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Oh, Is it Cobra Time Yet ?

I'm very happy with this toy and use it often before turning in. I like some play every night and this does the trick for me. I use this whether we have sex or not. I like the penis head stimulation this provides. Also it gives her the hint I'm in the mood. Though it is not cheap it is automated and will last years. It also covered under Fun Factory's 2 year warranty.
Hands free, easy to clean, rechargeable, 8 patterns
Sensitive control panel, Care needed if taking on public transportation, Prolonged session can leave
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The Cobra Libre, masturator is a simulator/ massager for only the head of a penis. You insert your semi or fully erect penis in the Cobra's mouth/opening and get ready to rumble. Turn it on and it will start vibrating. The Cobra now has your penis head engulfed and will provide vibrations to the most sensitive part of the penis, the head and in particular the glans.

It's has 2 motors and powered by a rechargeable battery. You can use hold it with one/two hands in an upright position. If your partner likes to watch the action, she/he can hold it for you also. Or allow it to let it lie on your belly with your penis head engulfed.

It's purpose is foreplay and possibly for some men,climaxing.
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Hands free
    • Solo
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    • On a bed only
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    • No up and down movements necessary
    • Two powerful motors

Material / Texture

The Cobra Libre is made by the renown German toy maker, Fun Factory. They are known for their innovation and high quality. The majority of this toy is made of hard plastic. The mouth part for your penis is medical grade silicone. The top and sides of the mouth/opening part is very soft and flexible but somewhat thick. This design allows the opening to stretch accommodating larger penises. The lower/bottom wall of the opening is also silicone but much firmer. That is where you will feel most the shaking and vibrations.

The Cobra does not have any odors.

Body of The Cobra Libra Original
    • No odor. soft flexible slot for you penis
    • Body of toy is hard plastic

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Cobra does not have your typical sex toy appearance. It can pass for a large paper weight or vacuum cleaner attachment. It can also resemble a car with only 2 wheels. Fun Factory's website labeled this as a "Hot Rod". The argument can also be made the name Cobra was used because when your penis is inside, it resembles a snake with it's prey in it mouth. Not sure where the Libre of part of it's name comes in. They could have named it "Cobra Turbo". By the time you hit the higher settings, you will know why I say Turbo !

Cobra with prey in it's mouth

Technical Specs :
Body: Approximately 5 1/4 inch long, 3 inches wide from circular knob to knob, 2 3/4 inch high Mouth opening : 1 3/4 inch wide, 1 1/2 inch high. However can stretch nearly another inch.
Inner mou/vag chamber : 3 inches Note: there is a raised hump 1 1/2 inch in that your penis glans will rest on. The top of your penis will be snug on the upper soft flexible wall.

To Charge :
The Cobra will arrive uncharged.
This has Fun Factory's Click and Charge technology. Plug in usb to computer or AC adaptor and the magnetic connectors to the Fun Logo. I recommend charging after each use. The light blinks when charging. Manual states do not charge for more than 16 hrs. A full charge can run up to 2 hrs depending on what settings you use.


The website says to apply this to a erect penis. While semi erect this started working for me. Went from semi to erect in a short while. Definitely works better with some lubricant. The opening can stretch from 1 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches. If you are "Kong Like " and more than 2 1/2 inches in girth this may not work for you.

If you don't have nosey people walking around your bedroom this would be pretty discreet. Left sitting out one might think it is a paper weigh or some type of vacuum cleaner attachment.

It is not loud but not whisper quiet either. It is more quiet than it's competitor the Pulse made by Hot Octopuss though. You can not hear this if the door is closed.

I store my Cobra side by side with the Pulse in one of our head-board compartments. It doesn't need special storage. The silicone "mouth" has not picked up lint or dust if sitting in the closed compartment.

I would not take this on a trip unless it is totally discharged. It can start up very very easily. I can imagine the TSA agent saying, "What's that purring sound in your suitcase, Sir !" Even the slightest touch on the on pad will cause it to come on. I think it's always hungry.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Futuristic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Cobra's control panel is on top of the hard plastic body. It has 3 sections, on, plus and minus. This control panel is my biggest complaint about the toy. It is super sensitive and finicky. It has a mind of it's own sometimes. Sometimes when it on and you go near the control panel it will turn off. Sometimes when I merely pick up the toy it turns on. Sometimes while in use and I touch it, it goes off. Anyway the panel closest to the mouth is the on and off. The right side is the + to increase the settings. The left side is the -, to go down. The manual included shows 8 settings. It seemed like more though. It was hard to distinguish when I approached the really rocking high patterns.

Control Panel

However don't despair ! After the 4th or 5th use, I learned how to not upset the Cobra and let it do it's job. When you master it, it will eat you up ! Just be careful and slowly move it when necessary. Handle it by the 2 "wheels" or the bottom. Stay away from the control panel

The entire unit can not be submerged under water. This is not for play in the pool or tub. The mouth is 100% waterproof and you can wash the insides of it. You can also wash the hard plastic body under running water.

I'm pleased to hear Fun Factory has redesigned the control panel on the new model. Too bad not before I received mine. Ahh shucks! I will talk more about the improvements in a bit.

