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Form 4

Traditional vibrator by Jimmyjane

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Per-Forms Beautifully 4 Me

It is sleek, unique, rumbly and rechargeable. She is more than ready to please all the hungry power queens/kings who have trouble finding toys to quench their thirst. The whole outside appearance screams simplicity, but that all changes the second you turn it on and experience the powerful range of patterns this neat package has to deliver.
~ Smooth silicone
~ Very powerful
~ Controls blend in
~ Rechargeable
~ Vibe is easily bumped on charger
Rating by reviewer:
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This is the only Jimmyjane toy that sparked my interest, but because of the cost I held off getting it until I'd pretty well bought all the other high end toys I wanted. I've never been a big fan of the company which is why Lelo toys always came first. But honestly, I was tired of just drooling over this one and had to take the plunge. I'm 150% glad I did. Now I'm considering getting a second one of their vibrators.

Form 4


Form 4 has no flared base, so isn't recommended for any anal inserting. Besides the lack of base, this vibrator doesn't have much length. Still, this one can be used by anyone, including guys who wish to tease other erogenous zones. Its average girth size makes it pleasant for even beginners to insert vaginally. It can be used to tantalise such areas like the clitoris, vagina, anus, nipples, scrotum, penis or perineum.
Although it is fairly quiet, I wouldn't suggest this one for those sharing a room with others unless you have private times to yourself. Feel free to take this one into the shower and bath for some water fun.
If you're using this with someone you're not fluid bonded with, a condom is advised.

Material / Texture


The Form 4 is a splendid vibrator created by Jimmyjane. It's designed and engineered in California, but actually assembled in China. Being of platinum silicone, it earns itself an Eden safety rating of 10, which means it's non-porous, hypoallergenic, food grade as well as phthalates and latex free. There was no noticeable odour when I retrieved it from the box. Unless you test a small patch, only use water based lubricants with this vibrator. Using a silicone lube may result in a sticky toy as it breaks down the material.


Apart from a rather prominent seam that runs all the way around the length of the vibrator, this toy is silky matte silicone with a slight dull sheen. It creates a small amount of drag on the skin. On the base is a circle and ring of smooth steel which features Jimmyjane's name and motto: “PLEASURE TO THE PEOPLE”. At the bottom on the shaft is two raised buttons that blend into the vibe; a small round one for patterns and an oblong button that features the on/off symbols. The vibrator has a firm structure underneath the top layer. Half way down the shaft is somewhat squishy where there is a gap in the firm core so the tip can flex slightly.



Design / Shape / Size


This vibrator kind of reminds me of Matryoshka's: Russian Nesting dolls. It features a round bulging tip which tapers in 1 ¼” down the shaft and gradually works its way out again until the bottom of the toy. The base is rounded, so there's no way this vibe can stand up without the help of the charging base. The tip measures 4” in diameter with the narrowest girth being 3 ¾”. The Form 4 has a maximum girth of 5 ½” at the base and an entire length of 5”.
The powerful motor is located in the tip, but travels the whole length of the vibrator with ease.

The universal charging base is a solid white square with an oval cup indent in the centre to hold Form 4 upright. In the centre of this cup is two tiny metal prongs that press down when the vibrator is set in place. On the front is the company's name and the charging plug port on the back. It features two rubber strips on the underside so the base doesn't move while charging. The base measures 2” by 2 ¼” and ¾” in height.



Eden sells the Form 4 in two great colours; slate and pink. I chose the slate which is a washed out black, on the verge on a navy blue. In person, it is darker than what Eden's picture depicts on the product page.

Functions / Performance / Controls


Everything on this vibrator is made easy; right down to the three small controls. Located at the base is two slightly raised buttons which are in the same silicone and colour that features on the rest of the toy. This makes them inconspicuous and harder to accidentally press while in use. The little round button (closest to the base) with the ~ symbol operates the patterns. Above this is an oblong button with a + on one end and the - on the other. By pressing the + once the vibrator starts off on the lowest steady vibration. There are 5 steady vibrations levels all up. Using the - at any time will naturally decrease the levels and then turn it off. Either button could also be held down continuously to achieve the desired level at a faster pace. When any of the buttons are pressed, the LED directly above the ~ emits a white glow. At any steady vibration level, the patterns can be activated.

1. Slow drawn out pulse
2. Medium drawn out pulse
3. Short rapid pulses

If you turn the vibrator off when you're on any of the patterns, the Form 4 will remember this and automatically start the vibrations off at this pattern the next time you turn it on.

Another awesome feature is the travel lock so you can safely take this one with you without the worry of it accidentally turning on. Simply press the + and the ~ at the same time for a couple of seconds. The vibrator will pulse three times as well as the LED flashing. Pressing any button will just cause the LED to light up for a second. Repeat the process to unlock or sit it in the charging base.

Below also shows up how much lint this one loves to collect:


raised controls


The Form 4 is rechargeable via AV power and takes at least 8 hours in the initial charge to maximize the life of the battery. This will give the user approximately 7 hours of blissful fun, depending on the power level or pattern used. Full charges after this first one will take 2 hours but the vibrator can't be over charged, so can be permanently left on the charger. It makes sure your toy is always ready for action. This intelligent vibrator will acknowledge just how much charge is in the battery when lifting it from the charging base.

1 blink = low charge
2 blinks = medium charge
3 blinks = high charge
4 blinks = no charge

The vibrator must be standing straight up for the charging to begin. The LED above the patterns button will glow to let you know the charging is in progress.

Charge dock



in charger

Care and Maintenance


Being waterproof, this vibrator is extremely easy to clean using anti-bacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. A wipe can be used as a temporary cleaning measure or to remove lint before usage. It is a lint magnet, so air drying it somewhere protected will help. Unfortunately, there's no storage pouch included with this one.
The Form 4 can't be sterilised by boiling or placing in the dishwasher due to the motor, but a 10% bleach solution could be used. Be sure to rinse any residue off when done.



The vibrator arrived in a cardboard box with a large image of the toy on the front and back. On the sides is information about the Form vibrators. The box is by no means discreet. On the top and bottom openings is a seal sticker so you can tell if your item has been opened previously. Inside is a small box that holds the charger and a moulded plastic insert. By lifting the lid of the insert, the Form 4 is exposed. Under the toy is where the charger sits snugly.
Also included in the packaging is a tall instruction book written in a number of languages. Because of the plastic insert, the box is sturdy and would hold up as storage for awhile. It's just bulky and takes up a lot more space than necessary.
The Form 4 has a 3 year limited warranty.


inside box



I'm highly impressed with my first Jimmyjane vibrator. It certainly packs far more power than I need, but it is nice knowing it's there if you ever require it. Although it feels nice when inserted, I prefer insertable toys to have some more length for thrusting. This vibrator really isn't made for thrusting, as there isn't much to work with once you have a grip on the end. For me, it makes a fantastic clitoris and u-spot vibe.
I haven't had any issues with the noticeable seam around the length when in use, but it is very noticeable with the fingers and eyes. I have a number of fantastic clitoris vibes now, that it's hard to choose which one to use each time. Needless to say, Form 4 is very high on that list at the moment.

I'm giving the Form 4 a 5 star rating.
Follow-up commentary
I LOVE my Form 4. I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to finally get on the Form wagon! I enjoy the shape and power it provides. Not sure if mine has a slight issue or if I just abuse it more than I realise, but the charge doesn't seem to last me too long.
Now to save up and purchase the other Form I've been craving for awhile.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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