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Best Clitoral Vibe Available

I love both MiMis and I know that they will be my go-to vibrators from now on. I love that this new generation MiMi has buttons that aren't so difficult to press. I can't complain about a thing. These work wonderfully and 2 hours of play is absolutely fantastic compared to the 1 hour of play you get with most toys. I'm one of those who takes a while to cum so if you're like me, this is for you! Do not pass this toy up!
Charges easily, Waterproof, Safe material, Easy to care for, Doesn't look like a sex toy, Quiet
Has three buttons. Some may not like that.
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I have owned over 400 toys in my lifetime. I didn't keep them all, because a lot of the time, one finds that they get a toy that disappoints them. The MiMi, both first and second generation, did not disappoint me whatsoever. They are the best clitoral vibes available. They are the strongest, and easiest to use. Fully submergeable and extremely easy to take care of. If you're going to spend your money, spend it on this vibe. Believe me. I'm a pro, and this is what you want!

It is also great for massaging a male's perineum. My husband finds the MiMi to be wonderful for that purpose. He also enjoyes slowly and lightly running it over his scrotum and shaft. Definitely enhances our sex life and gets him rock hard before each session of love making.

Perfect for the college kid as it is one of the more quiet vibrators available. I actually found it to be quieter than the Leaf vibrators. I wasn't sure until I was able to turn them on together in the same room. It's hard to tell sometimes. But when I compared them all, the MiMi was the quietest. I remember back in college trying so hard to find a quiet vibe, and they simply didn't exist. This would have been perfect!
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    • Everyone

Material / Texture

It is covered in silicone. Completely easy to take care of. Give it a quick wash in some light antibacterial handsoap and warm water. Let it dry off, and store it anywhere you'd like. Since it's completely waterproof, it is fully submergeable making it easy for you NOT to worry about whether you got water into a crevasse and ruined your new toy. The second generation MiMi has a special Silicone cover that is less likely to bubble and fill up with air when the toy is turned on. This was a common issue with the first generation MiMi (but has now been corrected, so no worries). It feels slightly thinner to me, but not any less quality in any way.

I do still recommend that when you turn it on, you check to feel if any air fills up under the layer of silicone. If you feel anything bubble up (my previous MiMi I bubbled up like a balloon!)do not use it.

There is no taste (Yes, I tasted it, just for you.) and no smell whatsoever. There is also no texture, which may be bad for some people who prefer it. I find the buttery silicone to be preferable for me. It glides so easily that you could probably use this without lubricant if you wanted to. I have a few times and had no problem at all. Of course this depends on your level of personal lubrication. If you are a bit dryer down below, I recommend using lubricant. Since this toy is made of Silicone, do not use Silicone-based lubricants as it will degrade the material.

The lack of texture makes this great for beginners and advanced users alike. I find that it is great for men especially. My husband has always preferred silky smooth silicone vibrators and this one was "the one" for him. Doesn't tug too much on his sensitive scrotum and glides right across his perineum without pulling any hair or causing discomfort to his skin.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is great. It's easy to hold, and easy to use. Some have said it is bad for pinpoint stimulation, but I think that's something you have to really find out for yourself. I thought the same at first, but after a few days of getting good practice you will find that you can easily hit the smallest spot by using different angles. The MiMi looks like an egg or a bar of soap. It isn't round, but it is flatter like a river stone. So you can turn it on its side, and use the smaller curved end to hit an area of the clitoris dead-on.

Extremely easy to hide. The light pink looks exactly like a bar of soap. I had it switched out and received a black one by request because light pink wasn't really my color anyway and the black looks just like a stone. It's hard to notice among other objects on your dresser, in a box, etc. I have a bowl full of riverstones in my bedroom on my coffee table and as long as something is blocking the buttons, you literally can't notice a thing unless you were to dig your hands into the bowl.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two buttons on the MiMi I. A "+" and a "-" which are both still on the new MiMi, and hold the same use.

The NEW button "~":

Simply helps you move from the 5 constant levels of vibration to the 6 levels of patterned vibration and back again. Without pressing "~" you will not be able to move from constant to patterned.


You hold the "+" button down for about two or three seconds until the toy has turned on. You will now find yourself on the 1st level, which is a low rumble. Feels great, even at its lowest level. Continue to press the "+" over and over and you will cycle through the other 4 vibration levels (5th level is VERY intense) and through the 6 pulsation modes. I'm not a fan of pulsation so I never use them, but someone who likes them will be very pleased with the variety.


