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Form 4

Traditional vibrator by Jimmyjane

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Form 4 Ever

Jimmyjane's much anticipated Form 4 knocks all expectations out of the park and rebuilds them from the ground up. This curvaceous, hour glass shaped beauty packs all the sex appeal of the female form into its own shape, while intuitively navigating yours - with a cordless, flexible body and a powerful motor. Ideal for internal and external use, you can explore your orgasmic potential both inside and out with the Form 4.
Strong, rechargeable, multiple speeds and settings, non-porous and easy to clean.
High pitched whine on some settings, vibrations in base can irritate hands.
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Jimmyjane's Form 4 is a wonderfully strong - though not anatomy numbing - vibrator that is designed to give you pleasure both inside and out. With a shape reminiscent of a Russian doll or a kidney bean, the lower and weightier portion of the Form 4 is sculpted to rest comfortably in your palm. The smaller and elongated end is designed to provide shallow G-spot stimulation or external vibration to the clitoris, vulva, breasts, perineum or anus. Because this vibrator does not have a flanged base it should not be inserted into the rectum, but outer anal play is perfectly safe and healthy due to the non-porous silicone skin. A diverse repertoire of vibration patterns and strengths gives the user a wide berth to figure out what suits their preferences. Beginners have plenty of options to work with while figuring out what they like, and vibrator veterans will have a variety of possibilities to keep them entertained.

Material / Texture

As with all of the Jimmyjane Form Collection, the Form 4 is a firmer and more rigid vibrator. Coated with a thin layer of 100% medical grade, non-porous silicone, the Form 4 has the texture of velvet cote plastic more than silicone. Pressing upon the silicone skin will not result in any depression or indent in the material as this membrane appears to be very thin; the skin acts more as a comfortable buffer between the mechanical components and your body than a sensation enhancer. It has the advantage of being quite matte, however, meaning it provides some convenient traction during slippery play. Lubricant also has the tendency to grip matte silicone better, so reapplication will be less frequent than with glossier toys.

As with all 100% silicone toys, there is no scent or taste to the Form 4. Pure silicone is non-porous meaning that bacteria cannot be absorbed into the material, however it can accumulate on the surface - just like scent particles can. If your toy takes on the scent of the surfaces it comes into contact with, simply clean your toy and leave it in a well ventilated area to air for 24-48 hours.

Design / Shape / Size

The shape of the Form 4 is quite simple; its silhouette is slender and vaguely phallic, narrowing near the tip and widening at the base for ease of grip. There are two distinctly firm mechanical objects in either end of the toy - a motor in the tip and the interface related mechanics at the base. These two objects are quite firm, however there is a good bit of flex where the Form 4 narrows in the middle, which makes G-spot contact easier with this pin straight toy. It will certainly not zero right in on anyone's G-spot, but because it is quite rigid and firm it can be angled upward in the vagina for some intense stimulation. Its broad and flat motorized tip provides more diffuse vibration to the clitoris that may be too mild for power fiends but should be sufficiently strong for most to climax with.

At 5" in length (with only 4" being insertable) and 1.5" in diameter at its broadest insertable point, the Form 4 should be comfortable for most levels of penetrative vaginal experience. Newcomers to G-spot stimulation may wish for something slightly more intuitive, but for external stimulation this vibrator is as straight forward and easy to use as can be.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Jimmyjane's controls and functioning are easily the high point of this vibrator's performance. They have condensed some of the smartest and most useful technology into three easy to use buttons located near the base of the toy. As broken down in the toy's manual - which is wonderfully useful - I'll detail how to turn your Form 4 on and off, as well as cycle through its speeds and modes. In the "Care & Maintenance" section I will describe charging and locking in further detail.

At the base, there are three buttons stacked on top of one another. In descending order they are: a plus symbol (+) followed by a minus symbol (-) and finally a tilda symbol (~) at the very bottom. By tapping the (+) symbol your vibrator is turned on to its lowest level of intensity; by tapping it four more times in sequence you can cycle the Form 4's motor up through its increasingly more powerful speeds. Upon reaching your desired speed you may choose to leave your vibrator in a mode of constant, continued vibration, or to select another mode. There are four modes (including the constant mode) which are as follows:

First - A steady, continued vibration
Second - A slow wave of vibration that rises and falls
Third - A faster version of the third mode
Fourth - A rapid succession of pulses, feels significantly less strong than other settings

The mode that your vibrator is set to when you turn it off (done by pressing the (-) symbol repeatedly until off) will be the mode that it is in when turned back on again. Simply cycle through the modes during your next session in order to change this.

