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A Sirious Delight

Siri's only potentially serious drawback is that she's not waterproof, seriously. What you get with Siri is a strong, quiet vibrator that can double as a pinpoint massager. She just can't go into the bathtub or shower with you.
Super quiet, Strong vibrations, Easy to hold and use, Lots of variety
Not waterproof, Might get in the way between couples during sex
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Siri was designed as a clitoral vibrator, which really just means "external use only." She's great on your clitoris, on your nipples, or on any other erogenous zone you may want to use her on. Siri is also relatively powerful, and can even be used as a pinpoint massager to help ease sore muscles.

Material / Texture

Siri is part plastic, part silicone. The plastic is smooth, hard, glossy, and doesn't have a scent or taste. The silicone is smooth, velvety, has almost no drag, and also lacks smell and taste. Being so smooth helps Siri glide over wherever you want her to without the need for extra lubrication.

Design / Shape / Size

Siri is pretty small and compact, very easy for even smaller hands to wield. She's shaped like a bumpy ellipse really, coming in at a total of about 4" long, 2 3/4" wide, and sloping gently from 1 1/8" tall to 1 1/4". I'd call her about as long as an average computer mouse, but not quite as wide. Since there's nothing super risque about Siri, you can leave her out and unless the Lelo name is recognized, nobody will really know what she's there to do. Because Siri is small and you can lock the buttons, travel is very easy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

As mentioned earlier the buttons can be locked, so to speak. You can lock or unlock them by pressing down the + and - button at the same time for a few seconds. If you're locking it, the buttons will dim once it's complete. If you're unlocking, they'll light up.

The buttons are also pretty easy to figure out. Pressing the + button turns Siri on and moves her up through her vibrations, - does the opposite. There are about 7 different intensities of deep, rumbly, and very quiet vibrations. They're potentially clit numbing, and no louder than a cell phone. On any intensity, you can choose to press the up arrow to start cycling through patterns. The first is a steady pulsing; then a quicker pulsing; third is another pulsing; fourth is sort of an oscillating pulsing, short, but with some up and down; the next level dances around through different intensities in a pattern that feels pretty random. At any point you can press and hold the - button to turn Siri off, or you can click the down arrow back down until you get back to the steady vibrations.

Since Siri is splash proof at best, you'll want to steer clear of aqueous environments and be careful when cleaning. The charging port in the back won't take kindly to water.

Care and Maintenance

Siri should be charged for a few hours before use. When you plug her in, the buttons will blink steadily until fully charged when they'll just glow steadily. Don't keep Siri charging for more than 24 hours, 2 should be about all you need on each charge to get about 4 hours of play; depending on the level you play on.

Since the charging port is open in the back, you'll want to be careful while cleaning Siri. Since she shouldn't get too messy, you should be fine with just a toy wipe; although you can carefully rinse the silicone in the sink if you want. If for whatever reason you decide you want a little extra glide, spot test before you use anything that isn't a water based lube. When you're all done, keep Siri pretty much anywhere you want. This particular silicone doesn't seem to pick up tons of lint or dust.


A long long time a go, the Siri and Intima kit went on sale and I snatched it up. Since then I have grown fond of Siri, although she often gets beat out for MiMi; mostly because of the shape. MiMi is flatter and easier to get between two bodies while Siri tries really hard but ends up being a much better choice for a solo session or couples sex where you're only really attached at the genitals. The vibrations are definitely strong, a lot stronger than Nea's, and I do think that Siri is a good choice if you're not concerned about the vibrator being waterproof.
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