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34 reviews

It was a sad story well executed with an appropriately dreary soundtrack. Fair to good acting and great lighting too. Kross does NOT disappoint.

Love and Marriage is a high quality movie with a bit of a low quality plot trying to string the scenes together. Whilst the sex has an overpowering vanilla flavour it is still enjoyable. It also features many of the stars that those who participate in Eden's Porn Club have come to know and love.

Love and Marriage isn't bad, but it's certainly not the best movie I've seen. While the acting is good and the visual quality is great, the boring plot and predictable sex make it a real snooze to sit through. It's not really worth the time or money to get to the one good sex scene at the end, but some may find it more entertaining.

For those looking for a mild porn with a decent storyline, this could be a good place to start. There is no hardcore sex and no anal penetrating except for one scene with a little anal fingering. Despite this, the characters seemed to work well together – particularly in the last scene.

Even though I enjoyed only two of the five sex scenes, I still liked Love & Marriage overall. I was impressed by the excellent sets, lighting, and cinematography, all of which helped bolster the plot and characters in the film. Kayden Kross gave a very good performance on all fronts, and Lisa Ann made me swoon, too.

Kayden's not happy with her marriage, she doesn't love her husband, and he's cheating on her to boot. Is it any wonder she's falling for Manuel her therapist who really seems to get her (on his cock)? The premise of the movie is a good one, it's entertaining at times, but for the most part there is a huge lack of variety, uninspiring camera angles and unclear dialogue.

Plain vanilla M/F sex, with a ho-hum plot, but overall it works pretty well. Kayden Kross fans will particularly enjoy it.

Digital Playground's attempt at making a couples-friendly porno falls flat. There are some very sexy actors in this movie and the sets are aesthetically pleasing, but the serious subject matter gets in the way of the action. I enjoyed it more the second time around when I skipped the plot and went straight to the sex.

This isn't going to blow your socks off. This isn't going to put you to sleep either. It is a very average porn film that has a decent plot to it. The acting isn't wonderful, but it is better than most films of this caliber.

The story in this movie is kind of a buzz kill, but the sex scenes are pretty hot. If you like Kayden Kross's blow jobs, there are two scenes for you to enjoy them in (though the one with Manuel Ferrara is hotter). I recommend it for those alone.

If you like porn with lots of story and lighter on sex, Love & Marriage may be up your alley. The great-looking cast has some nice chemistry, although many of the scenes seem fairly short. Presented in widescreen on both the Blu-ray and DVD, the film has abundant chapter stops if you want to bypass the story and dialogue and enjoy the sex scenes instead.

A sexy psychiatrist tries to help his patient figure out what is causing issues in her marriage; and along the way he falls for her. As for her husband he is having a great time in the marriage. Not only does he have a very sexy wife he gets to come home to and have "fun"; but he is having sex with some of his co-workers. So sit back and get ready for a very sexy solution to a problem that usually doesn't end well. However for this couple it ends pretty good, well for the wife at least.

An above average looking cast and sexy set locations and design cancel out a funny name for a porn. Huge dicks, lots of oral and straight sex.

This is a fantastic movie from DP with great acting and a believable plot. I think the scenes had variety and were more hardcore than the usual vanilla movies. I actually got pretty turned on during this movie, and that's saying a lot because I usually watch porn just for fun!

All in all my friends and I liked the actors and the fantastic sex scenes that they performed in. But the story could of been written better to add more depth to the movie.

Sometimes you get the opportunity to see a movie that changes your perception of a genre, Love and Marriage is one such movie. A good porn with great plot, beautiful actors who can really ACT, and hot sex this movie has it all. While it is a vanilla movie with little to no kink it is still worth viewing, if only to get a look at the lovely Kayden Kross!

Buy this movie for the acting ability of Kayden Kross and for the final scene of the movie. Both are well worth the cost of this movie. Those are the only reasons this gets 5 stars from me, but they deserve it.

As far as porns with plot go, this was a good one. It had some gaps and was a bit choppy when going from scene to scene, but this isn't intended to be all about the plot. It's more about the sex but they add the plot in to give it a different feel. I loved that it was like I was looking into their private lives and not just watching someone fuck on camera. Kayden's scenes were by far the best, especially because of her amazing blow jobs.

