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What do you do if they don't go together?

As far as porns with plot go, this was a good one. It had some gaps and was a bit choppy when going from scene to scene, but this isn't intended to be all about the plot. It's more about the sex but they add the plot in to give it a different feel. I loved that it was like I was looking into their private lives and not just watching someone fuck on camera. Kayden's scenes were by far the best, especially because of her amazing blow jobs.
decent plot, some hot scenes
some scenes a bit too routine, couldn't hear what they were saying to each other during sex scenes
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Love and Marriage, as the song says, they should go together like a horse and carriage. But, what happens when they don't? What would happen if you were married but weren't happy. What happens when you realize you're not in love with your spouse anymore. What if you found out the perfect husband wasn't so perfect afterall. Where do you go from there? That's exactly what happens to Kayden Kross'character in Love & Marriage.

It starts off in her therapist's office, where she's explaining to him that she's not happy. She tells him how her husband is perfect but she's not happy, and she's not sure why. The first scene with the husband lets us in on his dirty little secret: He's not so perfect afterall!

Scene 1: (Scott Nails, Mick Blue, Jessie Andrews)

It's a birthday party for Mick at work and it looks like Scott is the boss. He calls him into his office and presents him with Jessie, who is a "gift" of sorts for Mick. Funny thing is though, while both men do get there go at Jessie, Scott is the only one who finishes with her. Maybe Mick had his turn off camera, but we don't see that. No, the only thing we see is the men switching off while the other waits in a chair, and then Scott finishing off on Jessie's face. This scene had potential, but for me it fell short. I didn't really feel the chemistry with Jessie, something about her didn't really work for me. She seemed kind times, and lacked some kind of connection with the men. I think this might have something to do with her age though, she's only 18. I also thought that it would have been a better scene if the men interacted with her at the same time. Come on, give us a real threesome! I'm not saying that the men had to get with each other, but they could have at least had Jessie at the same time, am I right?

Ok, so during this scene we don't yet know that Scott Nails plays the husband. But, the next "in between" as I call it, is him coming home and talking to Kayden's character and we then find out he is indeed the husband. Hmm, fucking some other girl while at work? Doesn't seem to perfect to me! Kayden lets Scott know that they have to go to a dinner party, and Scott is less than enthused.

Scene 2: (Lisa Ann and Tommy Gunn)

Here we are at the Dinner Party. They sit around the table and then Lisa and Tommy's characters say that they need to go get dessert. They sneak off to the kitchen for a little fun with whipped cream before returning to their guests. I really liked this scene, which surprised me since I usually hate anything combining food and sex. All the sex takes place up against (or on) the kitchen counter and it's some pretty steamy hot sex. You really feel a connection between these two, which makes the scene more believable. Like the last scene, this one ends with Tommy finishing on Lisa Ann's face. I have to say, I'm not a fan of the facials. I think it's just because it's not my thing in real life, so I don't like watching them on porns either. Too bad for me I guess, since that's how just about every porn ends a scene!

After this scene we go back to the therapists office. Kayden gets a bit more in depth about why she's not happy and at the end she kisses the therapist, and then apologizes.

(Continued below..)
Scene 3: (Kayden Kross and Scott Nails)

In their bedroom, she asks why he loves her. He can really only think of things regarding sex. Maybe she comes to a realization that sex is the only thing about their marriage that works, but I guess she's ok with that because they then have some awesome sex. This is where we get to see Kayden's first blow job. And all I can say is Oh My God. I normally am bored through the blow jobs because the men get long drawn out oral while women get a few licks and that's it, after a while it just gets boring to watch. But Kayden's?? Not the case at all! I sat mesmerized; her technique is just amazing and you sit watching her tantalize the cock in ways that seem like she's making love to it. Kayden loves giving oral, and you can tell! This one ends with a facial shot as well, but I didn't mind it as much, probably because Kayden looked pretty happy about receiving it.

Back to the therapist's office. She tells him about the sex, but tells him it was just a fuck, just sex, no connection. He asks her why she feels there was no connection. At this point Kayden is starting to realize she's no longer in love with her husband.

Scene 4:(Scott Nails, Breanna Benson, Jessie Andrews)

Husband has two girls at work, one the same girl from friend's birthday (the assistant) and one is Breanne who plays his new PR girl. He has them "get to know each other" in an office, which of course to this guy means a threesome. Unlike the MMF threesome, this one has interaction between all three, of course it's two women and not too men. I really dislike that about porn, but it's not this porn's fault, that's just the way it is in the industry right now. They have sex on the desk, and it's kind of vanilla sex. It's the same old, same old you see in threesome scenes. Again, really wasn't feeling Jessie's vibe.

After this scene we go back to Scott and Kayden's house. Scott's on the crapper and in walks Kayden. She lets him know that their marriage is over and that she doesn't love him anymore. She lets him know that (surprise, surprise!) she saw him at work today. He just looks dumbfounded. Probably partially because his marriage is ending and also because he's on the crapper and she chooses NOW to tell him? Pretty funny.

Scene 5: (Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara)

By far the absolute hottest scene of the film. She goes back to the therapist's office and lets him know that the marriage is over. They can't wait any longer and they must have each other. What it leads to is some pretty rough, incredibly sexy, absolutely delightful to watch sex on the couch. There is an absolutely undeniable chemistry between the two and you really get the feeling that this sex, this connection, is filling the gaps in her life. Of course we get to see another wonderful blow job from Kayden ending with, what else? A facial.
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