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I'm Siri-ously Spoilt

When I hear the name “Lelo”, I automatically think ‘upper class' and ‘quality'. That's exactly what you can expect when you purchase Siri. But their high standards don't stop at the toy, they continue onto the packaging to create some of the best boxes I have experienced. If you don't require speed boat power to orgasm, then you can't go too wrong with this vibe.
~ Partially silicone
~ Range of buttons
~ Rechargeable
~ Not waterproof
~ Won't be strong enough for those who are power hungry
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review



I find it extremely difficult to resist a Lelo toy. Although, I kept putting off the purchase of Siri, as I decided to go with Mia and Alia when I first started collecting clit vibes. I felt I had enough of this type, but Siri continued to call my name. If I was honest with myself, I'd admit that it is my obsession with Lelo that made me finally take the plunge – not my NEED for another clitoral vibrator. But it's my secret goal to eventually own all of their high end toys. Here's to 2012 and the new toys Lelo delivers!!



Although Siri is designed as a discreet clitoral vibrator, she can be used to stimulate any erogenous zones you desire – no matter your sex. Use her to pleasure your anus (do not insert), vaginal opening, clitoris, nipples, perineum, penis shaft, frenulum or scrotum – depending on your particular anatomy. She can be vaginally inserted, but because the button area should avoid being wet, the tip isn't going to do much to stimulate internally.

It's also the perfect stimulator for those who live in shared accommodation. Siri is so quiet that even someone in the same room won't hear her rumble if used under the covers.
Siri can be used in couples play, including intercourse, or keep this one all to yourself.

Material / Texture


Lelo is the creator of the Siri clitoris vibrator which is built using premium silicone and plastic. It is designed and developed in Sweden, but assembled in China. Due to the nature of the materials, she earns herself a safety rating of 8. She is hypo-allergenic, food grade, non-porous, latex and phthalates free. Be sure to only use water based lubricants, as silicone based have the potential to break the material down and become tacky. I didn't notice any odour when first retrieving Siri from the packaging. I do find that she can take on a faint aroma from the anti-bacterial wipes I use for cleaning. But it makes her smell pretty, in my opinion.


Lelo use some of the nicest feeling silicone when creating their vibrators. It's very soft and smooth with a matte appearance which creates very little drag across dry skin. It also means it doesn't attract lint like most silicones will. The plastic on the other hand has a glossy smooth texture that could be slippery if your fingers were lubbed up. Otherwise, I haven't had any issues with Siri slipping out of my hand while in use.
The round control buttons are silicone with raised symbols so one can find their way around the vibe in the dark. Although, the LED also helps in that aspect. Just back on the plastic where it meets the silicone section is a LELO stamp. It's barely noticeable to the fingers and is up too high on the top for it to cause any issue to delicate areas. There is a seam that runs down the middle of the silicone tip, but Lelo has gone to great effort to make it completely flat. Unless you're really looking for it (visually), you won't realise it's there.
Also, running around the sides of the plastic area is a seam that is noticeable, but I don't usually feel it on my hand while in use and it's nowhere near my clit. Same goes for where the plastic and silicone joins.

Design / Shape / Size


From the top view of the Siri vibe, it has a shape similar to a cake of soap. At the plastic end where the charging port is located it tapers down and is rounded. While at the silicone end it is a more pointed round tip designed to deliver pleasure where it's needed.
Siri measures 3 ¾” in length, almost 1 ¾” across the widest point on the top and has a maximum girth of 4 ½” around the silicone tip.
Front the side (when Siri is upside down), she has a shape like some of the large airline planes with the nose slopping up to create a bulge where the pilot crew control the aircraft. Then slims down again where the silicone meets the plastic.








Eden offers Siri in Purple/White, Red/White and Pink/White which is the one I chose. I'm not normally keen on pink, but this one just screamed my name. In person, it is more pink rather than the darker musky/purple/pink shade shown on the product page.

Functions / Performance / Controls


Lelo Siri has the luxury of having four buttons in total: -, +, UP and DOWN. They are laid out in a diamond pattern on the top middle of the plastic area. By holding down the + button for 2 seconds will activate the steady vibrations on the lower end. There are actually three levels below this starting vibration, but the - must be pressed to find them. There are eight steady vibration levels after starting the vibrator. Each level is achieved by individually pressing the + or continuously holding it until you reach the desired intensity. Naturally the - will take you back through the levels at any time.
While the vibrator is on, the UP arrow will start and cycle through the patterns, while the DOWN will take you back to the previous one. The patterns are as follows:

1. Slow long pulses
2. Medium short pulses
3. Medium long pulses
4. Slow long pulses
5. Full on musical type with steady vibrations in different pitches and a couple of pulses.

