Luxury clitoral vibrator discontinued
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So the motor is made from gold? Right?

For 120USD and a "Power Bullet" motor, one would think you'd be getting a nice and rumbley motor for this price, I am just so happy that it was not my savings that I spent on this toy. If it was my actual money I'd be ticked off. Everything else about the Spirit is amazing, just the motor sucks. And yeah, I think the motor is made out of fools gold... because Spirit is so not worth the asking price!
GREEN!!!!! Rechargeable, waterproof, easy to care for
Motor is not the leprechauns pot of gold
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Leaf's Spirit is a clit toy.

He's not intimidating; and that makes him user friendly and because he is a bright and vibrant green, that makes him look fun too!!! Because the Spirit has various vibration speeds, he is perfect for everyone. As if you like weaker vibrations, you got them! If you want stronger vibrations, you got them!

He's pretty quiet, so anyone who lives with family, friends, dorm, roommate or whomever, if you like to play, but don't want to sound like you have a jackhammer in your room... Spirit's your guy!!! He's whisper quiet.

Material / Texture

I still haven't quite figured out why to be a good reviewer we have to taste and smell toys, but because I want to be considered a "quality" reviewer I tasted it. It was tasteless. I am actually pretty happy that Spirit is tasteless.

Well, I do wonder what silicone tastes like.

Maybe on a cheaper toy.

I didn't bother to snort Spirit because knowing my luck today he'd get stuck unintentionally up my nose. But I did try that high school science wafting thingie... notta. No smell.

Leaf's Spirit is made out of high quality 100% silicone. He feels a little like Jopen toys, that same drag going on, but he feels nothing like Fun Factory Toys with oodles of drag and no where near as buttery smooth as Je Joue's stuff. I love and adore a little bit of drag in my toys so this feels lovely! Just like Jopen toys, Spirit has hard innards covered in silicone. Making it very easy to apply a firm pressure when and where you need it most.

In many Leaf vibe reviews, members have mentioned that when you apply pressure, the vibrations become weak. I did not notice this at all.

There is a noticeable seam running along the centre of the toy and all the way around. You can feel it with your fingers, but not when you are using it. On the top portion of the toy is all the- I don't know how to properly describe it, so here is a picture.Leaf Spirit- top part

Design / Shape / Size

I had to pick a Leaf line toy so I started looking at them. Everyone spoke about how wonderful Life was, but I already knew that such pin-point stimulation was just not for me. Comparing the 1:1 pictures, I decided that Spirit was the way to go as it seemed the tip was not as focused. And Spirit in my favourite shape (a triangle by the way), and the whole Leaf line is green!!!! GREEN!!!!

Seriously. How many sex toys have you seen that are green?

I had to have it!!!

The design is perfect.

For tiny hands.

My hand from thumb tip to baby finger tip (across) is nine and a half inches and Spirit basically, gets lost in my hand. Like I have too much hand for Spirit.

With Spirit being three inches exactly from tip to bum end and two inches at his widest point, so when I first saw him, I thought, "YAY!!! A more modern version of Better than Chocolate!!!" (because that Better Than Chocolate just forms to your body making masturbation hands free!)

Alas. My dreams were shot dead in the water.

I find Spirit is hard to hold on to. The only way I can really hold onto him, involves me curling my fingers around him, then my thumb dislocates, which causes pain that makes it kind of hard to focus on task.

As for the Spirit being better for beginners or more experienced users? Both. Everyone!!! As I said, if you have smallerish hands, (no joint issues or don't mind pin-point stimulation) he'd work great for any level of user because he has a high and a low setting and everything in the middle setting!

If you left him out on a coffee table, I don't think anyone would think he is a clit vibe, he looks kind of like a paper weight. But with sex toys becoming more and more popular... be safe. Put him in a drawer!

When it comes to travelling, just quick tap of the on/off buttons three times quickly and you've just locked your Spirit. To unlock? Click his on/off button again three times (and say there is no place like home) and viola!!! You are back in business.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Leaf Spirit- control/charge port
And there you get to see what the charge port looks like and do you see that bump above the hole? That is the control button.

So first things first. When you get your Spirit, plug him in. They say you need to charge him for about an hour or more when you first get him, but I found his initial charge took about thirty minutes. And I've gotten about an hour long charge from him (60ish minutesish).

His on/off button. I really like Jopen and Leaf's control buttons. To me they make the most amount of sense, and I love how there are no patterns! I am one of those women who just hate patterns. The control panel you press and hold till you get the intensity you want. If you decide later to go higher, press and hold. Now if you press the button thinking it is like the MiMi or the Tango and you press to increase the vibrations... you'll turn Spirit off. If you press and hold for seven-one-thousands you'll see the control button flicker then a steady light. That steady light tells you that you are at the highest setting.

