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No Pain, Still Gain!

Looking for a safe and easy way to exercise those PC muscles? Then look no farther than SinFive's Emigi! This kegel execiser has manageable dimensions and weight, making it a great choice for a wide range of users. Made with an anti-microbial material, the Emigi is as easy to care for as it is to use. Its ergonomic design is great for exercising on-the-go without any embarrassing mishaps or discomfort. So, forget "no pain, no gain"—the Emigi will pleasurably whip your PC muscles in to shape!
Effective. Comfortable. Discreet. Durable. Anti-microbial.
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The Emigi by SinFive is a petite, dual-ball kegel exerciser that helps strengthen PC muscles. This is a user-friendly kegel exerciser designed to be worn by women on the go. This insertable device has a bulbous hour-glass shaped exterior and two freely moving weighted balls inside. During use, the Emigi's weighted balls jiggle and vibrate, causing the body to automatically contract the PC muscles. This is an exercise that can be done without pain and without any concentration. Exercising the PCs with the Emigi is a little like breathing: it happens naturally, only when you think about it do you become aware of the process.

Although SinFive markets the Emigi specifically as a "lovetoy" with sexual benefits, using this kegel exerciser will result in all of the benefits of exercising the PC muscles (see Personal Comments section). As such, the Emigi is ideal for women who have urinary incontinence, women seeking to tighten their vaginae, and women looking to strengthen their orgasms. Please note that the Emigi is NOT suitable for anal use.
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Material / Texture

While Eden's product overview says that the Emigi is made of WTP, the pamphlet included in the packaging repeatedly states that it is made of elastomer. The main difference is that WTP is not porous, whereas elastomer is slightly porous. I do not have enough experience with either of these materials to do a touch test and tell you which the Emigi is. However, because there is some confusion, I'd treat Emigi as slightly porous when handling and caring for it, just to be safe.

That being said, the Emigi is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and velvety smooth to the touch. The durable material is not squishy, but it isn't concrete hard either. If you squeeze the Emigi, there is some give. For a non-jelly, solid product, the Emigi is relatively soft. The cord, which is made of the same material, is stretchy and extremely strong. Although the Emigi is not a total lint magnet, its material does tend to pick up some fuzzies.

What sets the Emigi apart from its kegel-exercising competitors is its antimicrobial properties. According to the pamphlet, the "bicompatible elastomer" (which means that the materiel is not invasive and is body-friendly) is infused with a germ-resistant additive. The additive (which is unnamed, probably for patent reasons) destroys the metabolisms of bacteria with which it comes into contact. This prevents bacteria from surviving on the Emigi. Although the Emigi kills germs, this does not mean it is perpetually clean; the product still requires special care (see Care and Maintenance section). The additive is part of the material's molecular make-up; it is not an added top-coat or layer and will, therefore, never wash off, rub off, or stop working. This additive is safe, body-friendly, and used in several of SinFive's products.
    • Smooth
    • Soft
    • Anti-microbial

Design / Shape / Size

The Emigi is very petite and very sleek. The length from ball tip to the end of the cord is 6 1/4"; the insertable length (that is, the length of the two balls) is 2 1/2". The cord (which is 4 1/4") can be easily cut if you prefer it to be shorter. At its widest, the circumference is 3 3/4", with a diameter of 1 1/4". This is pretty petite compared to other popular insertable kegel exercisers. The Emigi is also a manageable weight of 3.4 oz (slightly lighter than the average stick of butter). The Emigi's user-friendly girth and weight make this an obvious choice for women with short vaginal cavities and/or a tipped uterus and beginners alike, though more advanced users will also appreciate this kegel exerciser.

