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Little charmer

Although it took 3 tries to get a MiMi that was not defective, I think she's a phenomenal little toy. She's billed by Je Joue as "Your perfect first toy" and I'm inclined to agree, provided yours is free of defects. She is small, non threatening, elegant, luxurious and easy to operate. She's lovely solo and also works very well in partnered sex. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a great clitoral vibrator, though be warned that you may need to be patient through a return or two.
Great size & shape, very powerful, easy to operate
Apparently prone to defects, fickle charging system
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Note: this review is for the 3 button 2nd-generation MiMi.

This is a compact, powerful little clitoral vibe. It has five speeds and five patterns. It's surprisingly strong for it's size, easy to operate, very ergonomic shape, perfect for couples or solo use. Its waterproof, silicone, body safe, can be sterilized and is an all around great toy. It can be used to stimulate any area of the body but is not suitable for insertion, anally or vaginally.
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    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

This vibe is a firm inner core covered by a thin skin of velvety smooth premium silicone. There are no seams and the only texture is the logo indented into the silicone. There's no give or flex to the toy and very little plush to the silicone. The silicone, combined with the fact that the toy is waterproof makes it very safe and able to be sanitized. The silicone is very smooth and feels fantastic on the skin. There's very little drag to it. With her size and shape MiMi could easily become very slippery and hard to hold with a lot of lube so luckily you don't really need much, if any, depending on your natural moisture.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The toy is a relatively flat skipping stone style.

The shape puts me in mind of a flattened egg. It has a wider, flat end where the controls are and tapers to a slightly narrower tip.

The size is perfect to fit in your palm. The fact that it's flat makes it very comfortable between two bodies during sex.

More on this in the "experience section". Despite the fact that it isn't curved like the Lelo Siri or Lily or Nea, it actually nestles against the body quite well. It's a perfectly discreet design. No one would look at this and automatically think "vibrator". But I'm not sure what someone WOULD think it was so it might be a question-prompter so I'll probably keep this tucked in my drawer. The buttons are not in a perfectly ergonomic position but they're not terribly awkwardly positioned either.

I think I'd rather they be on the "front" as opposed to on the end, but their positioning is not a tragedy. Overall, I think she's very well designed. She's definitely easy on the eyes with her elegant design and should be non-threatening to those who are new to toys, as well as being quite discreet. She's likely to be well received when introduced to a partner because of her non-threatening, non-phallic shape and design and is a great shape for incorporating into partnered sex.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations in this toy are definitely focused in the tapered end, but are felt strongly throughout the toy. This is both a pro and a con, in my opinion. It means that you feel them in your hand when you hold it (con) but it also means that you can press any part of the toy, tip, side, edge, against you and feel the vibrations very well.

This toy has 3 buttons, +, - and ~. Operation is fairly straightforward. Press and hold + for 2 seconds to turn on. Press + again and scroll through the levels of power, from a light thrumming to a very strong rumble. Pressing -, likewise, will scroll down through the levels. Pressing and holding - at any level will turn the toy off. At any level, the ~ will begin cycling through the patterns.

1. BZzBZzBZz
2. BZZzzZZzzZZ

The buttons have been described by MANY reviewers and users as difficult to press. Honestly, I don't have much of a hard time with them. They don't hurt my fingers and I can press them as easily with the pad of my fingers as the tip. A common complaint is inability to press them with long nails but I don't find this to be a problem. The + and - buttons are metal and raised off the toy which makes them slightly easier to press than the ~ which is silicone and flush but not significantly. I still have no problem pressing it with either the flat pad or the tip of my finger. It does take some pressure to press the buttons but I don't find it all that difficult. The + sign on the + button is raised and the - sign on the - button is recessed. The ~ on the ~ button is ever so slightly raised. As I mentioned above, I kind of wish the buttons were on the flat "front" of the toy, where the logo is, because that's where my fingers naturally fall when holding the toy but this isn't a significant downside to the toy in my opinion.

