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The Cobra Libre is most definitely one of the successful purchases I have made. It has been a great deal of fun for my alone time as well as for my wife and I to play with together.

GREAT rechargeable toy for men. 100% waterproof, powerful, quiet, high-quality silicone and abs plastic, updated for easier use and couples play.

This toy is a vibrating enigma. Its motions appear visually and physically powerful while you're holding the toy. Yet, no matter what part of the toy presses against you, the vibrations feel like nothing. This masturbator is pricey and probably not worth it. Get to know yourself and figure out what you like before you get this product — it has a very high chance to disappoint.

Oh, Is it Cobra Time Yet ?

I'm very happy with this toy and use it often before turning in. I like some play every night and this does the trick for me. I use this whether we have sex or not. I like the penis head stimulation this provides. Also it gives her the hint I'm in the mood. Though it is not cheap it is automated and will last years. It also covered under Fun Factory's 2 year warranty.

While I had reservations at first, and it took awhile to grow accustomed to it, it is now one of my go-to toys if I want hands-free stimulation.

The Cobra Libre is a very unique new spin on masturbators. It encircles only the tip creating a unique and pleasant sensation. Overall it is a good time. The head is a bit small so larger men might have difficulty using it. The toy has numerous settings, lots of power, and can be used hands free. A novel toy worth trying out.

The Cobra Libre Masturbator is a fantastic toy that every man should have. It is a fantastic way to love yourself. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!

I think that the Cobra Libre has great potential and is a very unique first attempt by Fun Factory to make a new kind of toy for men. However, this is not a one-size fits-all product. It very well may be too small for some users. That being said, the dual motors and construction of this toy do try and make-up for not being able to use the toy to its full potential. It's definitely a fun toy, but won't be a go-to for me.

A Hands Free Couples Experience!

The Cobra is a sexy sleek toy that is designed to give a whole new experience to male masturbation. With multiple vibration settings, easy to use controls, and its small size this will be a toy your girl is jealous of! But don't you worry, she can enjoy this ride too! Place the cobra in a certain position and you can both benefit from a sexy hands-free foreplay session!

This is a great addition to our collection! We've both decided that it is unique, feels great, can be used alone, or even better--it can be coupled with a lot of other types of stimulation.

The Cobra Libre is a very unique toy that provides some pleasurable vibrations; unfortunately like so many others this toy is not prefect. There is a lot of room for improvement, such as the clunky controls that are way to sensitive, and the opening could be larger to accommodate more of the penis.

The cobre libre would make a good toy for a beginner over the experienced toy user. It can be pleasurable if allowed enough time to enjoy. Will have to try with my hubby while he is blind folded and tied to the chair.

I suggest buying this product out of curiosity. It is expensive, so buy it during a good deal. I would recommend this product to a friend.

The Cubra Libre is a drink made of Rum, Coke and lime that can, depending on the strength and quantity you drink, give you a powerful buzz. The Cobra Libre, depending on the setting you have it on, will also give your head a powerful buzz & some orgasmic results!! Did you think this was only for men? Think again! There are a couple different ways women can get their buzz on, too!! Read on and find out how......

I would save your money and get something else. I know there are a lot of reviews that rave about this toy, but this did nothing for me. Nothing buy cause discomfort during use, and leave me still feeling the vibrations the next day. I could leave it on my penis for 30 minutes and get nothing out of it but a numb penis.

I don't hate the product, it's just not for me. A quality vibrating cock ring and a masturbator sleeve would do the same thing for me. Maybe this is supposed to be used as a teasing toy? I would suggest it for couples play or girls who wanna get their guy going without getting the bj mouth stretch marks :)

While one of the more costly means of addressing one's baser urges, this is absolutely worth the extra expense. The sensation are simply without parallel and should not be missed by anyone who finds themselves with both the mind and the means to enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Absolutely recommend getting if bored with same old whack off sleeves. It can be used by yourself of with your partner.

