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Married...With(out) Children

While Al and Peg Bundy had a dysfunctional marriage, you always knew that they loved each other at the end of the day. In Love & Marriage, we see the darker side of a dysfunctional relationship with an underlying premise that has potential. Unfortunately, the movie fails to deliver and instead feels disjointed and lacks any real character development. While the sex scenes are decent, anyone looking for a little kink may find themselves disappointed.
Plot with potential,
Good performances from lead actors,
Decent sex scenes
Disjointed story,
Poor character development
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Love & Marriage is another production by Digital Playground with a run time of 1 hour and 31 minutes. The movie stars Kayden Kross and Scott Nails, who seem to be the perfect married couple. However, all is not as it seems as we soon learn how unhappy Kayden is in their relationship. The movie has five sex scenes that feature mostly oral and PIV sex, but also has some girl on girl, threesomes, and fingering. Otherwise, there is not much potential for anything objectionable as far as porns go.

The movie opens with Kayden talking to her therapist (Manuel Ferrara) and looking for answers as to why she is unhappy with her marriage. The scene shifts to an office, where Scott Nails is hosting an office birthday party for his friend Mick Blue. Scott offers him a special gift: a lay with his assistant, Jessie Andrews. My wife and I were instantly excited to see a threesome but were quickly disappointed. Although three people are technically involved in the scene, it is in actuality a scene with two separate guys shot at the same time. In fact, you rarely even see all three actors on the screen at the same time. The scene (14 minutes) includes oral and PIV and is somewhat repetitive.

The scene cuts to Kayden in her bathroom, where she sits topless while applying make-up. She reminds Scott that they have a dinner date with their friends, Lisa Ann and Tommy Gunn. As dinner finishes up, Lisa Ann and Tommy excuse themselves to “get dessert.” Once alone in the kitchen, the hosts have some fun with a can of whipped cream. Hasn’t everyone had this fantasy at one time or another? The food fun leads to a quickie (11 minutes) in the kitchen that features more oral and PIV sex. While the scene was designed to contrast our unhappy couple with one that is enamored with each other, it came across to me as unnecessary and unrealistic.

After another visit to the therapist’s office, Kayden realizes she has made a mistake in marrying Scott; a difficult admission given that she’s "never made a mistake before." They exchange flirtatious comments and we start to sense that the relationship between doctor and patient is intensifying, especially after Kayden unexpectedly kisses Manuel.

Kayden returns home and confronts Scott, asking him why he loves her. In typical guy fashion, he answers “I don’t know. You’re my wife?” When that doesn’t satisfy Kayden, he professes that she is the best fuck he’s had and proceeds to undress her. A few caresses and kisses later and they’re fucking. There is good chemistry between the two and the scene (13 minutes) features more oral (including 69, although we don’t see anything from his perspective) and PIV sex. I enjoyed the sex between them, but again I had problems with the scene. Kayden comes across as enjoying herself too much for a woman so unhappy, regardless of how good the sex is. You don't sense the anger and resentment you would expect her to have.

At her next session, Kayden reveals to Manuel that she had a great fuck with Scott but that there was no emotional connection. It was a great fuck, but that’s all it was, a fuck. Manuel convinces her to try to fix the marriage, to which she admits that at least he is a good husband. The scene switches back to Scott’s office, where he is busy having a “working lunch” with his assistant and new PR girl, Breanne Benson. This MFF scene (12 minutes) features some girl on girl, oral, and PIV sex.

Upon arriving home, Kayden confronts Scott on the toilet and declares that she wants a divorce. Why he had to be sitting on the toilet at the time completely baffles me. It also bothered me that Scott was filmed as a reflection in the mirror so that Kayden appeared to be looking in the wrong direction the entire time. She heads back to Manuel “to talk,” although she found the time to change her outfit first. She tells Manuel that she wants him. He resists, stating that he can’t because he is her therapist. But that doesn’t last long. He quickly succumbs to his own desires after Kayden convinces him that “you’ll never know until you try.” Really? That’s all it took to jeopardize his entire career? The scene that follows (20 minutes) features the most aggressive, fast paced and energetic sex in the movie. There is some fingering early on, but the scene otherwise features more oral and PIV sex. The chemistry between them is more like two people finally releasing pent up sexual tension rather than any emotional connection.

Overall, the movie was alright for a mainstream production. The premise of the plot has potential for some real drama. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t flow well from scene to scene and the movie fails to develop any of the characters. I thought Kayden Kross and Scott Nails each delivered believable dramatic performances, but I actually found Kayden’s character to be cold and bitchy rather than sympathetic. The acting of the supporting cast is not as strong, and other than Manuel Ferrara, their characters contribute little to the story. I liked that the movie featured women with a variety of body types and ages. Too bad I found most of them unattractive which made most of the sex scenes less enjoyable. And when we learned Jessie Andrews was only eighteen, that was a huge turnoff. The sex is somewhat repetitive and at times boring; in some scenes it felt like there wasn’t a lot of passion, which I would have expected in a drama. I think it’s safe to say that the re-watching potential for this movie is non-existent for us.
Follow-up commentary
We have not watched this video since originally reviewing it, and I can't imagine that we ever will. It was fine for a one time viewing but just doesn't offer enough to label this one a keeper.
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  • Selective Sensualist
    Excellent review! What is even more disturbing about Jessie Andrews being barely eighteen is the fact that she is still in high school!
  • Kindred
    When we first saw the movie, we thought she looked young. But to hear she's 18 and in high school? That's a bit too young for my tastes. Thanks for reading!
  • PussyGalore
    I found it to be disjointed also. I was disappointed in the avenue the plot seemed to be wanting to veer towards in the first place. I think "cheating" as a vehicle for any film is something we should put on moritorium for awhile. Not everyone cheats and it if they do, it doesn't always end up like THAT.
  • Waterfall
    Great review! I saw the trailer for this one and I want to see it.
  • Shellz31
    Lol - love the title and including Al and Peg
    I need to watch mine tomorrow.
    Hmm, I have to agree about Jessie. That certainly doesn't float my boat!

    Awesome review!
  • Kindred
    @Pussy Galore - I keep thinking the plot would get better, but it never did.

    @Waterfall - I was excited with the trailer, but honestly the movie was a disappointment.
  • Kindred
    @Shellz31 - Thanks!
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the review and follow-up. I think I have read enough negative reviews to remove this from my wish list.
  • Kindred
    Personally, I think there are definitely better choices out there. Maybe as a rental, but I can't justify buying this one.
  • Tart
    I agree. Great review!
  • Kindred
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