SinFive clearly designed the Emigi with users in mind. In addition to its body-friendly materials, shape, and dimensions, the Emigi also has a body-friendly construction. Although the Emigi has dual weights, the design does not separate the balls from each other. Instead, they are fused together in a cylindrical center. As a result, the Emigi will never pinch your insides during insertion or use. And although the Emigi has two raised seams (one around each ball), they cannot be felt when during insertion or use. From its petite size to its ergonomic curves, the Emigi is a kegel exerciser which allows you to experience no pain, but with all the gain!
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic


Inserting the Emigi is very simple and pain-free. To insert, grip the bulb with the cord attached with your fingertips and gently push the other end into the vaginal cavity, as you would push in a tampon without an applicator. As noted in the previous section, the design of the Emigi ensures that there is no pinching or discomfort during insertion. The Emigi goes in quickly and with ease; lube is not really necessary to insert, but it can be used if desired (see Care and Maintenance section). Once inside, the Emigi is barely noticeable (which is a good thing). There is no discomfort whatsoever; personally, I find the Emigi more comfortable to wear than a tampon, since the Emigi is significantly shorter and curvier and, therefore, never poke-y. To remove the Emigi, simply pull the retrieval cord; its strong material will stretch as you pull and will not tear. I find it most comfortable to be in a squatting position when both inserting and removing the Emigi.

As for getting stimulation from the Emigi, it's not a sure bet. I only felt the vibrations from the rocking balls when climbing/descending stairs, running, and riding in vehicles. This was more of a fun reminder that I was exercising my PC muscles than a buzz which gave me pleasure. Inside, the vibrations feel like more of a dull murmur than a strong rattle. Even though the Emigi isn't felt every second it is in use, this does not mean this kegel exerciser is ineffective: the fact that the Emigi stays in shows that your PC muscles are being put to work.
    • Barely felt during use
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Caring for the Emigi is as simple as using it! Use warm water and a mild soap to wash the Emigi before and after every use. Because of its anti-microbial additive, disinfecting the Emigi with any kind of product is not necessary. Using an anti-bacterial soap to wash the product may damage its anti-microbial properties, so use a gentle cleanser (like Dove) instead. Do NOT wash the Emigi with hot water or in a dishwasher or washing machine. After washing, allow the Emigi to dry before storing it in a clean place. The Emigi can be stored in its original packaging or in any other dry and sterile location.

NOTE: I've noticed that the area from which the cord sticks out requires extra care. If you pull the cord (as you would during retrieval), the cord separates from the bulb, revealing a gap between the bulb and the cord. This crevice can hold vaginal mucus, lint, etc. If not properly cleaned, residue can build up in this gap and form a gross crust. To ensure that this area is clean, wet a cotton swab (such as a Q-tip) with warm water and a gentle soap, and use it to scrub around the crevice.

The Emigi is compatible with both silicone- and water-based lubes. Please note that the product cannot be used with oil-based lubricants.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Emigi comes in a simple, transparent plastic packaging. The package folds to make a pyramid which houses both the Emigi and the pamphlet. In its original arrangement, the pamphlet blocks the Emigi from view and is very discreet. The front of the pamphlet reads "emigi kegel exerciser / Made in Germany / SinFive." If the packaging is left in plain sight, the only way people will know that this is a sex toy is by 1) knowing what a kegel exerciser is and what it does; 2) reading the fine print on the back of the pamphlet ("Increases enjoyment of lovemaking / Lovetoy for vaginal stimulation"). I kept the Emigi inside its packaging on my desk in my dorm for about two weeks: nobody seemed to notice the package, and none of my many guests asked me what it was.

The pamphlet itself unfolds to reveal instructions for applying and caring for the Emigi, as well as basic information on the anti-microbial properties, in German, English, and Spanish. Included in the pamphlet are images of other SinFive products. Perhaps the only short-coming of this pamphlet is that it does not show or explain how kegel exercises work or any of the anatomy involved. For that, I had to do my own research (see Personal Comments section).
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal

Personal comments

The Emigi is my first kegel exerciser. I was intrigued by its rave reviews and its claims, but I didn't really know what a kegel exerciser was or how it worked. Because the packaging did not provide any substantive "kegel education," I had to do my own research. So, for a moment, let's get back to basics: What are these "PC" muscles? And why exercise them?

