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SinFive Emigi reviews

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45 reviews

The SinFive Emigi is a comfortable, attractive kegel exerciser. It is beautifully designed, and the price is great for those who are on a budget. It is all you need from a kegel exerciser in a discreet, pleasant package. Overall, it is very good for anyone looking for an inexpensive, yet effective, kegel exerciser.

This toy doesn't do the one thing it was supposed to do: aid me in doing my kegels. It adds no resistance and doesn't help me at all. As a result, I can't recommend anybody buy this.

Comfortable to wear, the SinFive Emigi is unlike any kegel set I've tried. the petite size allows for easy placement and the shape lets it stay right in place even while I do my chores. Truly effective, my muscles are well on their way to be tone and in shape.

Overall: If you aren't worried about the allergy/ irritation aspect of things, then it might be worth trying this toy. I don't consider myself sensitive to materials at all, yet it has bothered me, so I really can't get behind this product. If it weren't for Complaint #1, I would tell people to give it a shot just because it is cheap and a good starting point.

With all of the great things going for it, I think this is a stellar kegel exerciser. It is easy to wear, maintain, and seems like it would be very effective.

Great exerciser, the Emigi is easy to insert and is comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time. While it works the pelvic muscles well, there are times when you can't feel them at all. I like that it is a small size and decently heavy weight. This toy is great to use during vigorous movement, and keeps the free weights inside the toy moving which keeps your muscles contracting. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a little tightening down there.

This one provides a great workout!! It is not so big that you feel like you are stuffing yourself and it has a retrieval cord for those who worry about getting it out. The emigi works to increase your vaginal tone and to help decrease the sneezing and peeing action.

The SinFive Emigi offers the ideal kegel exercise: the weight/heft of a 2-part kegel exerciser in one piece, which makes for easy insertion and comfortable wear. I personally have had some odd "poking" issues from the shape of this kegel exerciser, but that aside, it's a decent product, and one worth checking out if you're after a high quality exerciser for the lady parts.

I love this product and would suggest it to anyone looking into vaginal exercisers. It does it's job well, and honestly there's not a thing I can think of that is wrong with it It's discreet, well made, and great for anyone looking to strength their PC muscles.

This is a great kegel exerciser. It is a nice small size and sufficient weight. The material is very advanced and has an anti-bacterial coating that keeps things nice and clean. It is silent and can be worn anywhere, at home or in public. And it makes me crazy wet!

I already had enough vaginal exercisers before Emigi and wasn't really enthusiastic about buying it, but I'm so glad I did. Because of its size, easy-to-clean material, and awesome retrieval cord, I use Emigi exclusively as my vaginal exerciser--and it gets a lot of mileage in bed, too!

This produce is worth buying because it works. It's the best money you will ever spend for you or your lover. It is comfortable and easy to use at any time of the day. You will be excited to use time and time again.

The Emigi is extremely comfortable, and has helped me strengthen my pc muscles after a traumatic injury and surgeries. It's taken time to see results, but I would recommend this to all vagina owners looking for a comfortable way to aid their kegels.

I'm a vaginal ball lover. I wear mine regularly and love to try new ones. I was excited to add these to my collection because I thought they might be a nice bridge between Ami 2 and Ami 3. That was not the case. To me, these were not noticeable or challenging at all. My Kegels did not feel any more effective and I forgot these were in me entirely within a few short hours. These may be wonderful for beginners, but advanced users should look elsewhere.

This is a neat little vaginal exerciser that holds two balls within it, and they move around when you do. It is really easy to insert, and it has a retrieval cord, making it a breeze to take out as well. It also comes in a variety of fun colors to choose from.

The Emigi is an interesting vaginal exerciser that is made of a soft, slick material and has a firmly-attached retrieval cord. The toy's inner movement is good, it's easy to insert, and it's easy to remove with good sensations while it's in. This toy is definitely worth checking out.

I highly recommend the Emigi. It is cute, sturdy, comfortable, useful, and to top it off, it's affordable. It encourages me to do my kegel exercises and to walk more. If you want a smaller exerciser, I don't think you can really go wrong with this one.

The Emigi is designed to make the most out of every exercise session. The unique shape and free moving ball bearing make your muscles really work. Your kegels will become more independent from your other lower muscles, increasing the ability to feel sensation and create more intense orgasms, more often! This exerciser will make a great addition to your collection due to its effectiveness and its price point.

This is my first SinFive product and because of this experience, I feel inclined to buy another product from them again. I always forget to do my kegels, but the Emigi is an excellent reminder. It's not so big that it causes pain, but big enough that I have a constant reminder inside of me. I think this is awesome for all women; for those on the looser side and those who are also a little bit tighter.

Quality at an affordable price, ease of use, and antimicrobial materials make this a great buy for any woman looking to strengthen their pelvic floor (PC) muscles for whatever reason. Whether you want to become Mistress of Orgasms or lesson your pantie laundry load,this SinFive Emigi by Wolwin GmbH will get you there with time and little effort. Easy to insert and easy to care for, the Emigi looks like a mouse but performs like a champion!

The Emigi is a great little Kegel exerciser that is comfortable and discreet. I am not much of a go-out-of-my-way-to-exercise type person, but I found myself climbing stairs just to feel my vaginal muscles contract. Love it.

