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If your hubby cheats on you, just do your therapist!

This is a fantastic movie from DP with great acting and a believable plot. I think the scenes had variety and were more hardcore than the usual vanilla movies. I actually got pretty turned on during this movie, and that's saying a lot because I usually watch porn just for fun!
Great chemistry, great variety in scenes, great acting!
Camera changes to make the scene completely different.
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Content / Genre / Audience

This is a porno with plot. The plot is what I would consider to be drama. The great thing about Digital Playground is that they do a good job with their movies. They use great sound systems, and the picture is HD. You won't get a higher quality porn, in my opinion. Anyway, Love and Marriage is about the star, Kayden, not being happy in her marriage. Manuel is her therapist. During the initial scene we find out that Kayden is unhappy in her marriage even though she feels as if she has the perfect guy. I actually didn't find the usual flaws I gripe of with this movie. There's dramatic music at really well thought out places, between the sex scenes. There is typically no music IN the actual sex scene. It flows into the beginning, however, when the foreplay gets serious there is no music in any scene. The entire movie as aforementioned is HD so the lighting quality is absolutely stellar the whole movie.

Scene 1: Kayden is in therapy with Manuel and redirects everything he asks her, probably because she's not really ready to say what's wrong. She eventually comes out with saying that despite her husband's perfectness in every way...she's unhappy with him and is unsure why. We then pan to the party that her husband is at. Mick is having a birthday party with coworkers. Scott tells Mick it's an emergency and he needs to go in the other room.

Scene 2: Breanne is waiting mostly naked for Mick to do her. It's basically Scott's gift to him. They trade off between watching and having sex with her. There is no actual double penetration that happens in this scene, which is admittedly a disappointment for me. However, this scene has voyeurism, trade-off fucking, and oral. Technically exhibitionism, if you want to get specific because the two are fucking for the third to watch, and at one point she is having sex and acknowledges the guy she's not having sex with. This was a pretty good scene, different from most pornos.

Scene 3: Scott approaches Kayden in the bedroom, she is snide with him and he ends up leaving, with the remark not to take her anger out on him. She looks bored and annoyed the entire conversation and is putting make up on to "go out." Later, we see that another couple has joined them for dinner. The chemistry between this new couple is readily apparent, where as Kayden and Scott are visibly in tension. Tommy and Lisa (the new couple) excuse themselves to get pie.

Scene 4: Tommy and Lisa hit the kitchen and bring out some whipped cream. This scene is sensual to me. This couple is steaming things up and whipped cream gets licked from all sorts of places! They have oral and vaginal sex, they finish with a facial, and return to the table. Kayden looks even more bored than before at this point and tension seems to have gone up a little.

Scene 5: Kayden goes back to the therapist, and they discuss things changing, and why she doesn't feel the way she used to about her husband. She admits that she may have made a mistake with getting married. When she returns home, she questions her husband about his love for her. Scott dodges the questions pretty well and initiates sex. They have a little foreplay and things get serious. This scene has regular oral, 69, and vaginal sex. My main hangup on this scene is the amount of mumbling and quite possibly religious tongues that Kayden is speaking in and I can't understand. They finish with a facial.

Scene 6: Kayden is back at the therapist's. They discuss her sex with Scott, and that she was emotionally shut off. She didn't enjoy the sex emotionally, and didn't care.

Scene 7: Breanne, Jessie, and Scott are in the office, so Scott introduces them to each other. Jessie is the new assistant and he says they should get to know each other. They start with girl on girl, making out and a little groping. However, Scott quickly gets involved to make this a threesome. There is girl on girl oral, vaginal sex and pretty much an oral train between the three of them. It's pretty hot. I like the variety with these three more than the others. Scott manages to keep both girls busy at the same time, that's talent! I feel like this scene was the best threesome I've seen between two girls and a guy. A lot of times girls don't actively participate at the same time, but these three have amazing chemistry and constantly are interacting amongst each other; there is never a third wheel feel to anyone in the scene. They finish with a facial.

