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A tad bit disappointed

Mimi is the little, flat, egg-shaped vibrator from Je Joue who has earned herself a reputation for being the rumbliest little powerhouse available. She has loads of satisfied owners and positive reviews, she seems to be the "must own" toy for the sex toy connoisseur. Waterproof, rechargeable, and made from body safe silicone she has many features that make her fantastic even if she may not be my favorite toy in the toy box.
Small and discreet
Silky smooth silicone
Buttons are very difficult to push
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Classified as a discreet vibrator, Mimi can be used all over the body; the clitoris, labia, perineum, nipples, neck, etc. You can use her by yourself for some solo lovin' or with a partner for some added stimulation to foreplay and sex. Any of your erroneous zones can stimulated by Mimi just as long as you don't plan on inserting her anywhere. If you are looking for a insertable toy try her big sister Uma. Mimi is rechargeable, waterproof, uber discreet, made from high-quality body safe silicone, and has multiple levels and patterns of vibrations.

I have been wanting Mimi for so long, I have lusted and lusted over this girl as I absolutely love broad clitoral vibrators, and Mimi is suppose to be the cream of the crop. Sadly she fell just a little short of all her hype for me. I think I may have built up such high expectations for Mimi, that when she fell just short of the mark I had expected I was left disappointed by her performance. Don't get me wrong, Mimi is still a fantastic toy, a solid 4 stars for me, but with a few little flaws she is not my favorite. I still really enjoy Mimi, but I like Lelo's Siri better. I will compare the two after I tell you a little bit more about Mimi.
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Material / Texture

Mimi is made from silky smooth silicone. Rated a 10 on the Eden Fantasys' safety scale, silicone is perfectly body safe being hypo-allergenic, latex free, completely non-porous, and phthalates free. Silicone also repels dirt and bacteria and won't fall apart with extended friction, it is a material that can last for a long time with proper care. The silicone that Mimi is made from has minimal drag, and while it does attract a small amount of pet hair and lint, it does not act as a lint magnet like some tacky silicone toys can. The outer silicone layer on Mimi lays over a hard plastic core, therefore Mimi is ridged and hard, and she does not bend or flex at all. There was no odor or taste associated with the material on Mimi. With a minimal amount of water-based lube Mimi glides against the skin smoothly.

Mimi is perfectly smooth, for the most part there is no texture associated with Mimi, at least not on the parts that will more than likely be used against the body. The only part that is not perfectly smooth besides the controls is the brand name "Je Joue" which is stamped into the silicone in small print along with the company logo towards the bottom of Mimi on one side. It is so subtle that it cannot be felt during use.
je joue stamp
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Mimi's shape can be described as a flattened egg, or a like a smooth river rock, either way she is small and discreet and will fit nicely into the palm of your hand. Overall she is 3.25 inches long, 2.25 inches across at her widest point, and about 1.25 inches thick at her widest point. Mimi is tapered, being smaller at the tip of the toy and gradually flaring out towards the base of Mimi where the controls are. She really does look like a flattened egg. Nothing about Mimi's shape screams sex toy, she is very discreet and would make a nice little travel companion. Store her with your toiletries during travel and anyone who may glance upon her might just think she's a fancy bar of soap or a compact.

Here is a size comparison picture of Mimi along with some common every day items; an iPhone, tube of lipstick, bottle of nail polish, and a tube of mascara.
size comparison
    • Discreet look/design

Functions / Performance / Controls

Mimi has five levels of vibration and five different patterns to choose from. The controls for Mimi are located on the bottom of the toy. There are three buttons that control Mimi's vibrations; metal plus and minus buttons that control power and intensity, and a silicone button between the metal buttons that changes between the different patterns of vibration that Mimi has. The plus button will turn Mimi on and amp up the vibration, while the minus button turns down the intensity of vibrations and eventually turns Mimi off. Once Mimi is on pressing down on the middle button will cycle through the different patterns.
control buttons

Mimi turns on to a steady vibration pattern, pressing down on the middle button will change between the vibration patterns. You can change the intensity of the vibration during any pattern by pressing on the plus or minus buttons. I find that Mimi's buttons are extremely hard to press. With one hand the plus and minus buttons take a little bit more effort to press down than other toys I own, but the pattern button is almost impossible for me to use during use with only one hand. Now most of the time when using Mimi I only have one hand available to work Mimi as the other is busy, but if I want to change between patterns I have to take Mimi off my sweet spot and free up my other hand to steady her and press that darn little button in. As I like to use a tad bit of lube on the end of Mimi that comes into contact with my clit I usually end up with lube on my fingers and the buttons when trying to accomplish changing the pattern with the little button. This is one of my biggest frustrations with Mimi is that her buttons are not very user friendly. I am pretty young and do not suffer from arthritis, but I would imagine that those who do might have a bit more of an issue operating the buttons.

There is a small heart-shaped red light that illuminates when Mimi is turned on. It is located in the Je Joue logo that is stamped on the front of Mimi. This light also flashes during charging.