The Emigi is a vaginal exerciser that is comfortable to use for long periods of time and that provides pleasurable sensations when the balls move around. It is a good size that should work for most body types and help work the PC muscles for more intense orgasms and make sex/masturbation more pleasurable.

Swiping my card at the grocery store - I just did one. Thanking a stranger for holding the door - I just did another. Trying on a cute winter hat - you guessed it; I did it again. What am I doing, exactly? Kegel exercises! And no one is ever the wiser to it because I'm using the SinFive Emigi! I am absolutely smitten with this cute little peanut!

This toy is cute as a button, minimalist, completely comfortable to wear and the natural vibration of the balls inside make it feel really good. A great reminder and aid in doing kegel exercises!

Emigi is an excellent kegel exerciser option. The vibration of the balls is easily felt and the material that is used for the Emigi is safe for your body. They also come in a wide variety of colors, so there's one for everyone!

A stylish little "sexerciser" that is totally discreet & as a tool can help women connect with and strengthen their vaginas.

The SinFive Emigi is so advanced that for the money, it is well worth the price. It is fun to hold, a breeze to put in and take out, it really excels beyond my expectations. My husband even likes that I am using it. It comes in a variety of colours for you to choose from and it's so easy to care for, what's not to like? The fact that it's anti-microbial is a home-run hit as far as I am concerned.

The Emigi has and size, shape and weight that can be used by just about anyone who is female bodied. It's not going to make you have a vagina of steel overnight, but with regular use you will notice a difference in not time.

The Emigi is a great little device for strengthening your PC muscles. It really is all it is cracked up to be.

A great Kegel exerciser to start with, the Emigi is quiet, low maintenance, and sized just right. Comfortable enough to wear at any time, it's an arousing way to work the pelvic floor muscles.

The SinFive Emigi is the best kegelciser I've tried thus far. It's not much larger than a tampon, and just as easy to insert/extract. It's antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. It's phthalates and latex free. There are ben wa balls inside to aid with stimulation, building muscle strength, and maintaining pc health. Overall, this is a quality product that I really enjoy owning.

I highly recommend the Emgi kegel exerciser for just about any woman, it's very pleasant feeling, not too big, not too small, not too heavy, not too light, and just the right amount of stimulating for extended everyday wear. It's also very very effective as a way of strengthening your PC muscles.

The Emigi is a great addition to my toy box. Even though it's not actually a 'toy', it makes sex much more fulfilling!

Looking for a safe and easy way to exercise those PC muscles? Then look no farther than SinFive's Emigi! This kegel execiser has manageable dimensions and weight, making it a great choice for a wide range of users. Made with an anti-microbial material, the Emigi is as easy to care for as it is to use. Its ergonomic design is great for exercising on-the-go without any embarrassing mishaps or discomfort. So, forget "no pain, no gain"—the Emigi will pleasurably whip your PC muscles in to shape!

The SinFive Emigi is not my first vaginal exerciser, but it may be my last. The size and shape and weight distribution work really well for me, and the WTP material is extra safe. And as an added bonus, it vibrates when I laugh!

The Emigi may just be the perfect vaginal exerciser; it's small, easily used by those with a short vaginal canal or tipped uterus, has two weighted inner balls and a body safe, comfortable retrieval cord. Far smarter than Smartballs in my book!

The Emigi by SinFive is an amazing little vaginal exerciser! It's unique design and antimicrobial gives you a fun worry-free way to preform kegel exercises.

The best of its kind. A great deal. Perfect for beginners. If you are looking for cheap effective kegel exerciser... This is your toy.

The SinFive Emigi is a great kegel exerciser that will do its job and requires little maintenance. If, for some reason, it doesn't work that well for you, perhaps it will entertain your cat.

The Emigi is a new form of kegel exercisers. Made of high quality self-cleaning materials, it is completely body safe. The dainty discreet design is perfect for beginners but a great choice for all women who wish to strengthen their vaginal muscles.

The SinFive Emigi is THE Kegel exerciser. It's small, discreet, beautiful, and should be comfortable for beginners and advanced users alike. Those with shorter vaginal canals and tilted uteruses worried about a dual-ball toning system can confidently invest in the Emigi.

A deformed Tylenol? A mutated mouse? An overgrown peanut? No, the Emigi is an awesome vaginal exerciser that's perfect for any beginner or any woman who wants to start small in their quest for vaginal strength. It's very affordable price makes it a great buy, and you can wear it just about anywhere you want to.

Emigi is a high quality, well constructed kegel exerciser. They are a new form of vaginal balls that are compacted together in one compartment. Emigi is a smaller set of balls that sit on the pelvic floor and work the kegels without being uncomfortable. Emigi can be worn anywhere at anytime and is made of body safe material.

The Emigi Kegel Exerciser is great for beginners or advanced users. You can wear this product while you're sitting at your desk at work, walking around the mall, or just doing chores around the house. The discretion of this product makes it easily able to be used anywhere. The design helps it stay in and is small enough to not be overwhelming. I'd recommend it to all.

The Emigi is a very affordable kegel exerciser or high quality construction and materials. The design makes it easy to use and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. If you want to strengthen your vaginal muscles, the Emigi is a great choice for any woman.

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