Scene: Kayden tells Scott she doesn't love him anymore and wants a divorce while he's in the bathroom. Kayden came to the office when Scott was banging the other two girls, and now knows he's been cheating on her. She abruptly leaves and goes to the therapist's office. She tells Manuel that she just needs to talk, and she explains everything that happened. She comes on to him and he gently says no, with the reasoning that he's her therapist. This obviously does not stop them, because they get involved and can't seem to get their clothes off fast enough for each other. This is the final scene, and what a finale! So much chemistry, I LOVE it. There is quite some variety to this one as well. There's a little anal play, oral, deep-throating, and vaginal sex. They finish with a facial. Manuel is just SO dominant in this scene, and I think that makes this scene very sexy. The most intense couple of the entire DVD.

    • Erotic
    • Hetero
    • Threesome scenes


Kayden Kross, Breanne Benson, Jessie Andrews, Scott Nails, Lisa Ann, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Robby D., and Tommy Gunn.

I am pretty happy with this cast. A few have been in other DP movies I've seen. I really like this cast and feel they have good chemistry with each other and do a good job making the plot of the porn seem believable.
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Good presentation
    • Hot scenes

DVD Features

- Free BluRay Disk
- Widescreen 16:9
- Behind the Scenes
- Chapter Selections
- Interactive Menus
- Photo Gallery
- Slide Show
- Trailers

This is standard DVD stuff, except you get a free BluRay. The cover is not discreet, but with DP I always love that the design is unique. It is sensual, warm, and features scenes from the movie, but it's not as blatant as a lot of DVDs will be. The back has a lot of scenes from the movie and some information on the plot.
    • Attractive design
    • Not very discreet packaging
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

As per our usual when watching porn together, Sapphire and I make comments. I always put it in this section for your amusement.

Breanne, Scott, & Mick- "Some things shouldn't be in HD. I can see butt acne. Poor girl. Look at the razor burn, that looks painful." -Sapphire
"She has prominent leg veins. That's kinda cool." -Mid

Kayden & Scott scene- "I need subtitles. What is she saying?" -Sapphire
"Is she speaking in tongues?" -Mid

Threesome- "The camera keeps changing and it's confusing." -Sapphire
"I thought they were both pierced. Then I realized that somehow in a split second he was fucking the other girl, not the first one. So only the one is pierced." -Mid

Final scene- "I need subtitles again. What's she saying?" -Sapphire
"I think she said Jesus." -Mid
"That's the wrong name to call when you're getting paid for that." -Sapphire


I feel that if the camera didn't change so much, I wouldn't have gotten whiplash. There were points where things changed so much that I was like, "When did that happen?" I love DP, don't get me wrong, but there were times when the scene changed so dramatically that I was lost on how they changed positions that quickly.

I also feel like Kayden speaks in tongues a few times in this movie. I'd like her to either speak up so I can understand her, or maybe just moan instead. I have no problem with talking during sex, but I would like to actually HEAR her.

In the end, as always, I love DP and despite my few complaints...I give it a 4 star rating. The acting is great, the chemistry is great, and the lighting is always fantastic. I feel like the music is constantly well placed in the movie. It never goes into the actual sex scenes, and I like that. I often don't notice it even stopped. It is strategically placed at points when there are actual discussions and is softly going in the background to constantly make the scene more dramatic. Also, I would like to note that the scenes are awesome! The costuming and actual backgrounds themselves are believable and aid the story along well. This is the best porn with a plot that I've ever watched.
Follow-up commentary
I can still say that I watch this one- though I generally skip to Kayden & Manuel's scene. I like that one best and I tend to ignore the others. Manuel & Kayden just have so much chemistry together. I can watch this scene and still get into it. I think that's a great quality in a DVD. Kayden is still a favorite star of mine, and probably will continue to impress me.
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