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59 reviews

Absolutely amazing. Worth every penny I spent; and will buy again when the time comes to replace the one I have.

Siri has been my FAVORITE clit vibe since the day I bought her! She packs a lot of power even in her small size (and she's quite too!). I wish I could give Siri more than 5 stars; I would be lost without this toy! Don't let the price scare you, she's worth every penny!

Even though Siri is not waterproof, I will still give it 5 stars. Keep it away from water and you'll have great vibrations, controls, and quality. If you like to use your toys in the bath then wait for Siri 2. If you don't use your toys in water then this can be a great vibrator.

I love this toy and would buy another if I ever lost mine. I think it's worth the money for the variety of patterns and overall power in such a small toy. I really wish it was waterproof, but I love it in spite of this one shortcoming.

I do not believe that Siri is worth her full price. I paid about $50 for mine, which wasn't too bad. If you must have this toy, wait and purchase it on sale. Based on other reviews, I expected a powerful clitoral vibrator, but I have had much more powerful and cheaper toys. For the price you pay, I believe you should get more power. Get this if you don't need a lot of power and want a nice rechargeable toy.

If this toy were waterproof or made entirely of silicone, it would be absolutely perfect. As it is, the Siri is tough to beat with its powerful vibrations and small size. Best of all, it is rechargeable and quiet.

In the end, Siri was good, not great, but good. I would be SO much happier if it was just splashproof and didn’t have those annoying gaps that just call out to all the grime in the world. Then just take that motor and give it a tiny smidge more power and I’d be happy. Lelo has released a few second versions of their more popular toys such as the Mona 2 which are splashproof and more powerful so I’d love to see that for Siri, it’s a good toy but it just needs a few tweaks.

I really want to like Siri, shes well built, beautiful and has awesome vibrations patterns, but she's just not powerful enough. Her weakness when it comes to water makes me a bit uncomfortable considering her price.

Siri by Lelo is a great toy to use during intercourse and is the perfect travel companion. It's small, quiet, and has a locking function. I'm a power queen so I need a 5 out of 5 vroom level. Siri can satisfy me on the highest vibration setting but it takes a lot longer than my stronger toys. I won't be using Siri very often for solo play but I'll definitely be using it for external stimulation during intercourse.

The silky silicone, ergonomic shape, strong vibrations, and easy to use buttons all seduced me into giving this four stars. If a new, waterproof version comes out I will be first in line to buy it because I love this toy aside from the fact that it isn't waterproof.

Siri is an amazing rechargeable clitoral vibe. Perfectly shaped for her function and near silent to boot, Siri has quickly become my go-to vibrator.

I think that Siri is a great clitoral stimulator, but I think that if you're looking to be cumming over and over again in one fell swoop or totally smashed out of your brain, overwhelmed by the vibrations, then this isn't the toy for you. However, if you like a balanced, well-rounded masturbation experience or if you're just plain moody, then I think this is perfect for you. Overall, it's a really great toy and I love my Siri. I'm very a pleased customer.

Personally, I say Siri's worth it because of her multiple functions and smooth texture. Add a touch of lube and you'll definitely be feeling the love.

The Siri is an incredible personal vibrator! It is a huge step up from traditional vibes, egg vibes, and bullet vibes, and it is a step that I don't think I will be making back down any time soon. It is very affordable for its quality and it is definitely an investment worth making.

It feels smooth and comfortable when using it, and the texture is quite soft and feels good. It doesn't make that much sound, and it is good solid product that does the job if you don't mind the price. The modes are certainly the highlight of the product and can really mix things up and certainly give you a variety. It's quite easy to manage and a good buy once you consider the pros and cons.

This item is worth it if you are purchasing a vibrator for the first time. If you have many, there is probably already one like it in your arsenal. It has a variety of vibration modes, with vibration settings from low to moderate. If you require stronger vibrations and/or more pinpoint vibrations, look elsewhere.

