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Love & Marriage (or Nap Time)

Kayden's not happy with her marriage, she doesn't love her husband, and he's cheating on her to boot. Is it any wonder she's falling for Manuel her therapist who really seems to get her (on his cock)? The premise of the movie is a good one, it's entertaining at times, but for the most part there is a huge lack of variety, uninspiring camera angles and unclear dialogue.
Crisp quality, facials galore
Few camera angles, predictable scenes
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The front cover has the name of the movie "Love & Marriage" along with the name of the star Kayden Kross and the director Robby D. There is a prominent color image of Kayden along with black and white stills of her, Manuel Ferrara and Lisa Ann. One of the images of Kayden and Manuel has the text "Passion waits for no one." placed in it. There is a wrap-around header of the Digital Playground branding and logo, and another above this which shows that the case is a DVD + Blu-Ray combo pack.

The back cover contains a short description of the plot, and a selection of images of the actresses taken from their respective scenes. Their names are printed along with the images to indicate who's who. The only mention of the male actors is of Manuel in the description.

Both covers have a crisp, artistic and professional layout, it definitely leads one to believe that this is a high-quality production.

Menus and Special Features:

The top menu contains the following options: Play Movie, Chapters, Special Features, and Contact. Navigating between all the menus and back is quite simple.

The Special Features menu has Behind the Scenes, Gallery, Slide Show, and Trailers. Trailers included are: Pirates: Scagnettis Revenge, Island Fever 4, Nurses, So Fine, MILFs All Star, Girl Next Door, Pirates and Fly Girls.

The Movie


The movie opens on a therapy session where Kayden is talking to Manuel (her therapist) about her marriage which she is obviously not very happy in. Is there someone to fill her void? Let's find out!

Scene 1 (Jessie Andrews, Scott Nails & Mick Blue):

It's Mick's birthday at the office and Scott has a surprise for him in his office. The surprise turns out to be a threesome between them and Jessie (Scotts' receptionist). They each receive oral sex from Jessie while the other guy watches. They then take turns having vaginal sex with Jessie on the desk, then finish with Mick blowing his load on her butt/hip and Scott giving her a facial.

This scene could have been so much more, but it may as well have been a couple's scene rather than a threesome. Rather than one of the guys looking on and tugging his noodle, they could have improved the scene with some DP. Another oddity is that the scene starts with some dramatic background music, but then cuts rather suddenly and the remainder of the scene has no music.

Scene 2 (Lisa Ann & Tommy Gunn):

This scene begins with Kayden topless in front of a vanity mirror doing her make-up. Her husband comes in and we see that it's Scott who funnily enough we saw cheating on her in his office in the scene just past. They have a rather emotionless conversation where they both act like everything's fine, and Scott is reminded that they are going to the Saunders' for dinner. Scott doesn't want to go, but Kayden indicates that they can't cancel. There is definintely some obvious tension between these two.

The shot cuts to the Saunder's apartment where the two couples are finishing up their main course. Lisa announces that she has to go into the kitchen to get some dessert together and Tommy offers to give her a hand. They leave Kayden and Scott to sulk over their meals as they seem visibly uncomfortable around each other.

Once in the kitchen Lisa grabs a pie and a bottle of whipped cream intent on getting the dessert for the guests. Tommy seems hell-bent on other things, and Lisa (being a push over) gives in and they play with the whipped cream, eating it from each others bodies and kissing (this part was pretty hot). Unfortunately, it's very difficult to hear the entire verbal exchange without totally cranking the volume.

Lisa then goes down on Tommy and then he fucks her vaginally in a few positions on and against the kitchen counter. They finish with a facial and then rejoin the other couple with the dessert, Lisa with some cum still on her face (although it looks more like whipped cream). Kayden and Scott still look like they don't want to be anywhere near one another.

Scene 3 (Kayden Kross & Scott Nails):

This scene takes us momentarily back to the therapy office where we see Kayden and Manuel talking once again of her marriage. They talk about whether or not she loves Scott, and she says she used to. They talk for a few minutes, and it's becoming obvious that she really has the hots for Manuel (I think my biggest tip off was her constant glances down at his crotch). She ends up spontaneously kissing him, then apologizing for it.

(Continued below...)
At this point the scene cuts back to Kayden and Scott's place where they are in the bedroom. Kayden asks him why he loves her, and whatever he said, must have been the right answer at the time because they end up fucking. They make out, and Scott goes down on Kayden, and vice versa. They switch to 69 where we are treated to a single camera angle, and don't see much of what Scott is doing. They fuck vaginally in a few different positions, and Scott finishes by giving Kayden a facial.

Scene 4 (Jessie Andrews, Breanne Benson & Scott Nails):

Kayden is back with her therapist talking about how she didn't feel any passion in the sex she just has with Scott. The scene then cuts over to Scotts office where he wants his assistant and the PR girl to "get to know each other better" which much to my surprise means have sex in the adjoining office.

The two girls get it on while Scott looks on for a few minutes, then joins in. They go down on one another for a while, then Scott fucks first Jessie, then Breanne. This scene ends with Scott giving Breanne a facial.

Scene 5 (Kayden Kross & Manuel Ferrara):

In this final scene Kayden walks into the bathroom while Scott is on the toilet and tells him she doesn't love him and wants a divorce. Scott thinks it's her shrink that's messing with her head, and wants a chance to fix things, but she says that there's nothing for him to fix. It comes out that he cheated on her and that she found out.

Oddly enough, at this point Kayden shows up at the therapists' again and tells Manuel that her marriage is over with. They fuck.

Again this scene is formulated much like the others, Manuel goes down on Kayden, she sucks his cock, they fuck vaginally in a few positions and then he gives her a facial.

Camera and Sound work:

Although the video quality is extremely crisp, I wasn't very impressed with the camera work. There was a distinct lack of video angles, which to me is a huge waste. Just some added angles would have improved the movie greatly.

Again I had the same problems with the sound as I did with Girl Talk. I think the sound engineer(s) could have done a better job to ensure that the quieter dialogue in the scenes was more audible.

Personal Comments:

I was really not a fan of this film. I found the lack of variety in the scenes, camera angles, and attention to details really brought this movie down in my opinion. I found it a bit of a struggle to make it all the way through this movie without pressing the fast-forward button. Both the dramatic and sexual scenes could get tedious at times, and I became bored very easily.

The best part of this movie for me was when Scott is on the toilet and Kayden blind sides him with her bombshell of wanting to end their marriage. I could not think of a more uncomfortable place to have something like that happen. It was definitely a funny highlight in the film.
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