MiMi is noisier than my Lelo vibes but not drastically. A blanket muffles the noise but it could still be heard by someone in the same room. It can't be heard through a closed door and definitely not through a wall.

The toy is waterproof and performs just fine in water, though the instructions that came with it discourage submerging it. Based on this, I won't be using mine under water in the bathtub but I expect it will see frequent shower usage.

Unlike some other vibes I've used, the vibrations in this toy do not back off or diffuse at all when pressure is applied. This is a huge benefit to someone like me who likes to apply a fair amount of pressure with my toys.

The charging system to the toy is a great idea but not perfect in practice. The charger fits over the plastic control panel of the toy with two metal discs recessed into the charger that match the metal buttons. These magnetically connect to the buttons and the toy charges through the buttons. If the charger was more fitted to the toy, or if the discs on the charger were more recessed so the buttons had to fit into a socket on the charger, or even if the discs on the charger had mirrored + and - signs to the buttons so that the buttons and the discs had a slightly better fit and couldn't slide around, the charging system would be greatly improved. As it is, getting a connection that doesn't produce a high pitched whine and an unsteady charge is somewhat difficult.

This photo shows the charger connected to the buttons. The charger is fully seated in this photo so you can see that the charger isn't fitted or formed to the control panel. It is literally just set on the buttons and held on by magnets.

I sit mine in it's box with the charger sort of balanced on the rim of the box and when done very gingerly, this seems to provide a steady connection, but it can be tricky to set up. The toy seems to get about 1 1/2 - 2 hours of operation on high from a full charge. A charge takes about 2 hours. I would like the toy to have a longer battery life but I'm not unhappy with it.

She does not have a travel lock but since the buttons aren't super easy to press and since it takes 2 seconds of steady pressure to turn MiMi on, it won't easily be pressed if it's carried in a bag.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

Because this toy is silicone and waterproof, care is a snap. Wash with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. You don't have to worry about getting water on the control panel because it's waterproof. For extra sanitation wipe down with rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution. Super easy. Don't boil or put it in the dishwasher since this could damage the mechanical components. No silicone or hybrid lubes with MiMi as they could degrade her silicone skin. Water or oil based lubes are fine. I store MiMi in her box in my nightstand drawer. Her silicone skin, while not as attractive to lint as many silicone toys, does tend to pick up some hair and lint so I try to store her where she won't be in contact with much. I'm also always careful to keep my toys from coming into direct contact with each other to avoid any material incompatibility. Definitely don't store your silicone toys with jelly toys or anything like that since they may react badly with each other. I have a satin pouch from a similarly sized toy that she fits in that I have used to travel with her. She did not turn on in my bag at all. As I mentioned above, I think her somewhat resistant buttons and the 2 second delay to turn her on protects fairly well against accidental turn on.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Je Joue's packaging befits the luxury nature of this toy. There's a detailed instruction manual with a multitude of languages. The box consists of an outer flimsy cardboard box in the color of your MiMi with the logo, Je Joue name, the name of the toy, a picture of the toy and some basic info in several languages around a nicer, sturdier black matte cardboard box. Lift off the top to reveal MiMi seated in a raised formed plastic. Next to her is a flap you lift up to reveal the user manual and charger. I like this box for storing MiMi. It's small enough to fit comfortably in my nightstand drawer without issue. I wish the top was hinged like my Je Joue Ami balls box but this isn't a significant drawback. This packaging would be great for gifting. Especially if you remove the outer box.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift


