Siri... I do not think we can be friends

I have to admit I am a little disappointed in the whole Lelo toy line. Everyone speaks so highly of the line, but in my opinion it just is lacking. And for $99? And not waterproof? Pfft! So if you are looking for something and need lots of oomph... look elsewhere. If you are looking for a toy that does not have a lot of oomph? Pick Siri!
Neat feeling silicone.... ummm? I am at a loss! Oh! You get free lube!
Not waterproof so not worth the price
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Because I know many people do not read off site reviews... let me recap Siri for you all:

- NOT waterproof
- plug in cord recharging (110-240v)
- length of Siri: length 3.75 inches and 1.75inches in width
- red: silicone covered hard plastic, white: plastic
- comes with: satin storage pouch, packet Lelo Personal Moisturizer (water based, paraben and glycerin free lube)
Lelo Siri- packaging sans plug
Siri might not look it, but it is pretty ergonomically correct and comfortable! The feeling of the silicone (the red part) is almost slick like wet plastic, and feels strange to be honest as I’ve never felt a toy feel like this before. It’s not a bad feeling though, more of a new sensation feeling.
Lelo Siri- Alien Head
Press Siri up against you all you like and this sucker won’t change its shape or form. It’s silicone covered hard plastic with absolutely no give to him whatsoever. (Even thought it looks like "Alien")

This is the second time a Lelo toy has let me down. Many people have spoken of how the old Lelo (the ones that are not waterproof) were the best of all the Lelo’s. I beg to disagree. The motor is weak, the vibrations are scattered through the whole toy and not in any specific location, but were an ok deep thump just not strong. But, no matter how hard I tried, I just never was able to get even a little excited while using the Siri. Overall, I would give him a rank of a high three out of five for his vroom vroom vroom.

When it comes to his bee's... I’d say about a one or a two. It’s very hard to hear from the other side of the room!!
Lelo Siri- control panel
Siri has four buttons (which collect lint), +, -, ^ and a down triangle that Icannot find on my keyboard. The + button creases the intensity, the – button decreases the intensity or just press and hold for four seconds. The Up and down arrows change the patterns. To recharge him, just plug him in through the hole in his bum.
Lelo Siri- bum end or the plug end
Since Siri is the only toy that is not waterproof, be VERY careful while washing him. You could use a toy spray or a toy wipe or just hot soapy water.

Oh! And in my personal opinion? Only water based lube should be used but take care to only get lube and your juices on the red portion of the toy.

It lasted on high for about 200 minutes on high before the control panel started to blink red indicating that the battery was getting low. It lasted for an additional twenty minutes with the lights blinking red before the toy died. The silicone portion of the toy got warm to the touch after about thirty minutes of play.

Clit Toy Comparison Picture
Lelo Siri- International Comparison
And from left to right: Venus razor with an original head, tube of Burt's Bee's Wax, Lelo Siri, and a tube of Maybelline's Falsies Mascara.

Again, this is just a recap of the whole review, please take a look at the proper review at The World According to Woman.
Follow-up commentary
The shape I have to say I have grown to be fond of. However; I still feel that Siri is lacking in the oomph department. I find it very difficult to finish with Siri as there is no push me over the top vibrations. Unfortunately; Siri, has found himself re-packaged and banished to the Box of toys that just don't do the job.
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  • Contributor: JodiPrince
    like the comparison of the items you did for us and the details you gave good review
  • Contributor: sunflower
    The every day object size comparisons were nice. Thanks!
  • Contributor: ashboo32
  • Contributor: chicmichiw
    Thanks for a great review -- I don't think Siri is a great choice for me either.
  • Contributor: sexytileena / absolutely love sex
    excellent review
  • Contributor: Sneekyfox
  • Contributor: GirlOnGirl
    Fantastic review, thanks!
  • Contributor: unicorn64
    Great review. I don't think Siri is for me either. Not even waterproof. I though Lelo was supposed to be good but not for the price.
  • Contributor: Codilake
    I love this little toy :3
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