I love this toy!! Although its not waterproof, the discreteness and strength of vibrations makes up for this loss - and I use it on a regular basis. The vibrations are deeper than bullets that I've experienced, and the combination of vibes and patterns makes this toy fun to experiment with and she is never boring! This toy is for you if you want a quality, multifunctional body/clit vibrator and don't mind that its not waterproof.

Siri offers a variety of uses for a wide range of users. There is such an assortment of patterns and intensities that almost anyone can find something to love. These options make is a great toy for beginners who are trying to learn what is right for them. I really want to give Siri 5 stars because it is so close to perfection, but for the price, almost perfect isn't quite enough.

The cute as a button Siri packs quite a punch, but with cuteness comes a little frustration and difficulty in use.

Siri is Lelo's little powerhouse, along with being rechargeable she has multiple vibration settings, and the ability to change speeds. You can get broad clitoral stimulation from this little lady, or you can use her tip for more pin point stimulation, and she likes to caress all over the body, not just your clit. With a little something for all users, Siri is just begging to be your new best friend.

This toy is worth the price because she is safe, strong, versatile and quiet. When you think you are at the end of her power, you click the button and get even more. The only thing that could make this toy better would be making it waterproof!

Siri is my go to gal. She never lets me down, providing quick orgasms and an awesome pick me up. Perfect during a stressful day or a before sleep sweet dream guarantee. Every mama should own Siri. Ask for one for Mothers day, your birthday, Christmas....or better yet, treat yourself. You deserve it.

I have to admit I am a little disappointed in the whole Lelo toy line. Everyone speaks so highly of the line, but in my opinion it just is lacking. And for $99? And not waterproof? Pfft! So if you are looking for something and need lots of oomph... look elsewhere. If you are looking for a toy that does not have a lot of oomph? Pick Siri!

Siri by Lelo is a sleek and simple to use clitoral vibrator. She can be used by anyone, solo or with you partner. Siri makes foreplay far more enjoyable for me and I like giving my partner the power to use her how ever he likes. Siri gets 5 stars for me because she's swept me off of my feet. She is perfect in every way! Siri gives you the power to control how strong and how fast you'd like her to pulse against your clitoris.

The price might put some people off of this item, but let me tell you: if you require some privacy and want a hand-held vibe that will take you there and back again, Siri is for you.

Well worth the money, this toy is the best toy for partnered sex I've ever come across. A godsend to the 75% of the female population that need direct intense clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during penetrative sex and a great option for anyone new to vibrators, I cannot recommend this toy enough.

I Siri-ously L-O-V-E my Siri! It has everything a girl could want in a clitoral vibrator. Siri has 6 different patterns of vibrations and YOU control how intense you want them to be. For being such a powerful toy Siri is surprisingly quiet! The smooth silicone pleasure tip feels great on the sensitive erogenous areas and it also makes a great overall body massage. This toy is great to use alone or during intercourse for clitoral stimulation. Men can also enjoy Siri when used on them during oral.

Siri is a gorgeous rechargeable clitoral vibrator from Lelo, but her vibrations were just way too diffuse to get me over the edge. The shape isn't ideal for pinpoint stimulation, and the matte silicone felt uncomfortable draggy on my bits. On the other hand, I did find that the vibration patterns were more intense than other toys I owned, and those were fun to play with.

A rechargeable, silent vibrator, Siri provides a range of vibration patterns and strengths which will satisfy most users. While she represents an investment, Siri gives back all that she takes, allowing for a smooth ride of tender nudges for the beginning toyer as well as the more intense kick that other users need.

A high quality, rechargeable clit vibrator for any user. If you're looking for a strong vibe and are sick of cheap vibrators dying and having to buy batteries, this is the toy for you! The Siri is discreet, elegant, and knows all the tricks to get the job done. I can't imagine anyone having a bad time with Siri around!