Mimi's vibrations are a thumpy-rumbly vibration. I say thumpy because while there is a steady vibration mode, I find that Mimi is so rumbly instead of being a smooth vibration it is more thumpy, but in my mind, and for my body, thumpy is still better than buzzy. But if I turn Mimi all the way up my clit starts to feel like a small speed-punching bag that a boxer is whaling on. I can't handle Mimi on high, I can barely handle level two she is that powerful. In fact another frustration that I have with Mimi is that there is not more of a gradual increase in her vibration intensity between levels one and two, for me they are right between just too weak and just barely too high, it can get frustrating during use for me. I know that I am not the average user who likes my toys all the way on high, but I find with Mimi I am either frustrated that she is too weak on low and then I turn it up a level and start to go numb, which isn't very pleasant either. Those who need lots of power to get off will be very pleased with Mimi. I would definitely rate Mimi at 5 vrooms, and as far as sound goes I would say 2-3 bees depending on how high you have her turned up. Someone in the same room as you will be able to hear her, but she will not be heard behind a closed door. My fingers do start to get itchy and numb when I use Mimi as she gets difficult to hold onto due to her small size, and her powerful vibrations can be felt all over the toy.

Mimi is rechargeable, she comes with a magnetic charger that attaches to her metal buttons. The magnetic connection between the charger and the buttons is strong enough to stay attached even if Mimi is suspended upside down from the charging cord. The charger for Mimi is not nearly as finicky as the click and charge magnetic chargers from Fun Factory. During charging the light on the front of the toy will flash, when charging is complete the light will stay on. Mimi will need to charge for about two hours when you first receive her, and two hours of charge will get you about two hours of play time before you need to charge again. The magnetic charging system ensures that Mimi is completely water proof and can be submerged for bath time fun.

magnetic charging
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Mimi is extremely easy to clean and take care of. Because she is waterproof you don't have to be careful when cleaning to not get water near her controls, she can be submerge with out a problem. Warm water and antibacterial soap works well for cleaning, as does a simple wipe down with a toy wipe, you could also wipe down with a dilute bleach solution if you wish to sanitize Mimi. She is non-porous and can be safely shared between users if properly cleaned. Mimi cannot be boiled or ran through the dishwasher due to her electrical parts. Being that she is made from silicone you should only use water-based lubes with Mimi as silicone-based lubes could bind with her surface and make her permanently tacky.
    • Easy to clean


As a luxury toy Mimi comes exquisitely packaged. There are two different boxes that Mimi is contained in, the outer box is the typical retail box, the brand name is displayed on the outside along with information on the side panels and a picture of Mimi on the back. Removing this box reveals a inner black box made from heavy cardboard that only has the name "Je Joue" and the company logo embossed on the top of the lid. If you are looking to give Mimi as a gift you could remove the outer box and wrap up the discreet sleek black inner box to as your gift presentation. The inner box is also great to keep around for storage. Inside of the inner box Mimi sits in a tray with a little flap next to her that conceals her charger and an owner's manual.

both boxes
Outer box and inner box

Mimi in her packaging
Back side of outer box and the inside of the inner box with Mimi in her tray.
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift


I really enjoy clitoral vibrators and have recently started to accumulate more rechargeable clit toys. I have been very happy with my Siri by Lelo and had been wanting to get the Mimi since I have heard such glowing reviews of her, I figured I would test them both out. For me the Siri beats Mimi, I know there will be some people out there that will disagree wholeheartedly with me on this statement, but it comes down to knowing what you like and features that are important to you. Here is a side by side shot of Siri and Mimi.
Siri vs Mimi
Mimi vs. Siri area

I like broad clitoral vibrators that not only stimulate all of my clit but also my labia, this is one of the first reasons why I like Siri over Mimi. Siri has a shape that nestles down into the labia kind of like the hull of a boat, where as Mimi is flat and kind of smashes that area instead of sinking down into it. I feel Siri's vibrations throughout my pelvic region during use and I don't get that with Mimi. Here is a picture of Siri and Mimi side by side as viewed from the front so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about when I compare their shape this way. Siri is on the left and Mimi is on the right.
Siri vs Mimi shape

The next thing I like more about Siri over Mimi is the ease of button use. Siri's buttons are ten times easier to use than Mimi's. Siri has four different buttons that are easily pressed one handed. I touched on the difficulty of Mimi's buttons up in the performance section. I also like that Siri has up and down buttons for the patterns instead of just one, it makes switching between patterns a little bit easier. I also prefer Siri's patterns to Mimi's, especially Siri's random pattern mode. Here is a picture of Siri and Mimi's controls side by side, Siri is on the left and Mimi is on the right.
Siri vs Mimi control buttons

Both Siri and Mimi are rechargeable, Siri uses a prong charger that plugs into a hole in the bottom of Siri, where as Mimi has a magnetic charger. Mimi is waterproof where are Siri is not, Siri is not even splash-proof. If I wanted a bath companion I would have to turn to Mimi over Siri, however I rarely use toys in the water or bath so waterproof or not isn't a high priority for me. Now when it comes to battery life Siri gets four hours of play time from a two hour charge where Mimi gets two hours of play from a two hour charge. Here is a picture of the charging ports/connections for Siri and Mimi side by side with Siri on the left and Mimi on the right.
Siri vs Mimi charging

Now both Siri and Mimi have deep rubmly vibrations but I find Siri's more pleasurable. Some may say that Siri is weaker than Mimi, but I prefer the vibrations at a lower intensity. I find Siri has smooth rubmly vibrations that have a more gradual increase in intensity that I can find the perfect level for my taste. Where as Mimi has thumpy-rumbly vibrations that I cannot find a good level for my taste, its either just too weak or just too strong. I can also use Siri for longer before my fingers start to get itchy, and Siri is easier for me to hold onto during use.

Mimi is still a great toy, and many many users out there will prefer Mimi over any other small clit vibe. Like I said, it's all about knowing what your body prefers and what features are important to you.
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