Just like Lelo's other vibrators, Siri comes with a travel lock feature. To activate, simply hold the + and - buttons down for 5 seconds. The LED will emit a white glow while the buttons are pressed and will go out to let you know the vibrator is locked. Repeat the process to unlock. Recharging will also unlock Siri.
The buttons make a soft clicking sound when pressed.



There's no batteries to worry about here. This clit vibrator is recharged via a wall socket and takes around 2 hours for a full charge. While in the charging mode, the control buttons will pulse. When it is complete the LED will emit a steady glow. When Siri is reaching empty the buttons will glow red.
A full charge will last around 4 hours depending on the settings you choose to use.

Charge port

Care and Maintenance


Siri is not waterproof by any means, so should not be submerged with washing or for bath time fun. She can be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and water or toy cleaner, being careful not to get any liquids near the charging port or control buttons. Because she obviously can't be boiled or placed in the dishwasher for sterilising, the only other option is to wipe over with a 10% bleach solution. Alcohol or other chemicals containing petrol or acetone should never come into contact with this vibrator.

Unlike most silicones, Siri doesn't seem to attract much, if any lint. The included pouch will eliminate any possible lint and keep your vibrator away from touching toys made of other materials. Placing next to other lower quality materials may cause them to blend together, transfer colours or odours onto your silicone toy.

Due to a slight gap where the plastic meets the silicone on mine, I use an anti-bacterial wipe for cleaning. This does the trick perfectly and prevents ruining my vibe if I accidentally got water in that gap.



My Siri arrived neatly packaged inside a thin pink and white cardboard box with LELO written in silver on the top. On two of the side panels is basic information about the toy in a handful of foreign languages. The bottom states the same information in English and features an image of Siri in the colour I chose. It's not totally discreet.
Inside is a firm black cardboard box with LELO written on the lid in black. It doesn't really stand out and doesn't have anything else printed on it. It's very discreet unless someone was to lift the lid. The top section is made from two sheets of black cardboard which features two clear moulded dome plastic pieces in the centre. This is where Siri sits snug and clearly visible. To get to her, you have to pull apart the glued cardboard edges, pull the dome compartment out and release the tape on one end.
In the bottom of the box is a strip of cardboard that curves to form a platform for the top section to rest on. Also found here is the charger, user manual, one year warranty booklet, ten year guarantee booklet, do/do not slip and a white satin drawstring pouch.
The pouch isn't lined, but it's also not fluffy inside, so it's not going to coat Siri in lint.

The ten year guarantee allows you to purchase any toy from Lelo's site for 50% off if you're item dies in this period.


inside box



I wasn't all that keen on Siri when she first arrived. Actually, it took me a month or so of trying her out before she made an impression on me. I was too use to the Zini Seed when Siri's package turned up. As much as I don't require too much power to get the job done, I do prefer a smaller vibrating surface to stimulate my clitoris. To me, Siri has a rather large bulky stimulating surface, so it took me awhile to get use to. Now that I'm use to the larger size, I have come to love Siri. I do have to admit, if she wasn't a Lelo toy, I may have pushed it to the side and left it to collect dust. I love Lelo and have a passion to make all their toys work for me; it has been a very easy task to love each one I own.

~ Siri is a couple of steps up in strength from Mia.
~ Seed tends to be stronger then Siri, but the vibrations are more higher pitched (somewhat buzzy).
~ We-Vibe Touch is a couple of steps up on Siri in strength and is the rumbly type, but not quite as deep.
~ Form 4 definitely over powers Siri with its deep rumble vibrations.

It really depends what you require; deep rumbly vibrations that penetrate into your skin or buzzy that seem more powerful, but are more so a surface stimulation. I'm not a fan at all of real buzzy like the Fairy Baby Wand, but sometimes a slightly buzzy vibrator, like the Seed, will do the job quicker than a rumbly vibe. Although, I do prefer the deep rumble type.

I'm giving the Siri a 4 star rating.
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