When I hear the name “Lelo”, I automatically think ‘upper class' and ‘quality'. That's exactly what you can expect when you purchase Siri. But their high standards don't stop at the toy, they continue onto the packaging to create some of the best boxes I have experienced. If you don't require speed boat power to orgasm, then you can't go too wrong with this vibe.

Despite the price, or perhaps because of it, Siri is an excellent clitoral vibrator for all experience levels. Simple enough to entice a beginner, she also has the power to tantalize a more experienced user. Lelo is known for their extraordinary product life as well as their gorgeous design-- this is one you'll have a hard time wearing out.

Siri's only potentially serious drawback is that she's not waterproof, seriously. What you get with Siri is a strong, quiet vibrator that can double as a pinpoint massager. She just can't go into the bathtub or shower with you.

All in all I would recommend the Siri to everyone: couples, solo, and group play. It is a great toy for any occasion and a great gift item for anyone. It is a great toy for beginners just wanting to learn and for those that are more experienced.

Siri has become one of my favourite and most used toys, along with various other luxury toys. The only thing that could improve this wonderful toy is a waterproof function. Other than that, Siri is practically perfect in every way.

I had my eye on the Siri for a long time before I finally bit the bullet and bought it. Best investment I ever made! The motor is powerful enough for even the most jaded clitoris to get off. The vibrations give me orgasms that feel like they're coming straight from my toes. If you're on the fence about this one, just go for it—I'm glad I did.

The Lelo Siri will get you off, for sure. But will it satisfy your power needs? I guess that depends on individual preferences. For me, sometimes I'm left wanting more intensity. The patterns are great for teasing, the smooth silicone is flawless, and the controls are a cinch! For $100 you will get a high quality, adorable and quite powerful little vibrator. More oomph power-wise, and I would never put it down!

The LELO siri is a strong competitor to the MiMi. I love being able to control the intensity. The odd shape of the tongue of the siri makes it ideal for pinpoint stimulation. The siri is just one beautiful toy. The siri is the up most excellent addition to any girls collection. You can use it for sensory play, or partner it up with your favorite dildo.

The Lelo Siri is a highly effective clitoral stimulator with a sleek, ergonomic design and easy to operate buttons. A true luxury vibrator, Siri is discreetly quiet with powerful, rumbly vibrations. It's also small enough to use during intercourse without getting in the way, and features controls can be locked for travel/storage. I just wish it was waterproof.

If you're new to the vibrator game, then I would suggest that you start with something more affordable. Get to know yourself, learn what you want and don't want in a vibrator from inexpensive models before you jump head first into the pricey luxury toys. Once you know what you want, and if that's a toy with moderate power, discreetness, silicone material, rechargeable and isn't water proof, then this toy will be great for you.

This is the best gift, personal purchase or replacement toy for any woman. I highly recommend the Siri to anyone who wants a top of the line, safe, exceptional vibrator.

Siri is nothing short of phenomenal. It is quiet as a church mouse, powerful/diverse enough to feel like oral, and gives me orgasm after orgasm. I don't have to worry about running out of batteries because I can just plug it in. When the buttons stop blinking, I know we're good to go. Siri made me more sensitive during solo play and added a sexy new dynamic with partners.

If you are looking to spend some cash on a clitoral vibrator that will last a long time and take care of just about all your clitoral needs then look no farther! True to their high standards Lelo has created a clitoral stimulator that is sure to enchant any person who is lucky enough to get to try one out. Body safe, ergonomic, and amazingly stimulating the Siri is most definitely the luxury item that should be in every toybox!

Siri is the ultimate clitoral vibrator. It is ergonomically shaped to provide intense stimulation in which ever way you desire it. The thuddy vibrations provide deep stimulation and the patterns provide a lot of variety. Sadly, the Siri is not waterproof but it's saved by the fact that it is a rechargeable toy making it an eco-friendly sex toy.

Simply put, Siri is a wonderful addition to any toy lover's collection. Siri is made of body-safe silicone and a rechargeable battery to save on costs. Plenty of different modes for whatever you're in the mood for plus a 1 year warranty! Hurry and get it everyone!

