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The Form 2 has a clever, innovative, beautiful design that delivers strong vibrations through each of two motors. But it also has a serious flaw that drastically limits its usefulness.
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I'm so tired of expensive vibrators that don't work as well as it seems they should. The Form 2 is an incredibly nicely designed vibrator that gives strong vibrations and a few patterns of vibration also, but it has its share of negative qualities. For me its fiddly to use, it takes longer to be successful with it than with big-head vibrators like the Magic Wand and it has a major flaw. Its difficult to use it and not have it launch into its obnoxious, loud mode where the entire unit vibrates. Its intolerable when it does this.

Two vibrating ears, each with their own motor is such a fantastic design idea. The placement of the ears against your clitoris and the constant need to move it to keep them in the right spot that makes it a bit more difficult to use than expected.

This is the first of three vibrators in JimmyJane's "Pleasure to the People" line, all of which use the same charging base. I can't wait to see what Form 3 and Form 4 are.

If only it were well-behaved, it could be nice to hold it against yourself while someone is inside you. I don't dare try that.
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Material / Texture

Almost the entire unit is covered with silicone. Like all silicone products, there is some drag as the ears move across skin. It feels better to use the Form 2 with a little lubricant so that it slides more easily.

Design / Shape / Size

Form 2 resembles a number of things to me.

-a tooth
-rabbit ears, especially these rabbit ears
-the bottom half of an old man, perhaps an old man who wears Depends (and likes pink pants)

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall during the design meetings for this product. Its just so different from anything else. I would love to know how they came up with this wonderful design.

Each root/ear/leg has its own motor. Almost all of it is covered with silicone. The buttons that control it are under the silicone covering, ensuring that it stays waterproof. At the end is metal that serves to allow two prongs on the charging base contact.

The charging base is a small white rectangle that resembles an ipod charging base. When the base is correctly in contact with the Form 2 a light inside the Form 2 lights up. When you remove it from the charging base, the light flashes a different number of times to indicate how well charged it is. You cannot overcharge it, so its convenient to leave it in its charging base whenever its not in use.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Form 2 has a major flaw. At least the one I received does. When in use and especially at higher settings, the entire unit frequently and repeatedly starts vibrating loudly. Its as though a tiny lawn mower inside it becomes activated when its pressed against you. The only way to stop this is to move it away from yourself. But as soon as you start using it again, it will immediately resume that horrible behavior.

Here's a program to describe the experience. I couldn't help myself.

//repeat code inside brackets until frustration_level is too high
while (frustration_level == manageable){
form2.use(2 seconds);
vocalization = "Arghh!"
form2.remove(1 second);
vocalization = "Ahhhh!";
bliss = true;

Form 2 has five levels of vibration and four functions, each of which they've named. The functions are:

1) Constant: Steady vibration
2) Oscillate: Slow vibration wave traversing from side to side
3) Thrum: Simultaneous fast vibration waves
4) Pulse: Rapid intense pulsing from side to side.


5) A rumored secret pattern. You'll have to figure out how to activate this yourself. I was unable to crack the code.

The two side to side patterns feel weaker than Constant or Thrum. Vibrations do move from side to side but for some reason its hard to tell that that's what happens. I would never have noticed if the instructions didn't mention it and I hadn't spent a bit of time closely examining how those functions worked.

Its intelligent enough to remember which function you last used. It will start on that function the next time you turn it on.

Care and Maintenance

The instructions state to let it charge for eight hours before the first use to increase battery life, although it only takes a few hours to recharge after that.

Its waterproof, making it easy to clean. Just wash or wipe down and dry. Do not use a silicone lubricant with the Form 2.

The charging base makes an excellent storage spot. While charging, a light inside it glows to let you know that its correctly in place. It almost doubles as a night light.


The packaging alone is almost enough to induce a visual orgasm. Clearly a tremendous amount of thought went into the design of the packaging. It was very securely packaged and took awhile to open and remove all components. As each new section of the package was opened I couldn't help exclaiming in awe at the beautiful package design. I so would like to share it with my package designer brother-in-law, if only that were appropriate.

The instructions are thorough and a pleasure to read.
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Personal comments

After several trials with the Form 2, each time where I couldn't avoid its obnoxious flaw, I called JimmyJane. To their credit, they sent a replacement unit to me. Unfortunately, the replacement behaves exactly like the original. I've lost all hope of ever using a normally functioning Form 2.

If you're the type of person who is fine with holding vibrators gently against yourself, the Form 2 may well be the best toy experience you'll ever have. But I need more than sweet butterfly kisses. I need pressure along with strong vibrations. The Form 2, as currently designed, isn't up to that task.

The Form 3 was due to be released in March. I can't help thinking that the problems with the Form 2 are having an effect on the release of the rest of the Pleasure to the People line.

JimmyJane does offer a three year limited warranty, which states that JimmyJane will replace or repair defective units.


You can use the Form 2 either with one ear on each side of the clitoris or you can turn it 90 degrees so one ear is above and one is below your clitoris. Squeezing the ears together against your clitoris feels heavenly - at least until the obnoxious behavior starts. Squeezing the ears is one of the actions, along with pressing it against you, that triggers that.

One other usage detail is mildly problematic. The buttons that control Form 2 are small and under the silicone skin. Its easy to see where they are when you're looking at it, but when its in use and you try to find the buttons by touch, they can be quite difficult to locate. One small mosquito bite changes the function. One elongated mosquito bite swelling has both the + and - intensity controls. All only are slightly raised and a little difficult to find by touch alone. This issue I could live with.

I also tried using Form 2 in combination with a G-spot toy with the goal of achieving a do-it-yourself rabbit tailored for me. The rabbits I've tried so far have either not fit or the internal part was too weak. This technique might work for others, but for me whenever there's clitoral vibration, that overwhelms all and I'm unable to feel G-spot stimulation no matter how strong. But I haven't finished with these experiments. This may turn out to be where the Form 2 redeems itself.

My "score" with Form 2 isn't really zero. I have managed to be successful with it a few times. But there have just been too many times when I've tossed it aside and reached for a less problematic vibrator.

Message to JimmyJane: If you need someone to test out Forms 3 or 4 to ferret out problems like this before product launch, I'm right here.
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  • Stinkytofu10
    wonderful written and video review, thank you!
  • (k)InkyIvy
    Fabulously thorough review! Thank you so much for taking the time to share!
  • Sangsara
    Too bad it didn't work for you- this is one of my top 5. Thanx!
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