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Vaginal Balls 101

I'm a vaginal ball lover. I wear mine regularly and love to try new ones. I was excited to add these to my collection because I thought they might be a nice bridge between Ami 2 and Ami 3. That was not the case. To me, these were not noticeable or challenging at all. My Kegels did not feel any more effective and I forgot these were in me entirely within a few short hours. These may be wonderful for beginners, but advanced users should look elsewhere.
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SinFive's Emigi are vaginal balls that are used to help strengthen the PC muscles. They are used in conjunction with Kegel exercises. With regular Kegels, many women will experience stronger orgasms, better urinary control, and increased vaginal tightness. While there is some debate about the effectiveness of vaginal balls in general, at the very least you can use them as a reminder to do Kegels or for arousal.

Emigi is probably best suited for beginners. They are small in size and not heavily weighted.

Despite the temptation due to the cord, these should not be used anally. There is always a chance the cord may pop and these may get stuck inside.

Material / Texture

Emigi is made of WTP which is rated at an 8 on the safety scale. What is WTP? WTP is a thermoplastic that is often used to make children's toys. Apparently it has anti-microbial properties. Now personally, as a germ freak, I don't know how much I trust the anti-microbial properties bit. Maybe that's just me being paranoid. It's non-toxic and non-porous.

Emigi feels much like one of my son's toys, actually. The material feels like a slightly sticky plastic. It has a fair amount of drag to it. It almost feels like it's made of a bunch of tiny little surface bumps that make it up. It's not textured exactly, but it's not totally smooth either.

While the material does have drag to it, it was completely comfortable to wear all day. I didn't feel the drag when it was inside of me. I only needed a very small amount of lube to insert this. Beginners and advanced users should be able to use this material and the slightly odd texture shouldn't be an issue for anyone.

Design / Shape / Size

Emigi looks, as others have said, like a peanut with a rat tail. Just a really big peanut. Perhaps Mr. Peanut if you put a little hat on it. It's kind of cute, really. The total length is 6.25 inches. The length of just the balls, or the insertable length, is 2.5 inches. The product page lists the diameter at 1.25 inches while I got only 1 inch. I'm fairly certain there is no way this is 1.25 inches. It's really tiny. Sometimes I think I just measured wrong, but in this instance I'm betting the product page is incorrect. You never know though, I could always be wrong. Where Emigi comes together in the middle is 5/8 of an inch in diameter.

Here you can see Emigi in my hand. If I hold Emigi to the tip of my middle finger it comes down to my knuckle.

According to the product page, Emigi weighs 3.4oz. I don't have anything to weigh it with to verify this information, so I'm just going to assume this is correct.

Since Emigi is so tiny, it is perfect for someone new to vaginal balls or someone with a smaller vaginal canal. If you have tried other sets and found them to be large and uncomfortable, this may be a perfect match. However, for more advanced users, Emigi may not pose much of a challenge. Personally, I barely noticed when Emigi was inserted.


Well, since I couldn't tell these were inside of me most of the time, it rather negated the whole purpose of having them. With the exception of Ami 3 and sometimes Ami 2, I find that most vaginal balls don't actually do all that much other than remind you to do the Kegels. They do help me to clench harder because I have something to clench around, I suppose. I usually wear my sets all day long. By 11am, I had totally forgotten these were inside of me. I did some Kegels in the morning, not so much because I felt the balls, but because I kept mentally thinking "Oh, I have the Emigi in."

While the size poses one problem, the weight poses another. By weighting the balls, it can result in the challenge of having to clench the muscles to stop the balls from falling out. Now, Ami 3 is heavily weighted and on occasion I have trouble wearing them all day. Ami 2 is weighted, but not so much that I have any issues with all day wear. Emigi is feather weight compared to every set I have (SmartBalls, Luna Beads, Ami). It just poses no real challenge to keep these in. Or at least, no more so than it would to hold in a tampon.

Now, I'm willing to forgive a lack of PC muscle toning if vaginal balls perform in another area - arousal. I wear vaginal beads both for the exercise and for the love of feeling the balls roll around. I usually can't get both out of the same set. With Emigi, there was about a one hour window in the day where I randomly did notice the balls rolling around when I walked. It was mid-morning, I think around 10am. Perhaps they had moved into just the right spot at that moment in time to be felt. It came and went and I could not get the to reposition to get this sensation again. While it lasted, I could feel them decently. My Luna Beads are my go to beads for arousal purposes and these were not as noticeable when I moved as those, even in the hour I was able to feel them.

What I will say is this. I think that while these didn't pose much of a challenge for me, someone who has never used a set before may have a different result. I now have four sets including this one and excluding my traditional Ben Wa balls. I use them all day long at least 3-4 times a week. I wear them from 5am-6pm on the days I wear them. So I would not consider myself a "beginner" vaginal ball user at this point. Had I gotten these as my first vaginal balls, I might have been a lot more impressed by them. In fact, I wish I would have gotten these as my first set instead of the SmartBalls because the SmartBalls were difficult to insert and are hard to use the restroom with.

Care and Maintenance

While there are (supposedly) anti-microbial properties to the material, please still clean these! Soap and water or a toy cleaner or spray will all work. I tend to prefer an anti-bacterial one, especially for something that has seen extended wear.

You can use any lube with this with the exception of oil based ones.

Emigi comes packed in a pouch like container, which you can store these in. You could also keep them in a drawer or baggie of some type.


The packaging on this is actually kind of cute. It's super tiny and it's in the shape of a small pouch. The front says "emigi" in lowercase letters and "kegel exerciser" along with "SIN" in uppercase lettering. It has a picture of Emigi on it. The back has some information on the balls written in three languages.

It's small enough to be used for storage. While it does have a picture of the product, most people don't know what the heck a vaginal ball is or what it looks like, so you could probably show people the picture and they would have no idea what they were looking at. It does say "Kegel exerciser" though and perhaps some people might know what that is.

Personal comments

Boy, did I struggle with the rating on this. There are so many positive reviews and I hate to be the Negative Nancy that comes on here with a mediocre one. Sadly, these are just useless to me and I'll never use them. From my own personal experience, these would be a two. However, because I think these could be a great starting point for a beginner, I think it could be a four or five star product for the right person. I really want to go along with the crowd and give these a four because I don't want to be the one person with the three star review. I just can't do it though because for me to give a four star review to an item that will collect dust there has to be something really amazing about it and there wasn't anything spectacular about this.

That being said, if you want a cheaper set of vaginal balls for beginners, this is a good set. I would still recommend Ami or Luna over this one, however. I think both are higher in quality and more effective. In the end, you'll end up wanting the upgrade anyway so why not just start with the ones you'll end up with? More cost effective in the long run.

I think the person I would recommend this most to would be someone with a very short vaginal canal who does not want a super weighted ball. So if you liked the size of Ami 3 but not the weight, this would be a great option.


I've gone over almost everything already. I did want to mention one other thing. At around 3pm one day when I was wearing these, I had so very much forgotten these that they almost ended up in the toilet. Usually, when wearing my ball sets, I push softly when going to the restroom so as not to push out the balls. Since I have a bad memory and had not felt Emigi in literally hours, I blanked on the fact that they were in me. I went to pee, but pushed as hard as I would normally. I felt something strange and looked down and Emigi was almost completely out and heading for the toilet. I don't care how anti-microbial this material is - if this would have gone in that water, these were never going back inside of me. That's just how little I was able to notice these.
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