Love and Marriage is for one looking for a porn that has a story line. It has good looking actors with great chemistry between them. It portrays a woman lost in her marriage and she doesn't know why. Throughout the movie you will enjoy great sex scenes and some not so great, but overall a porn worth watching.

The plot, dialogue, and music of this film are reminiscent of a soap opera. The sex scenes are hot, but repetitive and uninspired. If you like soap operas or are a horny hopeless romantic, this might be the porn for you. I personally couldn't stand the dialogue, and turned it on mute during those sections or fast forwarded through it. This is the only porn I've ever seen where I wanted less talking and more sex.

This just wasn't all that exciting. The plot would've made sense, but they drug it out and then some characters didn't seem to make any sense at all.

This would be a good movie to start the night of fun out with and then move onto more interesting movies. To me it was an okay movie, but I wasn't ready to rev up my toys and get busy.

She has the perfect husband but she is miserable. She sees a therapist to find out her problem and instead finds what is in his pants.

Love And Marriage by Digital Playground is something I might recommend to a couple who enjoys pornography with attractive cast members and fairly ordinary sex scenes. The story line might work for a woman fantasizing about having sex with her therapist, or a man who fantasizes about sleeping with coworkers; however those who like their porn to be background noise for their own sexual endeavors might find the Kayden Kross scenes to be a little disconcerting.

While Al and Peg Bundy had a dysfunctional marriage, you always knew that they loved each other at the end of the day. In Love & Marriage, we see the darker side of a dysfunctional relationship with an underlying premise that has potential. Unfortunately, the movie fails to deliver and instead feels disjointed and lacks any real character development. While the sex scenes are decent, anyone looking for a little kink may find themselves disappointed.

Kayden's about to give you a ride into her failing marriage. She has it all but it's just not good enough. Well, at least she thinks she has it all. Her husband ends up being a cheat. Oh well, it happens. Because of Kayden's unhappiness in her marriage we receive a passionate porn with great picture, superb acting, and sexy stars. The sex is great, the story could be better, but all in all, a pretty good film.

Venture with Kayden Kross through her marriage and love circles around her. This DVD features sexy stars and great scenes. The scenes all come together as a movie, so this wouldn't be for anyone who just wants short clips. The option of DVD or Blue-Ray in one pack is an additional plus. The camera and sound quality were good as well.

This porn was just not made for me. Blowjobs and facials just aren't my thing. Though I was pleased with the artistic qualities and care to cinematography details, I was completely let down with the sex, which is the entire purpose of a porn film. The sex was awkward and mediocre. The chemistry just wasn't there, not between most of the actors and definitely not in me.

Love and Marriage blends a serious story line with numerous enticing sex scenes. There isn't enough character or plot development for us to feel sympathy for any of the characters however. The sets and camera work were high quality, but some scenes were marred by low quality audio.

If you like hot actors, this movie is right for you. If you like satisfying sex scenes, this movie is right for you. If you like small and big boobs, this movie is right for you. If you like the option of DVD or Blu-Ray, this movie is right for you. There's some slower moments in the movie and a plot that may not be all that convincing, but it is still worth watching. It is definitely not as deep as the preview makes it out to be, which is a relief.

Love & Marriage doesn't really do a good job of representing either term. It does however do a good job of defining repetitive, boring, and LOL. My partner and I were very unimpressed with this porn and feel that most couples will be left wanting more too. The best part for me was that the guys wore the cutest and sexiest undies!

Despite decent acting and chemistry between the characters, this movie lacked a good storyline & character development. It would have been better if they had added a bit of kink to it. I can honestly say I have never fallen asleep watching porn before, this was my first.

"Love & Marriage" is a mainstream film that does a good job of mixing the sex and the plot. The plot does have a lot of plot holes that make it not nearly as serious as it should be.

This dramatic adult film has it all, a great plot with great sex. A great plot and a big budget with poor actors would still make a terrible film, thankfully this has a strong cast of very talented actors/actresses and performers. The high picture and sound quality of this film added to the awesome camera work, makes this one magnificent movie.

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