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This'll Rev Your Engine, But You May Need a Tug to the Finish Line . . .

The Cobra Libre is best for leisurely sessions to gradually rev up from a lazy idle. While it may start your engine, you might need to find other modes of "transportation" to get you across the finish line. Whether or not this toy will take you where you want to go is dependent upon how you respond to vibrations and to the lack of thrusting stimulation. But even if you must catch a lift to your destination by other means, you can still enjoy the ride it offers on the first leg of your journey.
Rechargeable. Strong, rumbling, & varied vibrations. Extremely well-made. Can be used hands-free.
Finicky touch controls. Cannot thrust. Will not bring all men to orgasm.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Since the glans (or head) of the penis is considered to be the male equivalent of the clitoris, I am surprised that there are not more vibrators targeting the male consumer market since clitoral vibrators are so ubiquitous. While vibrating masturbator sleeves (such as the Fleshlight Vibro Lady) have been available for a while, there have been no toys designed to direct intense vibrational stimulation specifically and solely to the glans. This makes the Cobra Libre the very first dedicated "glans vibrator" – the male equivalent of the clitoral vibrator.

I am not surprised that the first such vibrator was created by the innovative German company, FunFactory. By introducing the Cobra Libra, FunFactory has completely set the public's perception of what a male sex toy should be on its head. Every other sex toy designed to pleasure the penis has been some type of thrusting sleeve intended to envelope and massage the glans and the shaft.

The Cobra Libre is a bit different in concept and function. It is not a thrusting toy and is instead intended for enveloping and vibrating only the glans while remaining stationary. Like a thrusting sleeve, the Cobra Libre is intended to be used as a hand-held device; however, it is meant to be simply held in place or gently rocked, though my husband has been able to use it completely hands-free by resting the toy on his stomach while his glans is inserted.

The rumbling vibrations of this toy are not overly loud; so, for discretion in a shared household, use only in a private room behind a closed door. Since it is considered waterproof only for cleaning purposes, avoid submerging it in the bathtub or pool. However, since it is waterproof enough for cleaning purposes, you would be able to get away with using it in the shower if that is the only place your living arrangement allows you any privacy (dorms come to mind here). If you do decide to attempt shower use, I recommend using it outside the direct stream of water because the touch-pad controls can be a bit finicky – and they are considerably less responsive when wet. But getting it wet is not going to ruin your toy and wetness presents no problem beyond what a quick swipe of a towel will fix when you want to change to a new setting.

The Cobra Libre is fairly discreet in appearance since it does not exactly scream "sex toy." Instead, it looks like a child's futuristic toy race car. While initial impressions make it discreet, its sharp and attractive looks actually draw a lot of attention to it. If someone examines this toy closely (and they most certainly will, given the opportunity), it is likely that they will catch on to its intended purpose. So, it is not advisable to leave it lying around when you have guests or household busybodies – that is, unless you actually want to field lots and lots of questions about it.

If you cannot live without your Cobra Libre for a few days, it is feasible to pack it for travel. Just be aware that there is no locking mechanism and it is therefore within the realm of possibilities for the dual motors to begin rumbling while packed. Luckily, however, it is difficult to turn this toy on accidentally unless you are handling it. Ours has never turned on when packed away in a storage pouch that is then placed inside a tote bag with several other toys pressing against it. This is because it is necessary to continuously touch the dedicated on/off touch-pad "button" for several seconds to get the motor going or to shut it down. In experimenting with the on/off touch pad control, I have noted that it seems to only respond to the warmth of fingers and to metal objects. Nothing happens when I press a plastic or silicone object against it. I can, however, get it to turn on when I wrap a single layer of cloth around my finger and then continuously hold it against the on/off control for a few seconds. Apparently, the touch controls are sensitive enough to respond to the warmth of my finger, even through the single layer of cloth. However, when I bunch up the material to press only cloth against the controls, the motor will not turn on at all. Therefore, if you pack this for travel, just make certain that no metal objects can press against the on/off control and turn on the motors. If you pack the Cobra Libre inside a toy pouch and then nestle it between clothing (with no metal buttons to press against it), you should be good to go.

