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Form 4 Form 4

Traditional vibrator by Jimmyjane

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Form 4 reviews

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12 reviews

The Form 4 is in no way a bad or poor toy; it just could have benefitted from a bit more specialization. It sits in the middle, multi-purpose road of clitoral/internal toys. It works decently well for both, but it could have been an even greater clitoral vibe. Still, I feel owning a JimmyJane Form is an experience.

I am very impressed with the Form 4 and I am sorry that I hadn't tried it earlier in my sex toy reviewing. It is powerful with all the bells and whistles. I can put a great amount of pressure on it and it doesn't affect the vibrations at all. It can get a little loud on it's highest settings.

The Form 4 is a great toy but has a high price tag. If you like deeper rumbly vibrations then you might enjoy it. The vibrations are not super strong but they are strong enough for me. It's definitely a quality toy and even comes with a 3 year warranty.

The Form 4 would make a terrific first toy if you could stomach the price. It is great for discovering just what you like in terms of both external and internal stimulation, though one or the other may not work perfectly depending on your preferences on strength and rumbly vs. buzzy vibrations. The design is also very non-threatening in terms of insertable vibrators, so it may be a good introduction if your partner isn't fond of phallic objects in the bedroom besides his own member.

In today's sex toy world, we expect more bang for our buck. And I am sorry to say, but the Form 4 just does not deliver. Especially since there are a few toys under $100 being stronger in intensity and all that the Form 4 has going for it in my opinion is the shape and a long battery life.

The Form 4 is powerful, simple to operate, rechargeable, and waterproof! For these reasons it is my go-to vibe in most situations. I recommend it for beginners as well as anyone who wants something compact but more powerful than, say, the Little Chroma.

The Form 4 is one of the best Jimmyjane toys that I've tried. The simplistic design works really well for external stimulation, and once you get used to them, the buttons on the base of the toy control the vibrator really nicely. Plus, it looks beautiful, and the fact that it can switch its base with other Form toys is great. I feel it's a bit overpriced for what it can do, but if you don't require earth-shattering vibrations, it's a good vibrator.

Form 4 was my first ever luxury vibrator. I like it, but it will never be my #1 favorite toy. F4's vibrations are powerful, but they're too diffuse to get me off! My favorite way to play is inserting F4 charger-end first as a G-spot vibrator. It fits perfectly, and feels awesome combined with a clitoral vibrator. My main complaint with this toy is that it can be tricky to align the base properly on the charger - it has to be "just-so."

It is sleek, unique, rumbly and rechargeable. She is more than ready to please all the hungry power queens/kings who have trouble finding toys to quench their thirst. The whole outside appearance screams simplicity, but that all changes the second you turn it on and experience the powerful range of patterns this neat package has to deliver.

I love my Form 2, so I was really looking forward to seeing the other vibrators in Jimmyjane's Pleasure to the People line. When Form 3 was released, the design and reviews didn't wow me, so I skipped it. When I finally saw Form 4 I knew I had to have it. I was expecting strong vibrations, all the awesome features that Form 2 offers but without it's annoying "flaw", and the ability to use it for g-spot stimulation. I wasn't disappointed.

Form 4 is the last vibrator in Jimmyjane's Pleasure to the People line of toys. It offers deep vibrations and a design that works well both for clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It may not be the strongest rechargeable vibrator available, but the quality of its vibrations is remarkable.

Jimmyjane's much anticipated Form 4 knocks all expectations out of the park and rebuilds them from the ground up. This curvaceous, hour glass shaped beauty packs all the sex appeal of the female form into its own shape, while intuitively navigating yours - with a cordless, flexible body and a powerful motor. Ideal for internal and external use, you can explore your orgasmic potential both inside and out with the Form 4.

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