for patterns 2 and 3 are almost alarmingly deep, more so than for the steady vibration mode. This product is advertised as the most powerful vibrator of its kind. They may be referring to how deep the vibrations are rather than their strength. Form 2's vibrations are stronger than those of this product, but it does have deeper, more satisfying vibrations than Form 6.

Relative strength of selected rechargeable vibrators:
Mystic Wand > Form 2 > MiMi > Form 4 > Voila

The vibrational strength of Form 4 is only slightly weaker than Mimi.

Form 4 gives deep deep vibrations which does compensate for the fact that the vibrations may not be as strong as expected. If you hold its tip in water when its on, water will be thrown all around. Buzzy vibrators do not throw water like this. This vibrator is completely waterproof, so you can submerge it in water with no worries.

Form 4 makes only a moderate amount of noise. You will be able to cover the noise it makes by playing music.

Vibrations are controlled with the same simple buttons that are present on Forms 2 and 3. Plus and minus buttons on a raised area turn it on and increase or decrease its vibration strength. A smaller raised button controls the vibration pattern. When you turn it off, it will remember the last pattern used and will start with that vibration pattern.

Its easy to move to higher or lower vibration strength settings or switch vibration modes during use. You can tell by feel where the buttons are.

Care and Maintenance

Form 4 is silicone and waterproof, making cleaning easy. Simply wash in soap and water. It will attract lint so it may be best to store it in its charging base where it won't be in contact with lint-containing fabrics.

To extend battery life, make sure it has at least a partial charge when stored. It cannot be overcharged so it's fine to store it in the charging base.


The packaging for Form 4 is well done, although a bit less sumptuous than the packaging for Form 2. Inside a colorful cardboard container is a white plastic insert that holds Form 4 in place. Under this is another white box that contains the charging base and cord. Also included is an instruction booklet with detailed information in multiple languages in very tiny text.


The instructions state that Form 4 will last seven or more hours on a charge. After using it for an hour and a half, I placed it back in its charger for a second then removed it and observed that it flashed once, indicating a low charge. Form 4 flashes a variable number of times when you remove it from the charger to tell you how well charged it is. One flash indicates a low charge, two flashes, a medium charge and three, a full charge. Four slow flashes tell you it has no charge.

The fact that I kept my Form 4 on the highest steady vibration setting the entire time no doubt accounts for the less than maximum charge life I observed. It could well be that if you need a lower intensity of vibration that Form 4 will last seven hours. And even if you use it at its top vibration setting, it will last at least an hour and a half.

I usually need very strong vibrations to climax clitorally. I'm trying to wean myself off of strong vibrators. This attempt isn't going very well. Although I state that Form 4 wasn't quite as strong as claimed, its deep vibrations do a good job of compensating for this and I have been successful using it clitorally.

For G-spot stimulation, I've easily been successful every time. For me, this is where Form 4 shines. Pair it with Form 2 resting gently against your clitoris (it has to rest gently or Form 2's unfortunate glitch will be triggered) and it will be a truly fantastic experience. Even by itself, Form 4 is a wonderful experience.
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