Finally, just as the guys can borrow the girls' clitoral vibrators to stimulate their glans and perineum, girls can steal the Cobra Libre from the boys and corrupt its purpose into delivering some very effective female-bodied pleasure! This makes this toy truly versatile: while designed to pleasure the male genitalia, it can be perverted in creative ways (described in the last section) to pleasure a female's! Therefore, the Cobra Libre is not only a great toy for male solo and male/male couple's play, it is also a wonderful toy for male/female couples and, with a little creative ingenuity, for female solo play.
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    • Behind a closed door for discretion
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    • Travel friendly
    • Rechargeable

Material / Texture

The body of the Cobra Libre is made of a very high-quality, heavy-duty, and matte-textured plastic, while the area with the touch-pad controls and magnetic charging port is a smooth and very glossy plastic. This toy exudes quality, both in feel and looks. It even has a substantial heft to it for its small size, though it is not unwieldy or difficult to handle.

The sleeve where the glans is inserted is a smooth, untextured 100% silicone and, while it is firm enough to maintain its shape well, it is quite plush, stretchy, and pliable – or at least the top portion that forms the "roof" of the sleeve is. The bottom portion, or "floor," of the silicone sleeve is conformed to the hard plastic body that is molded to create a most unique internal shape, which I describe in greater detail below.

The body-safe silicone is matte finished and has a noticeable drag to it when you slide your finger across it, so water-based lube is a necessity when using this toy. Please do not use a silicone-based or oil-based lube or the silicone can become permanently tacky.

Like most silicone, it is a lint magnet. Luckily, since it is waterproof for cleaning purposes, it is very easy to give it a quick rinse if you notice lint accumulating.

Both the silicone and the plastic components are phthalate-free and non-porous. There is no discernible odor or taste to any of the materials.
    • No odor
    • Plush
    • Smooth

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

I love the design of this toy. My husband was quite taken by its looks, too. Other reviewers have aptly noted a strong resemblance to the cars in the futuristic science fiction movie Tron and we couldn't agree more.

As far as male masturbatory toys go (such as the Tenga Flip Hole, FleshLight, and other stroker sleeves), the Cobra Libre is comparatively short in length -- and it has an even shorter insertable length (the insertable portion is the black section only).

From the edge of the upper lip of the silicone sleeve to the rear end of the toy, the Cobra Libre is about 5.75 inches in length. The widest part of it is the back end, where it measures three inches across. This is the area where it looks as though it has "wheels." These fake (and non-rotating) wheels were cleverly designed to stabilize the toy so that it sits upright and does not roll around – even coming in handy to stabilize the toy when resting it upon the body during use.

The silicone sleeve portion is about three inches deep, though only about 2.25 inches of the penis can be inserted due to the inside shape. The "mouth" opening is about 1.625 (1 5/8) inches in diameter and can be stretched up to a three inch diameter in order to adjust the silicone comfortably over the glans without having to apply too much frictional force. However, it seems as though it would be uncomfortably tight stretched over a diameter greater than about two inches.

About one inch inside the opening, the chamber abruptly narrows upward to form a "ledge" that is 1.25 inches in length and shaped to cradle the glans.

This is the area where the dual motors direct "surround sound" vibrations to the sensitive head of the penis. Depending on whether you choose to hold the toy while using it or whether you want to rest it against your abdomen during use, you may choose to insert the glans with the frenulum resting upon the ledge or to insert so that the soft, pliable roof of the sleeve is stretched over the frenulum. Either way works and transmits the vibrations well.

The unstretched diameter of the "ledge" section of the sleeve is slightly less than one inch. Like the entrance, it can be stretched, but is meant to grip the glans tightly. In the photo below, in order to provide a visual reference to those who have never seen this toy in person, I have inserted just the tip of my VixSkin Tex, the glans of which has a diameter of approximately 1.5 inches.

