Siri - discreet vibrator by LELO - review by SydVicious

Oh Siri, I adore you!

I find myself recommending Siri to everyone. The power goes from a very soft vibration that can barely be felt, to strong powerful vibrations that will get almost anyone off. All of that wrapped in a small, cordless, sleek design.
Small, Discreet, Lockable buttons, cordless play.
Not waterproof... I would love to have a waterproof Siri.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The first time I saw Siri I knew I had to have it. The tiny size and promise of Lelo's "most powerful massager yet" I was sold. Siri came in the mail and I couldn't get the box open fast enough.

The packaging is lovely. Siri comes in a color coded box that matches the color you chose for your toy (mine is pink.) Inside is another box and the toy in a sealed plastic pack. There is a storage bag, charging cord, instruction booklet and the toy included in the box.

I quickly flipped through the booklet, barely reading it and set out to give Siri and try. The toy came charged already, and I was so excited that I didn't give her a proper charge before use. Big mistake. Huge, even.

I need a pretty good amount of power from a clitoral stimulator and I thought that I was going to get that from Siri, but after 15-20 minutes and no end in sight, I swapped out Siri for the Inspire and was finally able to climax. I was so disappointed, I felt let down... I got caught up in all the hype and I hated to think I spent so much on a toy that doesn't work for me.

But wait!!! I didn't charge Siri. Duh! Ok so lets plug her in and let her charge and see what happens. I double and triple checked the booklet and It says that 2 hours to fully charge will result in 4 hours of play. When I plugged her in and got a red light meaning she was charging. The lights under the buttons are supposed to go off when Siri is fully charged. The lights never went off. I had her plugged in for 6 hours and the lights never went off. So I unplugged and put Siri away until the next day.

The Second time I tired Siri, and every time since then has been amazing. The power level is just what I was looking for. It's strong enough to have a quick 2 minute orgasm, or low enough for a long drawn out session, and everything in between.

Siri is kind of egg shaped with a circular shaped bottom and slightly more pointed top. Siri fits wonderfully in the palm of your hand or sliding between your finger tips. As I am writing this review I keep picking it up and rolling it around in my hand. It just begs to be used.

There are two materials used to make Siri. The bottom is a high gloss ABS plastic that houses the charging port and the four buttons. The top is a silky smooth, seamless, high quality silicone. The Silicone area is the part that is supposed to come in contact with the body, the plastic is not. The biggest downfall of Siri is that she is not waterproof, not even splash proof. The charging port is uncovered and there are gaps between the plastic casing and the buttons. So extra care should be taken when cleaning this toy. I have been considering getting some toy cleaning wipes, that way I don't have to worry about my precious Siri drowning while I'm cleaning up.

There are four buttons. A set of up and down buttons, and a plus ( ) and a minus (-). The plus and minus buttons control the on/off and the intensity of the vibrations. Press and hold the pus to turn the toy on, then continue to press the plus to increase the vibrations. To turn the toy off press and hold the minus button until it turns off. To lock the toy for travel press and hold both the plus and minus for several seconds until the back lighting on the buttons turns off. To unlock, again, press and hold both buttons until the light comes back on.

Once you have the toy turned on the up and down buttons allow you to cycle through the fallowing patterns.

-Moderate pulsing
-Quick pulsing
-Quick escalation
-Slow escalation, almost like a roller coast feeling.
-Random pattern

The "random" pattern really isn't random. It does repeat the same pattern over and over but it's really an interesting pattern that is really unique. It goes high and low and pulses and gives a short constant.... it's really cool. The pattern is kind of long also, so by the time you get to the end you forget what the beginning is like.

As I mentioned before, take extra care when cleaning this toy. Be sure to avoid getting water in the buttons or the charging port. Siri can be cleaned with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner and rinsed with warm water, or toy cleaning wipe for easy cleanup.

Water based lubes only with this toy.
I have had Siri for a little over a month now and she has quickly become my favorite toy. The small size, high power level, lockable buttons and the fact that it allows for cordless play is amazing. I am a big fan.
Follow-up commentary
Siri is a great toy. It's got a nice strong motor, it's easy to use. I love the shape, it fit in my hand and on my body nicely. But to be prefectly honest, I just don't use it very often. The thing that really keeps me from using it: it's not waterproof. Even when I won't be using it in or near the water, a toy being waterproof makes cleanup so simple and easy. When I have to wash Siri, I am always worried I will accidentally get a bit of water in the wrong places.

I still love this toy, but I just don't ever reach for it. It's a shame. This toy would be nearly perfect or me if It was waterproof.
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  • Katie09
    Great review, thanks!
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    Thanks for the review and follow up! I agree and think it would be great if siri would get a waterproof version 2 like mona.
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    Great review, thanks!
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    Great review, thanks!
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