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Harley Quinn’s Harley

The Cobra Libre is a very unique toy that provides some pleasurable vibrations; unfortunately like so many others this toy is not prefect. There is a lot of room for improvement, such as the clunky controls that are way to sensitive, and the opening could be larger to accommodate more of the penis.
Wide range of vibrations (mild to powerful).
Sensitive and bothersome controls.
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The Cobra Libre is a one of a kind sex toy that uses vibrations instead of any form of stroking or manual stimulation. The Cobra Libra utilizes two motors that run at the same time. The entrance is made of silicone and the sleeve fits the head of the penis and not much more. There is a regular and consistent vibration setting that ranges from low to high, and there are also two other settings, one that slows down and speeds up (also ranges from low to high setting), and a final setting that speeds up quickly and slows down quickly, and changes speeds very rapidly.

The Cobra Libre comes in a variety of colors, which adds a bit of personalization.

Material / Texture

The Cobra Libre is made of mostly plastic, while consisting of silicone where the penis will be inserted. The shell is made from a hard plastic and protects the battery and the electronic parts from water and other potential hazards.

As fore mentioned, the insert is made of Silicone, and can not be removed. Silicone is a flexible, heat-resistant, non-porous, nonstick, rubber-like material that requires very little maintenance. Silicone is a polymer that contains silicone with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and sometimes other chemical elements. One benefit of Silicone is that it last a very long time. However, the law states that a product of only 10% Silicone can be legally labeled as a Silicone product, while the other 90% could be made of different or a mixture of lesser expensive (and quality) materials.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

While being very shallow in depth, the penis head an about an inch or so of the shaft fits in the device, the vibrations are well dispensed and the sensations travel very well; especially on the highest setting.

One of the very few weak spots in the design is the clunky controls. The on/off switch is very sensitive, too sensitive in fact. Just by lightly pressing your finger on the switch and without applying any pressure, will turn on the device. This can be extremely annoying when in use. It is very easy to accidentally turn off the device, and then you have to go through all the settings again to find the one you were previously using. Adding to the frustration is the complexity of the controls. It can be very difficult to understand the control system; I had difficulty figuring out which button turned up the intensity and which button switched to a different style of vibration.

This toy does not require any batteries, and can be recharged at any time. Charging this toy is a breeze and the charge lasts quite a long time, so you will not find yourself having to recharge half way through a session. The charger does not plug into the device, rather it attaches via magnetism and charges. This is a very cool and stylish way to charge.

Care and Maintenance

The Cobra Libre is a breeze to clean. The toy is completely waterproof. This allows you to use antibacterial soap and water in order to clean the nonporous surfaces (Plastic, and the silicone).

To store this you can wrap it in silk and place it in a dry and dark place, preferably at room temperature.


The Cobra Libre comes in a clam shell style of packaging. The packaging should do a good job protecting it via shipping but it is better to find something else to store it in.

Personal comments

This certainly is a very unique toy. There are very few similar products like it on the market for men. Comparing this to another of its ilk can be difficult. The color scheme is awesome and reminds me of my favorite comic book character, the super bad chick Harley Quinn.

Personally, I was a little let down by the Cobra Libre. It may be that I prefer a stroker to something that basically just gives off vibrations. I feel an improvement would be elongating the toy by a few inches to accommodate more of the penis, as well as add an interior texture, such as nubs or ribs; this would create some very unique sensations.

When it comes down to an over all verdict, I am giving this a three star rating. The reason behind my search for a hands free toy is the fact that I am a little lazy, I want something that does the work for me, unfortunately Cobra Libre is not that toy, it ends up shutting off or switching vibrations as if it has a mind of its own. The Cobra Libre is a fun toy, but it is far from perfect, hopefully a new and improved version will be released someday.
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