Let me start by saying that MiMi and I had a rocky start. When I first received my MiMi, I plugged her in and waiting the requisite two hour initial charging period. As soon as I turned her on, I loved the thuddy, strong vibrations. During our first session together, however, I noticed that the entire "front" of the toy, the side with the logo, was puffing up like a balloon after about 15 minutes of use. I, rather depressed, contacted Eden Customer Support and was told that the puffing indicated a defect which the new three button, 2nd generation MiMis were not supposed to have due to Je Joue using a different sealant to adhere the silicone skin to the toy. This defect was common in the 1st generation and was supposed to have been remedied with the 2nd generation update. So I sent my new toy back to Eden. (Their customer service and return process is awesome, by the way.) I finally received my 2nd MiMi. I plugged her in and had an even harder time getting the charger to seat properly with the toy that I did with the first one. I left her to charge for two hours. My plan was to turn her on for about 20 minutes and check for puffing or puckering of the skin. When I did so, I turned her off to check her thoroughly and I was pleased to find that there was no such puffing or puckering. However, when I tried to turn her back on, she wouldn't turn on. I plugged her back in and she would blink but the blink wasn't the steady charging blink it was like it was on the fritz, solid for a few seconds, blink a few times, flicker. No matter how I adjusted the charger, the result was the same, and no matter how long I left her charging, she would not turn on. So I contacted Eden again and sent MiMi back for a 3rd try. Well, my 3rd MiMi finally arrived. I plugged her in with minimal fiddling, charged her for 2 hours. Turned her on, ran for 20 minutes, no puckering, no puffing, turned her off, turned her back on.

Eureka! Success. Had a lovely first session with her by myself. Her vibrations are deep and thuddy. I thought my Lelo vibes were rumbly, much rumblier than my previous experience with vibes, but they seem high and buzzy by comparison. She gives me powerful, long orgasms and I don't find the vibrations to be too intense in my hand and I'm thrilled to pieces that her vibrations don't back off or lessen with pressure. This is a big plus!

I was very excited to incorporate her into partnered sex. I'm a lesbian so I was eager not only just to try her with a partner, but also to get another woman's input. We first used her during strap-on sex, missionary position, with me wearing the harness, and were pleased to find that she fit very well between our bodies, rested between my partner's labia and didn't hinder our movements at all. She rested there quite easily, didn't slide around a lot (though we didn't lube her up), and my partner was surprised to find that she didn't press uncomfortably against her pelvic bone, just kind of balanced there perfectly. She reported that the shape and size were ideal for this use. I could feel her vibrations as well, through the harness and in the base of the silicone dildo which was quite enjoyable for me. Later in the proceedings, I used MiMi on my partner in my hand with great success. She was very surprised by how powerful the vibrations were for the size of the toy.

At one point, I increased the vibration level to 3 and she gave a shocked, "How high does this thing go?!" to which I responded by increasing to the 5th level much to my partner's surprise. MiMi was a definite success both solo and with a partner. Though I can't speak from experience, I'm certain that MiMi would work just as well during straight PIV sex as she did for our strap-on session. For girl-on-girl strap on, the wearer will enjoy the vibrations transmitted through the harness and along the dildo, which should translate well for a man in a straight encounter to vibrations on his penis.

As a side note, with a lot of lube, MiMi would likely get very slippery and due to her small size, might become difficult to hold, but I personally find that I need very little lube since her smooth silicone skin has very little drag to it. A drop of lube is more than enough, if I need any additional lubrication at all. For use during our strap-on play, we had initially used lube on the dildo and that combined with my partners natural moisture were enough to use her comfortably without being so much that she slipped around.
Follow-up commentary
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Mimi! I can't rave enough. I use her almost every day! She's wonderful when I use her in solo or with my girlfriend. The shape, the strength, the quality of the vibes, the material, works great! The buttons that everyone complains about don't bother me in the least. The charger, however, is CRAP, absolutely CRAP! I love that it makes the Mimi water proof, but it's CRAP! It takes me forever to get it to stop screaming at me and charge properly! And I'm pretty sure either the indicator light or the connection between the toy and the charger is faulty since it never blinks steadily. I hate it but not enough to make me stop using her. I still love her, but I dread having to charge her (which for me is about every 2-3 uses). But it's worth it. I'll most likely order Uma as soon as I have the points/money, though I'm dreading her charger as well.
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