This dildo fits very snugly inside the sleeve. You can click the above link and view the Tex on the 1:1 size comparison feature in order to get a more solid feel for the size of the Cobra Libre's sleeve. [NOTE: If the photo depicting the VixSkin Tex inserted into the Cobra Libre does not appear in this review, it is because the hosting site must have found the photo to be too graphic and deleted it.]

There is a smaller area just beyond the ledge that is too small to accommodate the glans (and which I was not able to capture photographically to illustrate). It is about 3/4 inch in length and is meant to serve as a semen depository. This area is not very large, so it is likely that the force of the ejaculate will cause it to splash out of the toy. I say "likely" because my husband has never been able to reach climax while using the Cobra Libre, so I cannot say for certain. At any rate, it wouldn't hurt to have a towel handy for convenient clean-up.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Futuristic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

A touch pad divided into three sections enables you to activate the Cobra Libre and to choose your desired intensity and pattern. When holding the toy with the opening toward your torso, the touch "button" nearest your body is the dedicated on/off control. Pressing and holding this “button” for a few seconds will both start and turn off the dual motors.

The on/off "button" becomes illuminated with a red pinpoint light each time the toy is turned on (this could only be captured without a flash in low light, hence the dark photo).

When the dual motors kick in, they emit a deep, rumbling purr at a low idle. But even at idle, this is no lap kitty's purr. Once the motors are idling, touching the upper right section increases the toy's vibrational intensity, while touching the upper left section decreases the intensity.

Each time you press either of the upper "buttons" to adjust the setting, the red pinpoint light on the on/off "button" becomes brighter to indicate that the command has been processed.

You can choose to either cycle slowly through the intensities with brief individual touches or you can simply touch and hold to cycle quickly to a higher setting. Due to the extreme sensitivity of the touch pad, I keep coming up with a different count of the increasing levels of intensity. Counting the "on" idle setting as Setting 0, my count ranges somewhere between 15 and 18 intensity settings – which is a much greater range of intensity choices than any of my other vibrators have offered!

Interestingly enough, as you increase the intensity, it seems as though the dual motors do not perform at the same frequency. Instead, from what I can tell, the two motors seem to run in varying states of dissonance. Some settings are more harmonious, as the frequency differences are less noticeable. But the more "dissonant" frequencies (for my lack of a better description) provide a most complex and pleasing sensory experience, creating a thrumming effect.

Once you pass the highest intensity level (somewhere around Setting 15 or 18), the pinpoint red light on the on/off “button” begins to flash, indicating that you are now entering the various vibration patterns. Continuing to press the upper right section of the touch pad will take you through the patterns, of which there seem to be many. I have tried counting them several times, but always give up because they are fairly complex: I’m never certain that there are as many patterns as I think there are since it is possible that I am just cycling through a small handful of mind-numbing patterns rather than counting new ones.

I can't emphasize enough just how unique these patterns are from any other vibrator I have used. All the patterns (and even the steady vibrations) are simply amazing. Upon passing the last vibration intensity level, the "dissonance" emerges into patterns that are more distinct. Up until this point, the thrumming vibrations were fairly steady and constant. Somewhere around Setting 16 or 18, one motor clearly begins to rev and drop, producing a wave-like pattern, while the other motor remains at a more constant hum. The next setting revs and drops at a different rate. Other settings after that tend to combine a variety of vibration patterns.

Since even the constant vibrations feel like "patterns" to me due to the independent frequencies of each of the dual motors, I count the 15 to 18 intensity settings in my count of the various levels of vibrations. Altogether, I am convinced that the Cobra Libre offers up to 30 vibration settings (or possibly even more). However, I cannot say for certain that the toy is not just cycling back through the old patterns again because the patterns are so complex that, unless you have Mozart’s prodigious memory for patterns/melody, you will most likely not find the vibrations to be lacking in variety and unpredictability.