What are PC muscles?
Both men and women have PC (or pubococcygeus) muscles. PC muscles (often called "kegels" for Dr. Kegel, who studied how they worked and how to strengthen them) are part of the pelvic floor; they help to control urine flow and contract during orgasm. So, having weak kegels can result in difficulty controlling urine (urinary incontinence) and underwhelming orgasms. To locate your PC muscles without using any fancy equipment, simply contract the muscle that allows you to hold your pee.

Why do kegel exercises?
Kegels are like any other muscles in the body: if not put to use, they will become weak. Luckily, kegels, like any other muscle, can be strengthened and toned through exercise. Exercising the PC muscles will result in stronger PC muscles and, therefore, better control over urinary urges and stronger orgasms. Additional benefits of doing kegel exercises include helping to prevent pre-ejaculate in men and easing childbirth for women.

So, the Emigi can help women who would like to tighten their vaginae (after losing firmness due to childbirth or aging), pregnant women who would like to strengthen their PCs for childbirth, women with urinary incontinence, and women seeking stronger orgasms.


Overall, I am very satisfied with my Emigi. Although I'm not always aware of it being in, this doesn't bother me. I haven't cut the cord and, instead, tuck it between my labia; I find this to be just as comfortable as having a minimal cord. It's exciting to forget about the Emigi for a while, only to be reminded when feeling that dull murmur inside of me when going up stairs or exerting myself in other ways. I wore the Emigi to go clubbing, and it wasn't nearly as pleasurable as I hoped it would be. But I danced the night away anyway, knowing that the Emigi would keep put. And this is something that is very important to me: I am never afraid that the Emigi will fall out or that it is hurting my insides. And as for results, they come slowly but surely. After using the Emigi for about two weeks, I do think that I am a bit tighter and that my orgasms are getting stronger. So, I'll continue to use the Emigi with the confidence that "no pain" doesn't always mean "no gain."
Follow-up commentary
I continue to absolutely adore my Emigi kegel exerciser! I use it here and there--not every day--but I continue to enjoy the rather fabulous results. My orgasms come much more easily, though they're not mind-blowingly "better." I've also noticed that I am tighter. My partner, too, has commented on this. In his words, he says that my "vagina is soooo grippy" and that he can "feel the vaginal walls squeezing around [him] so tightly." I love using it; we both love the results!

As far as doing the kegel exercises, I am quite content to just put it in and let it do its thing while I'm on the go. However, I've been doing additional exercises ever since I found this video on SinFive's website. To get a better work-out from your Emigi, insert it into the vagina and, once it has been sucked it, clench your PC muscles; then, while still clenching, pull on the retrieval chord. Of course, this requires being in an environment where you can noticeably work out the PCs. But really, this is a wonderful work out for your kegels!

I'd like to end this Follow-up section with a brief story:
A few weeks ago, I spontaneously decided to buy a plane ticket to visit my boyfriend. Tickets were cheap enough, so I purchased one to leave the next day. I was very excited to be in his arms again. And then I remembered that I hadn't been using my Emigi and how very much he liked it the last time. So, for the rest of that day, I wore my Emigi out and about. The following day, the day of my flight, I also wore the Emigi. My plan was to take it out before heading off to the airport. Well, it's just so comfortable that... I forgot. I didn't remember that it was still in until I was well in the airport security line. I didn't have time to get out of line, go to the bathroom to take it out, get back in line, and still catch my flight. So, I held my breath, hoped against all hope that the jiggly balls inside were NOT metal, and went ahead. And ya know what? I MADE IT!! Score! Of course, this was a regular metal detector that I walked through--not one of those crazy X-ray machines they are installing. I was very paranoid about getting stopped for having a kegel exerciser in my vagina... can you even imagine how awkward that conversation would be?! No officer, I'd say, it's not a threat. You see, I'm kck, a sex toy reviewer. The little bulb inside of me? Oh, it's a kegel exerciser so I can have a tighter pussy and better orgasms! EEK!!!! So, while I don't recommend waltzing through airport security with the Emigi in, I totally did it! Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Emigi did an amazing job with its 1.5 day work-out ;)
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