Because Spirit is small for me, I also find the location of his controls to be a little inconvenient as I have to contort my thumb or my index finger to turn him up or off while in use. Now? If I go to use him, I just crank him up to the highest setting and don't turn him off till I am done with him. For those with smaller hands, I do believe that the control panel would be in a pretty good location.

They vibrations are mostly felt in the tip, but they can be felt a little all throughout the toy. According to to the manual, the motor is located at the cusp below the charge port.

Leaf Spirit- clit vibrator comparisons

If we take a moment to talk about the vibrations.

On the Spirit's body, it actually has the "Power Bullet" logo. On all my Jopen's, they have the Power Bullet logo too. So me being me, I was hoping for a really powerful and deep vibrations. Spirit cannot even begin to hold a candle to the vr6, but it does have those buzzier vibrations comparable to the small end of the vr2, but the clit arm on the vr6 is still stronger than Spirit. When it comes to clit toys (on the highest setting!!!) strength of vibrations from deepest/most powerful to weakest;

Better Than Chocolate

(I will be getting Siri in the mail next week, and am waiting for the Matryoshka to be back in stock so I can order it. When I write my follow up review for the Spirit, I will be able to make more comparisons with more toys)

I find that I just get annoyed using Spirit. I've tried everything I can think of to get off with Spirit, but I think it has to do with the extreme pin point/focused tip of the Spirit that is preventing me from really enjoying this guy. I find that much focused vibrations cause my clit to whimp out and feel almost pain rather than pleasure. I much prefer broader stimulation and that is probably why I enjoy the vr6 internal vibrator so much. It's a big head and a really good motor.

If I were asked what I would change about Spirit to make him a better toy? I'd say make his head bigger- similar to the Better than Chocolate tip which is similar to the size of a finger tip. Using Spirit in my opinion is like masturbating with just your baby finger.

Care and Maintenance

When I go to use Spirit, I will only use water based lube (at the moment Fun Factory Toy Fluid), because Leaf had warning labels on the bag that contained Spirit and again in the instruction manual. And I will only suggest water based for any silicone toys anyways.

As in my opinion, if a toy says that they are luxury or quality sex toys, they should be waterproof. And of course the Spirit is! Which is of course a nice feature! Especially since when I am finished using my toys I just toss them in the sink, add some antibacterial soap and start washing. Then I allow them to air dry before putting them away.

Because Leaf products come with a little canvas-like storage pouch, I just toss Leaf in there and into my Toy Box. Easy as pie! I keep all my toys in their own pouches because I do not want silicone touching another silicone toy. I work hard buying all my toys I must take care of them!


And because, a picture is worth a thousand words... and I really like sharing pictures... here you go!!!

Leaf Spirit- packaging

You get a nice cardboard box which is a little more flashy than say Lelo or Je Joue but still nice enough! An instruction manual, charging cord that is universal (sorry Aussie Landers! You'll need that plug adaptor again!), and a canvas storage pouch.

Personally, I am knocking off a star. For such a small toy in such a large box... there is no reason for that much packaging!!!

Personal comments

Leaf Spirit- international object comparison

Of course the toy disappearing photo... a Venus razor with an original head, Burt's Bee's original lip balm, Leaf's Spirit, a tube of Maybelline's Falsies.

Personally, I am giving Spirit a two out of five:

Minus one star: the packaging. Not environmentally friendly. Just too much; everything was covered in plastic and yes it is nice to know that my toy was not handled by outside sources, but why does the instruction manual need it's own cardboard with velcro case? It's a little over the top in my opinion.

Minus two stars: Cost... 120USD plus 25USD for shipping. Yeah. This is NOT worth it. Because the motor is not made out of gold... maybe fool's gold. But not gold. For me, if a toy is being sold for over 100USD then that allows me to be critical of its cost. A toy over 100USD should work perfectly and yes Spirit does work nicely, but at an (please do not take this personally) Evolved level. I have many Evolved toys, and I like them fine! They are great for what you pay for, but let me ask you, would you pay 120USD for an Evolved toy?
Follow-up commentary
I tried.

Good lord lizards how I tried. The product picture is so not what Spirit looks like. Well it does on an angle just not soft curves like it shoes, more of a pointed head.

Bottom line? He is too buzzy, too pointy and he hurts my clit. And he hurts my hand having to hold him in such an odd position.

He has been put back into his box and he has gone into the big storage box never to be seen again. Honestly, I don't know if I am more frustrated from the number of points I spent on him, or the fact he is such a let down in a luxury vibe. But I went from a toy that I tried to find a way to like him... but I just couldn't even learn to like him.

I wrote a very detailed comparison post about luxury clit vibes. I compared these luxury brand vibrators:
Betterthanchocolate Nomi Tang
MiMi(Je Joue)
Matryoshka (Rianne S)
Siri (Lelo)
Spirit (Leaf)
UFO (Fun Factory)
Form 4(JimmyJane)
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