Unlike the Form 2, the Form 4 has a single motor which concentrates vibration in the head of the toy. However, vibration does travel throughout the toy in order to stimulate as much as possible when inserted, and some of this travels to the base. During extended sessions, the Form 4 on its most intense setting can become a bit irritating to the hand. However, because the strength of the vibrations at their strongest are still less than that of most rechargeable massagers like the Yooo or Acuvibe Mini, this should be manageable for most. On the lowest speed the toy produces a low impact though deep, rumbly vibration - as well as a high pitched whine. On higher speeds the vibrations are still quite deep, though they become a bit more surface and shallow. The whine diminishes as the intensity of the vibration is increased, although the volume of this toy is quite low in either case and should not be audible through a closed door on even its highest setting.

Care and Maintenance

Jimmyjane advises the non-porous silicone of the Form 4 be cleaned with a damp cloth using mild soap and warm water. It cautions that cleaning products should not be used on the surface, however as this toy is made from pure silicone I have no reservations about using a 10% bleach solution to wipe the silicone off with. I do carefully avoid the metal coil at the base, however, to avoid compromising the integrity of the finish or corroding it over time. The vibrator must be clean and dry before placing on the charging base to prevent any mechanical malfunctioning. The Form 4 should not be boiled or exposed to extreme temperatures for any reason due to its mechanical components.

Jimmyjane also recommends storing your Form 4 partially charged, as when stored fully charged, Lithium Polymer batteries may negatively impact performance. To charge your toy, plug in base and set Form 4 in its cradle. When the light illuminates and remains lit, your toy is making proper contact with the base and charging. Jimmyjane has brilliantly included an easy way to know when your toy is fully charged, as well. When you lift your Form 4 out of the base, lights will illuminate to indicate the battery level:

3 Blinks - High Charge
2 Blinks - Medium Charge
1 Blink - Low Charge
4 Slow Flashes - Zero Charge

To prevent the collection of lint and dust in storage, keep your Form 4 in a lint free pouch of plastic baggie. Never use silicone based lubricants with a silicone toy like the Form 4; water or oil based lubricants are compatible, however, and are appropriate for regular use.

Finally, to lock and unlock your vibrator for stress-free traveling, simply follow these easy directions. Simultaneously hold down the (+) and (~) buttons for about 2 seconds to lock or unlock your vibrator. Placing the vibrator into its charging cradle will also unlock it.

Personal comments

I'm actually really loving the Form 4. Its shape initially seemed a bit lackluster to me; the Form 2 had those neat tweezing rabbit ears and the Form 3 had that odd mouse pad looking aspect to it. Their aesthetics initially excited me more. When I learned I was going to try the Form 4, I was very excited to try it because it was brand new, but not positive I would love it. The Form 4 struck me as highly traditional and rather out of character for the innovative Jimmyjane.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Form 4 actually succeeds in ways the Form 2 doesn't (haven't tried the Form 3) because it is simpler in design. It has the same great functions that the Form 2 does, and is equally capable of producing clit-thrilling orgasms, but without some of the issues that resulted from 2's design. With one powerful motor, the Form 4 is not given to have vibrations fall "off center" or become imbalanced on one side. The vibrations also never shift from the head of the toy into the base - an issue that some experienced with the Form 2 (though I did not personally).

The Form 4 also gives me the opportunity to stimulate my G-spot very nicely with some careful angling. Jimmyjane's Form 6 is significantly more stiff, rigid and of course bigger and bulkier; the Form 4 is small, somewhat more flexible and above all else much less clumsy. While those with deeper G-spots may prefer the 6, if yours is 2.5" deep or more shallowly located you should be able to comfortably hit it with the Form 4. Overall I was a little disappointed that my Form 4 was a bit less powerful than my Form 2, due to its single motor and its broader surface which makes vibrations more diffuse. Besides that, I was really pleased with this vibrator and with a three year warranty? I think it's worth the price if you're looking for a high end luxury toy.
Follow-up commentary
I still love my Form 4 and actually think it might get more use now than it even did initially. It's not exactly shaped like a premium G-spotter, but between its rock hard interior and its damn powerful motor, I have no trouble massaging my G-spot to happyhappy places.

My only complaint remains that it has that pain in the ass seam (pain in the vagina, really). I can't thrust with this one because of the seam, but angling it upward and gently rocking or wiggling is incredible. I also maintain that my rechargeable Jimmyjanes have the coolest charging bases EVER. They're like little pedestals for them to be admired on while they juice up. Very nifty. Form 4 is easily worth the hefty price tag if its shape and functions suit your body.
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