Anyway, after you turn it on, you hit/slide finger or touch the front side of the control panel. To increase the patterns hit/tap the right side. To go down hit the left side. It has 8 settings. When turned on the light will come on in the front panel. The first 3 patterns are increasing vibrating patterns. On the 4th if will start to rumble. My guess is that the 2nd motor has now kicked in. The 5th, 6th, and 7th it gets turbo strong. By the last setting/pattern it is like a small chopper trying to take off ! Get ready for take off !
As you increase the setting it gets a little louder each time.

I glad to see Fun Factory has redesigned the control panel on their new Cobra Libre 2. The new Cobra Libre 2 has totally water proof push buttons as in their Stronic Drei; On, Plus + and Minus-. This makes the new model totally water proof and can go underwater. The new model also has 11 patterns. The new model also claims to allow a female to straddle the user while he is wearing it on his penis. The additional levels are suppose to allow the female to be stimulated while on top. This is one of the features of it's competitor, The Pulse. The new model also has a charging level indicator. Below is a pic of the new model.

Cobra Libra 2, new model
    • Quiet
    • Rechargeable
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

This toy is easy to care for. As mentioned waterproof enough to wash under running water.

Of course do not use silicone lubricant. I use water based and only have that type in the house. Oil base lube can also be used. I wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water then let air dry.

The silicone mouth/opening will of course attract lint and dust.

It did not come with an storage container nor needs one.
    • Attractive
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


This came in a rectangular paper box with a second paper wrapping with a picture of the toy. Included was the charger, Fun Factory's usual fold out instruction and warning booklets. The booklets are in multiple languages and picture illustrated. If this is going to be a gift it will be easy to wrap.

What Came in the Box

The box covering states some of it's features such as 2 motors, touch pad and made in Germany. It also says penis stimulator and men only, so I guess you may not feel comfortable leaving the box out.

The Box
    • Packaging is not discreet but recyclable

Personal comments

While I started writing this review, Fun Factory came out with the Cobra Libre model# 2. I noticed on EdenFantasy's website they show model # 2 on sale but have pics of the original displayed. So to make sure it is clear, my review is on the original model. I have included the differences in the two models though. They pretty function the same. I have noted the new enhancements in the function/performance section.

FF on their website states the female can saddle the male to share in the toy as The Pulse, made by their competitor claims. Myself as well as other reviewers of the Pulse masturbator made by Hot Octopuss don't think that is a viable option. It just is not comfortable for either partner. It is also nearly impossible to pinpoint the hot spot on her.

I purchased the Pulse first but was dissatisfied in it performance. So I purchased the Cobra Libre. I read other reviews stating it did not get them off. I purchased the Cobra for foreplay stimulation mainly. I normally get in bed before the wife and wanted this to keep me occupied. I'm one of those guys that like having their penis stroked for a long long time. I did not purchase this toy for the purpose of ejaculating. I have a Fleshlite and my eye on the Tenga Flip Hole for that.
    • Penis simulator
    • Warm up toy


As I mentioned I purchased this toy for stimulating my penis. I like to be held and stroked, but don't like to use my own hand to do it. I also do not like getting lubricant all over my hands and the sheets. With this I can put a good amount in the mouth of the Cobra and slip my penis in. While semi erect I start with the first few settings and just enjoy. The more lubricant on the mouth especially the upper lip helped me a lot with the stimulation. By the time I increased the settings past the fourth settings it feels like the machine is sucking me up. Like a cobra has me in his mouth !

By the time my wife is ready to take over, I'm already erect and ready for her to take over play of my penis. One night she was not in the mood so I used the Cobra for 20-30 mins. When had enough of that foreplay I took out my Fleshlite and finished myself off. It was great ! I do not like quickies! I also prefer that soft feel surrounding my cock vs the forced cumming by the Cobra. The highest setting with it two motors rocking can make me cum, but caused some soreness afterwards.

I found it best to avoid the last 2 settings for long periods of time. One morning my penis felt like it was vibrating on it own.
    • High end
    • Long lasting
    • Luxury toy
Follow-up commentary
I still like the Cobra. As mentioned, I have the CL original. I wish I could have gotten the new CL 2. The new features are super. Especially the control buttons and 100% water proofing on the CL2. I still play with the CL once or twice a week along with the Octopuss.

I will say the Cobra likes me more than I like it. Everytime I pick it up it starts purring ! Lol.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    While I was preparing this review the new model Cobra Libra 2 came out. The title was changed automatically. So I included the modifications of the new model.
  • Contributor: Inquisitor
    Thank you for reviewing this. I have been contemplating getting this. It looks interesting but I'm still on the fence.
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Thank you Inquisitor for reading and rating the review.
  • Contributor: Sincerely yours, N
    Thanks for the review, OH!
  • Contributor: Sincerely yours, N
    Thanks for the review, OH!
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Sincerely Yours,N
    Thank you for reading it.(x's 2)
  • Contributor: symbiasin
    Very thorough!! Both the toy and your review. It makes me want to give several men that I know a surprise gift. It does sound like fun.
  • Contributor: RonLee
    Hmm from this review, I'm now tempted to purchase one.
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Anyone looking to purchase one be sure you get the new model. Two additional patterns, totally waterproof and most important the new control panel. So glad FF improved the panel.
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