The Siri is a very sweet investment for a lady who wants the best in sexual pleasure. The toy is stylish and packs a powerful punch for a small toy. Too bad you cant take her in the shower with you, because you will want to take her everywhere.

Siri-ously, the Siri is worth the price. Save up for her, talk your partner into purchasing her for you, heck, ask Santa for this power-packed toy by this reputable company. I was thrilled to order it, was on pins and needles for the delivery, and absolutely psyched to show my partner, when he said "So what is it?", what exactly the Siri can do.

I was hoping Siri would be the perfect clitoral vibrator, quiet yet powerful. I think it would work well for a lot of people, but it didn't live up to my expectations.

She's highly overrated and a little disappointing for me. I expected this to be the 'end all' in terms of the perfect vibrator because so many people gloat about her. Unfortunately, she left me wanting for more, quite a bit more. Consider Siri worth a solid 3.5 stars, but I'll round down because any toy as expensive as this one that can't get me off (by itself) is upsetting.

This external vibrator is well worth the price just to be able to travel with it, use it even when privacy could be a concern, and that it doesn't require batteries to use. I love the feel of the silicone and the charging time is super quick! Don't road trip without this pleasure giver!

I find myself recommending Siri to everyone. The power goes from a very soft vibration that can barely be felt, to strong powerful vibrations that will get almost anyone off. All of that wrapped in a small, cordless, sleek design.

Siri is, hands down, my favorite bullet vibe by far. It's rechargeable, and multifunctional. It's body safe, and shareable. It's tipped with the same buttery, luxurious silicone Ella's made of. And it lets me know when the battery's low! I just wish it were waterproof. Splashproof, at least!

Lelo's Siri is a nice, fairly powerful, little addition to their collection of clitoral vibes. It is quite cute, ergonomic, and easy to use. I like that it has so many functions and vibration levels. And I also like how Lelo backs up their toys with a 10 year warranty.

I know what you have been looking for and guess what? You have finally found it. A classy, erogenomic clit vibe that packs some Siri-ous power. Forget the high-frequency buzzy vibes that don't stimulate beyond a tease, Lelo's Siri features the lower-frequency, deep, thrumming vibrations feel as though they are penetrating deep into the skin. Access the 6 pulse patterns, fall in-love, and live happily ever after.

Lelo's Siri is a sexy, sensual little vibrator that is definitely designed "just for her". Its compact shape is perfect for labia stimulation, while the strong vibrations that travel throughout the entire toy are perfect for any clitoris!

This toy has a ton of wonderful features, but when it came down to the real test, I found that although the vibration feels very buzzy, it ends up feeling "flat". If you're looking for strictly a powerful clitoral stimulator, you may want to look elsewhere. However, if you're okay with a moderately strong vibration and want something classically adorable, multi-functional, ergonomically perfect and simple to use and maintain, this could be a winner for you!

Siri by Lelo is an extremely well designed, sexy, small, and very powerful clitoral vibrator. It's success is really in its simplicity, which makes it not only very attractive but really easy to use. It's perfect for solo sessions, but also is great for couples! This is pretty much my new favorite toy, and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Siri claims to be the strongest clit stimulator from Lelo yet. It does not lie. With deep, throbby, low pitched vibrations and a gazillion levels of intensity and patterns to choose from, a silicone tip and firm plastic body, the Siri is, all around, everything it claims to be and more. Siri is sure to thrill nearly any level or type of user.

The Lelo Siri is power and intuition packed into a tiny oval that was made to be held. This vibrator works wonders on the clit, and any other area you choose, all while staying snugly in your grasp, or nestling hands-free against your curves. The vibrations, power, and 6 fabulous patterns make for endless fun. Recharge in just 2 hours and you're ready for 4 more hours of play. The Siri feels like it was made for my body and the way I like to play - and it just might be "the one" for you too!

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