I will say that all the patterns incorporate a deep rumbling throttle, along with varying patterns of pulses. No matter what the intensity or pattern you choose, each setting evokes the sensations imparted by a powerful motor, much like a motorcycle rumbling between your legs (or, I suppose, somewhat like sitting on the hood of a race car while someone revs the engine). Yet, despite the rumbling motor, it can be used discreetly behind a closed door, particularly if you have some relatively mild background noise -- such as music, the television, or a running shower.

Though having a touch pad is pretty cool, my husband and I would have preferred a different type of control system (such as compressible buttons) because the touch pad can suddenly become finicky, which can be rather annoying. FunFactory recommends that you make certain that your hands are clean and dry when using the touch control, though this can be difficult when you are using lube! Keeping a towel close by is a good idea not only for clean-up, but for keeping your fingers dry to adjust the controls. However, despite us keeping our hands as dry as possible, my husband and I both have experienced the Cobra Libre switching patterns or dropping back to idle at the most inopportune times – even though we were not even touching the control pads at the time. I believe the sensitivity of the touch controls is why FunFactory states that the Cobra Libre is not meant to be used underwater (despite the fact that it is waterproof for cleaning purposes). You would not be able to control the functions of the toy when the control panel is soaked.

We hate wasting money on batteries, so one perk we appreciated is the convenience of this toy’s charging system. When the lithium polymer battery needs to be recharged, the red light on the touch pad begins to blink. The Cobra Libre comes with a separate FUN Magnetic Plug which can be used on any of FunFactory's new Click 'N' Charge toys. On the rear end where the "bumper" is, there is a black plastic oval with the word FUN in raised metallic silver letters. The charger has two small magnets which click onto the raised letters. The charger and the raised oval on the toy must be aligned parallel to each other for successful magnetization. Once it begins charging, the red lights on the touch pad and on the magnetic charger begin to flash. It is necessary to position the toy near the end of a table or shelf so that the cord can hang straight down since bending the cord can cause the magnets to lose contact with the metal on the toy and not charge properly.

The unit is finished charging when the light stops flashing and glows steadily.

While it took almost a full 24 hours to fully charge our Cobra Libre when we first received it, it now charges between one to two hours after a session lasting about 45 minutes to one hour.
    • Many vibration intensities and patterns
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

Clean up is a breeze with the Cobra Libre since it is completely waterproof for cleaning purposes. We always wash ours with antibacterial soap directly under warm running water and then leave it to air dry since the silicone portion picks up lint too easily when we dry it with a towel.

If you share this toy, it can be disinfected by spraying the silicone sleeve with a 10% bleach solution and allowing it to set for at least five minutes before rinsing. The plastic, like the silicone portion, is non-porous and can be sanitized by wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol. Since it has a motor, it is not dishwasher safe, nor will the motor or the plastic portion survive boiling.

As far as storage goes, you could keep it in its original packaging for a while, though you will probably want to find a more long-term storage solution. We keep ours in one of Eden's toy pouches. The pouch holds the toy and its charger just perfectly, as though it had been made for the Cobra Libre. As a plus, the smooth satin lining protects the silicone from accumulating an undue amount of lint.

As mentioned previously, we have had no problems with unwanted activation during storage by tucking the pouch into a canvas tote full of other toys, so it would also be possible to tuck the toy in its protective pouch into a drawer with clothing.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging was a tasteful cardboard box with a prominent cutout on the front and side revealing a clear plastic molded inset proudly displaying the toy. While the packaging looked very nice, this visibility made it indiscreet. The box was easy to open, allowing access to the clear molded plastic, which was quite sturdy and also opened up easily to yield the toy. On the back wall of the box was an attractive street scene, which showcased the toy beautifully. Overall, the packaging was definitely nice enough for gift-giving. It was also sturdy enough to provide storage for a decent length of time, though we did not find the box to be as convenient to open and put away as the toy pouch in which we chose to store ours. We have also found the toy pouch to be a much more discreet way to store it since the box displays the toy so well and draws attention to it.