The Cobra Libre can be summarized in one word - quirky. It's a cute and quirky design, unique on the market. Unfortunately, the quirks also extend into performance and can hinder the enjoyment of those who are slow to get into a vibration groove. Odd design choices create strange challenges especially for girthier men, but if you are a man who gets off easily from vibrations and are of average dimensions, this may be the toy for you.

It's expensive, but innovative. It does most, but not all of the work for you and, so long as it doesn't shut off in the middle of things, will get the job done. The Libre is a solid toy that appears to be made well and made to last. I'm in the middle of the road on this one.

Is the Cobra Libre worth a test drive? Absolutely. It's a well-made product with a few flaws but as soon as you slip it on, you'll be blown away by the experience! I haven't seen a sex toy quite like this before and I don't think any competitors can live up to this standard. Get your Cobra Libre on today!

If you really like vibration on the head of your cock you might like this toy. If you need to stroke it forget it. The controls are awful. It turns on when you don't want it to, and then good luck turning it off. I have no idea how to get all of the different vibration patterns it is supposed to have. The touch controls make no sense and are way to sensitive. A waste of money.

This can cause 'body orgasm' in men where you're feeling tingly and fantastic well long after you've come. It's definitely something every male should try or experience at least once!

The Cobra Libre is by far one of the most unique toys I've ever encountered. If you're on the fence about this one, don't be. Every guy should have a vibration induced orgasm at least once, and the Cobra Libre is just the toy to experience that with!

You get what you pay for, and for the price tag of this toy, a unique and strong orgasm is guaranteed.

I really wanted to love this toy. It has a great design and is very well made. Unfortunately, at least for me, is doesn't really perform as expect. Quite a shame.

The Cobra Libre is best for leisurely sessions to gradually rev up from a lazy idle. While it may start your engine, you might need to find other modes of "transportation" to get you across the finish line. Whether or not this toy will take you where you want to go is dependent upon how you respond to vibrations and to the lack of thrusting stimulation. But even if you must catch a lift to your destination by other means, you can still enjoy the ride it offers on the first leg of your journey.

Perhaps one of the most in-demand Male products, The Cobra is something else! Its powerful,re-chargable, high quality and it has a ton of vibration possibilities and variations. However, it doesn't simulate sex, is pretty expensive, and is hard to get a hold of! Overall a very good toy, but I'm not sure it was worth the price tag. Worth a try if you are looking for a powerful vibration experience!

I am not really sure what to say about this toy for the summary. It took me time to orgasm and I'm not even sure why I orgasmed this time and not the other times. I hope I will figure that out and will be able to give people pointers on how to use it. I would like to add that it is generally quiet. But when you have your dick in it and it's vibrating on high and it gets in the right position. It can produce a fair amount of noise.

Though I wouldn't call the Cobra Libre hands free it is a completely new way to jerk off. Focusing on the head of the penis, this toy surrounds you with pulsing, throbbing, ramping vibrations that are amazingly stimulating. You may not be able to finish the job without thrusting but it's an excellent foreplay toy and very fun for couples to use together.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

The Cobra Libre from Fun Factory is a unique toy that completely changes the world of masturbators by utilizing intense vibrations to stimulate the head of the penis. Some may find it difficult to climax with this toy since there is no thrusting or stroking. However, if you patiently explore the variety of vibrating patterns, you're sure to be rewarded. So sit back, keep your hands on the toy at all times, and enjoy the ride!

Start your engines! The Cobra Libre is ready to rev your pleasure up! One of the most interesting looking toys out there, the Cobra will provide a new and unique dimension to male masturbation. Fun to use a lone, on a partner, or with a partner the Cobra Libra has vibration levels for anyone. If if doesn't get you off, it will most likely still tease you til you can't take it anymore!

This is one amazing masturbation toy that definitely changes the whole game when it comes to this kind of device. If you are looking for something new that you can really just sit back and enjoy the ride with, this is it. On the lower setting you could probably extend your sessions as long as you wanted them to be. On the high settings, the sensations are unlike anything out there for men!

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