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Kayden's unhappy situation

Love and Marriage blends a serious story line with numerous enticing sex scenes. There isn't enough character or plot development for us to feel sympathy for any of the characters however. The sets and camera work were high quality, but some scenes were marred by low quality audio.
Quality camera work and sets, beautiful stars
audio problems in some scenes, some actresses were too vocal during sex scenes
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Love and Marriage offers a more serious story line than is usually seen in porn movies. Still there isn't enough character development to make you feel sympathy for the main character or for anyone else in the movie. Its a bit tiring to see the star unhappy throughout almost the entire movie, especially given that the movie lacks sufficient non-sexual content to give any depth to her problem.

The sex scenes were vanilla, but reasonably interesting. There were two threesomes (one MMF and one MFF.) No condoms were used throughout the movie.

The camera work was excellent. The quality of the video was good and the sets were quite luxurious. The actors were very attractive also.

The biggest problem with the movie was the occasional audio problems. In some scenes the music was loud, but the audio for the actors was low and it was a struggle to hear what they were saying. That said I wish there were audio problems during many of the sex scenes. Several of the female actors were annoyingly vocal during their sex scenes, none more so than the star.


The film begins in the star, Kayden’s, therapist's office. Its her first session and she's having a difficult time telling him about her problem which is that she's unhappy in her marriage, despite the fact that her husband of five years, Scott Nails, is perfect in every way.

At Scott’s office, coworker Mick Blue is in the midst of his birthday celebration when Scott leads him away for an "emergency that can't wait" which turns out to be a woman who is ready to sleep with him. Scott stays in the room and joins in their session. Both men take turns with her several times. The woman in this scene doesn't cry out as much as women in porn usually do I'm happy to report.

At Kayden and Scott’s home, Kayden is despondent and tells Scott that they have plans to go to a dinner party which neither of them want to attend. They have a small argument about her bad mood.

Kayden, Scott and their dinner party hosts chat briefly, then the hosts go into the kitchen to retrieve a pie, but are distracted by each other and begin squeezing whip cream into each other's mouths and bodies instead. This progresses to sex as they rudely ignore their guests. But who cares. She has big natural breasts and a great behind. She moans from every touch but thankfully her volume doesn’t increase once her husband is inside her. The guests are apparently unaware of their host’s activities, although the hostess returns to the table with whipped cream (or is it jizz?) on her face.

During another therapy session, Kayden is asked if she loves her husband. She says she used to but she's changed. The audio during the therapist's office scenes was hard to hear. The music was loud and clear but I had to listen closely to hear their words. She kisses her therapist at one moment, but immediately pulls back as they realize, for the moment at least, that this is inappropriate.

Later Kayden grills Scott about what he likes about her, but is unhappy with his responses. Unable to satisfy her with words, he tries to please her with sex. She seems happy for once, at least while they make love.

In the therapist's office again, she tells him that she is shut off emotionally from Scott even though the sex is good. She is jealous of the couple who invited them to dinner. She tells her therapist that she can't stop thinking about him. The therapist urges her to try to save her marriage instead of thinking about him.

At the office, Scott has a threesome with the same woman he was with at the office earlier along with another female coworker. Perhaps the reason Kayden is unhappy is that she senses his constant cheating, even though she may not be consciously aware of it.
Back at home, Kayden announces that she wants a divorce. Scott suspects that the shrink is the cause of the problem. When Scott asks her what he's supposed to do about it, she suggests that he consult Sherrie. Kayden reveals that she stopped by the office and saw them together. Finally she knows.

Kayden then returns to the therapist, without an appointment, to tell him that she left Scott and that she wants him. He resists briefly, then gives in. So much for talk therapy or psychotherapy ethics. Straight to physical problem solving techniques. Kayden wails like no other during this twenty minute session. There is no way I can tolerate keeping the volume on while she's having sex.

Behind the Scenes: This is a series of candid interviews, photo shoots, rehearsal footage and shots of the people who work on the set. It was very interesting mix of videos in which we learn that one actress is 18 and still in high school, that another is obsessed with dental hygiene and what a No list is.

Photo Gallery - Posed shots of the stars

Slideshow - The same photos as in the gallery, but presented in slideshow format.

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  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the review. I keep hearing about the audio problems, and this one is sounding less appealing.
  • Waterfall
    Nice review
  • married with children
    good review, thanks
  • Kayla
    The inner psychology student in me was just unable to enjoy this because the therapist just lost his job. x.x
  • Tuesday
    Mistress Kay, Yes, and if you watch season one of In Treatment, the therapist in that show discusses with his therapist why it never works out when a therapist sleeps with a patient.
  • Emma (Girl With Fire)
    Nice Mistress Kay, he certainly would... especially with it being caught on film and all.
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