The FUN Magnetic Plug Click 'N' Charge charger came in a separate cardboard box. Both the charger and the toy came with a fairly comprehensive and useful instruction manual. A couple of packets of Toy Fluid were also included in the box with the Cobra Libre.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

When I ordered the Cobra Libre as a surprise for my husband, I had high hopes that it would become a new favorite of his. I had a reasonable expectation that he would enjoy it since he had successfully climaxed on multiple occasions using our old dual-node back massager (similar to this one). However, with our dual-node back massager, he is able to adjust the two nodes to provide a stroking stimulation on either side of his shaft. It seems as though vibrations alone are not enough to help him climax -- he needs to be able to either thrust or stroke. But with the Cobra Libre enveloping his glans, it is awkward to attempt stroking his shaft and he is unable to achieve a satisfactory amount of motion or a fluid rhythm.

He gamely used this toy on many occasions over the past couple of months to see if he could finally climax; but, much to his frustration, he was never able to finish with this toy despite patiently trying various techniques. After several sessions of watching porn for 45 minutes to an hour while trying different intensities and settings, as well as experimenting with rocking movements and caressing the lower portion of his shaft, he would always end up frustrated that he was unable to thrust with the Cobra Libre. He has repeatedly said that he wished the sleeve were longer to encompass the shaft of his penis so that thrusting might be possible. He also wondered whether a looser-fitting sleeve might provide more sensation by allowing the vibrations to slightly move the glans in a manner similar to a tuning fork. He did not enjoy the tight fit of the sleeve and found that he would become numb too easily, even when starting out at lower levels and gradually increasing.

The first few times he used the Cobra Libre he rated it three stars, but as the weeks went by and he became more frustrated, he began rating it only one star. While he is impressed with the vibrations, he is annoyed by the controls and the fact that he is unable to orgasm with this toy.


Examining the design of the toy one day, he suggested that I give it a try. While I found that the vibrating upper lip of the silicone sleeve provides some interesting sensation to the labia and the clit, when I flipped it over, I found that I liked the harder plastic side of the lip even better because it provides a stronger pressure along with more intensely delivered vibrations. However, though it was interesting, it was not exactly anything I would pull out to use during a solo session. But when I followed through with his suggestion of inserting some of my dildos to turn them into vibrators, I was pretty floored with the results.

The dildos which work best inserted into the sleeve are those with a more rounded or bulbous end with a diameter between 1 1/4" to 1 1/2". I have tried glass, metal, wood, silicone, and ceramic with spectacular results. The deep, rumbling vibrations carry through to the tips of these dildos incredibly well. Depending upon the length of the dildo I am using, I am even able to apply a delicious vibrating pressure with the plastic lip of the Cobra Libre to my vulva and clit.

These are the toys from my collection which I have most enjoyed converting into some pretty awesome vibrators with the help of the Cobra Libre:

For optimal stimulation and ease of handling, I prefer to sit in a chair or on the bed while resting the Cobra Libre upside down on the seat or mattress so that the inserted dildo points upward toward my G-spot. It is not as awkward as one would imagine to thrust with this combination of toys since dildos with defined heads stay firmly inserted in the sleeve. Even the straight wands can be gripped well by the grabby silicone when inserted without lube. Since the silicone is pliable, it is possible to grip even the thinnest wands through the sleeve to hold them in place for thrusting or rocking.

While I am disappointed that my husband was unable to climax with this expensive toy, I don't regret buying the Cobra Libre. Yes, the touch pad controls can be finicky and not all men can climax without thrusting (which essentially makes the Cobra Libre an expensive foreplay toy for such men), but I have found it to be a fun toy for us to have in our arsenal and I like to use it on him while we watch porn together. I am hoping he will become more open to massage sessions, as I look forward to using this toy on him while he is on the receiving end of the massage. And, of course, I am now glad to have it on hand anytime I am using some of my favorite non-vibrating dildos and decide I'd like to kick it up a notch by adding some oomph.

In getting across the finish line, it's not always ideal to get there fast. And it does not matter if you must switch your mode of "transportation" in order to get there. Sometimes it is fun to take a slow ride, take it easy, think outside the box, and simply savor a variety of sensations along the way.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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