The "-" button is there to back-track. If you want to go back a level, just press the "-". It is also the OFF button. Hold it down for about 2-3 seconds and the MiMi will shut off.

This toy is the quietest toy I own so I highly recommend it if you live in a house full of people, live on campus with a roommate, or like to travel. There's nothing worse than having the people in the hotel room nextdoor banging on the wall for you to shut your vibrator off. I know because it has happened to me! I am currently renting out a room to two friends and I am one of those people who just can't relax if I know other people can hear me masturbate or have sex. So the MiMis really come in handy!

It is completely waterproof. If you are like me and love to play in the shower or tub, the MiMi is your best friend. Fully submergeable and the water makes it even more slippery. I will say that it is a little noisy in the tub because of the intensity. The water splashes everywhere as soon as the MiMi hits it, and the vibrations will echo through your tub. So take caution.

A two (2) hour charge is required. As the toy charges a red heart-shaped light will flash (very tiny, no strobe lights or anything). When it has reached it's full charge, it will stop flashing and stay constant. You now how two full hours of play on the highest level.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for a sex toy simply doesn't get any easier.

1. To wash, simply use a light antibacterial hand soap and warm water.

2. Let it dry completely before recharging.

3. Don't use Silicone-based lubricants.

4. Attach the MiMi to the charger before putting the charger in the wall.

5. Remove the MiMi from the charger once it has finished charging. (Red light will stop flashing and become constant)

6. You can store it anywhere, but the box really makes it easy on you. Plus, it is discreet looking just like a jewelry box.


The MiMi comes packaged in a rectangular box. Not as tall as the old MiMi's box, but it still holds the charger, manual, and the MiMi. Has a special "bed" that fits perfectly for the MiMi, and to the side of that is a compartment for the charger. Says "Je Joue" on top, but looks like a fancy jewelry box. Rather than the old magnetic "pop top", this box opens like a shell.

When it arrives, it is covered in a regular factory box that says "More Vibration" quite largely. So I recommend opening this in private somewhere. It also calls the MiMi a "massager" which in most cases, any adult knows this will be a sex toy. It isn't noticeable from afar. But if your family/friends/etc. are like most people, they want to see what you are opening and they will notice what it is if they're old enough to know that a vibrator is. So it isn't exactly discreet, but not exactly indiscreet? A picture of the MiMi is on the outside factory box as well.

All components of the package are recyclable. Is appropriate for gifting if the outside factory box is removed. Once removed, the inside "keepsake" box is covered in plastic so it will not appear to be used.

Personal comments

I currently own both the MiMi I and the second generation MiMi, like I mentioned. They are both just as exquisite. I want to note this because I feel it is important. This isn't word for word, but it is a summation of what the difference is with the MiMi I and the second generation MiMi explained to me by a Je Joue representative. Also some points that my partner and I noticed myself (power is still the same, buttons easier to press).

Second Generation MiMi:

- New Silicone layer that does not bubble up with air. This is a common manufacturing issue Je Joue has been having with the MiMi I. (You can still get it replaced if yours has this problem. Not all of them are bad, but it is just a common issue they have had according to a Je Joue rep. Also according to the fact that it has happened to three of the ones I have owned and never got to enjoy).

- New charger that is supposedly safer to use and less likely to malfunction. It has a blue light to let you know that it is working correctly. The light does NOT turn off after full charge. So pay good attention to the MiMi for that, and remove it from the charger when it has finished.

- New third button, as I described. The "+" is still the ON button, and still progresses through the levels. But the third button, when pressed, starts the pulsation modes. This is basically in place to keep you from going "too far".


Just as powerful. No difference as far as that goes.

Buttons are easier to press, but not so easy that you might turn the toy on accidentally.

All manufacturing issues have supposedly been corrected. And since they are both as powerful, I can't really recommend either or over each other. If you often have hand pain from a toy, the new MiMi may be better simply because the buttons are easier to press.


I love my MiMis. Both of them. I love them just the same. I've given the MiMi I to my husband because he seems to like it better. He hates things with more than two buttons. But it is honestly just as powerful as the other. Just as easy to use aside from the buttons being a tad bit harder to press. Just as silky smooth, and just as powerful. Charges easily, and feels so gosh darn good. The fact that it is great for stimulation for both partners makes this a great toy for everyone, even though it has a feminine appeal. Great for nipple and breast stimulation.
Follow-up commentary
Still love it, folks! Worth the money and absolutely easy to use and take care of. Give it a try because you'll love it. Amazing for regular massages too!
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