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The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past

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The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past reviews

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27 reviews

Hearing that Eden was not restocking their DVD's, I quickly ordered this film with Julia Ann before it went out of stock, since it seemed like a decent film. While she was in 2 scenes, the only special part of her scenes were the orgasms. The rest of the scenes from the film not including the 3rd were somewhat plain and boring, and not really worth ordering the film.

If you prefer your porn with a plot and straightforward, vanilla sex, the Stepmother 4 might be up your alley. It has a great cast, and the sex scenes aren’t bad, although they’re a bit bland and short. It’s also a bit strange watching the adorable James Deen play such a nice guy.

All in all, you should only get this if you are a hardcore fan of one of the actors. Seriously. But even then, its a shot in the dark. How much do you love your favorite porn actor? Maybe I just expect too much from porn today?

This movie would be a great addition for couples who enjoy straight sex and oral. People who want a little more may want to look elsewhere. The actors work well together and give believable sex performances.

The build up was more exciting than the movie and the "secret" was anticipated by me and my guys. Would it be something juicy or just scandalous?? Turns out it was tame and slightly boring though Julia Ann does get a pretty good little dig in with her bratty step-daughter over it. All in all not too bad a watch but not something compelling enough to make me come back for more.

Uses a classic storyline for porn with some great actors who are obviously loving their jobs! I'm never a fan of cheating, but the sex is hot enough to make up for it, especially the threesome scene.

Stepmother 4 is a good mix of sex styles, people, and tastes. There's a little bit for everyone in the mix but not all the scenes are a complete success. James Deen is definitely the star for me, but then again, I was already a fan!

This is another title form the Sweet Sinner studio that is shot with "daytime soap opera" lenses but turns out to be a really sexy film. And as with many of their titles, this one would be another one that you could get your lady to watch with you(if she doesn't already).

Stepmother 4 has a strong cast with both young and mature actors, and just enough of a plot to tie the scenes together. Although the sex is vanilla and repetitive, there is a titillating threesome that offers a little kink and therefore it offers little bit for everyone. If you’re a Nina Hartley fan you will love the threesome.

The Stepmother 4 has a very strong cast that can not only act with the best of them but also perform like the best of the adult stars. With strong a performance from Julia Ann and James Deen keeps this from being a mediocre film. While this certainly boosts some decent sex scenes, the plot is incredibly week and with the lack of special features there is not enough to keep people coming back for more.

A sizzling MILF in the title role, and a scandalous plot brought to life by a good looking cast, ensure that Stepmother 4 is a top quality erotic offering. Whether it makes the best choice to suit your porn-buying needs depends on exactly what you're looking for; but you ultimately won't be disappointed if you pick this one.

The plot's no good, but the sex is fun to watch. There's a nice variety of older and younger performers. Nina Hartley fans in particular will enjoy her scene, Gracie Glam is adorable, and Julia Ann is wonderful in her cougar role.

I think if you appreciate porn then you may want to pass on this one; you can find much better adult films out there. If you are a newbie, then you may like this movie.

The preview for this porn was REALLY good. The porn itself.. not so good. It's boring in almost every way. So if you aren't into vanilla sex skip this one.

The land of stepmothers is a wonderful land. They mother you, give you poisoned apples, make you clean the house all day long, or sleep with your guy! This ain't no fairy tale but it's as good as any twisted, X rated, Grimms fairy tale could get. Jump into that forbidden world of stepmotherhood.

Gracie Glam's wicked stepmother has some dirty skeletons hiding in her closet. She stumbles upon them and plans to use them to her benefit, hoping to rid herself of wicked Julia Ann for good. But her plan backfires, and the MILF shows us her truly wicked side. With a fun, super sexy threesome scene in the midst of a fully-developed plot and some vanilla hetero sex, there's something here for just about everyone.

Overall this film was okay. I enjoyed two out of the four sex scenes and those two did not have Julia Ann in them. I think Gracie Glam made this movie and I would watch another movie with her in it again. This DVD seems real and had a very real threesome in it. But there was bad chemistry and the sex was boring to watch in most cases.

Stepmother 4 from Sweet Sinner Studios is a nice plot based porn. The actors, both young and mature, have good chemistry and there seems to be a lot of real orgasms. Some scenes tend to be a bit long and the same old positions are use throughout, but overall it is a good flic. Probably best for couples that are new to porn or those that enjoy vanilla sex.

Sometimes we have secrets that are best kept with the skeletons. Julia Ann has just such a secret that could potentially come out and ruin her new marriage. A little quick thinking saves the day though. *phew*

I didn't feel that the sex in this movie was inspiring or memorable. There is a threesome but no roughness or other variety. Audio problems in the first half of the movie detracted even more from the enjoyment of this movie.

This is simply, and excellent porno. The actors and actresses are some of our favorites, the sex scenes are filled with passionate and energy and the story line provides a solid and unifying foundation. BRAVO!

Stepmother 4 was not as good as it could have been considering the stars in the movie. It did provide a chance for a few exceptional middle-aged stars to show us that they still have what it takes in more ways than one, which is encouraging for those of us who are middle-aged ourselves. It gives hope that we can learn to perform some of these moves with the same dexterity and enjoyment that they displayed. Even with the technical problems, it was enjoyable, even if predictable and a bit plain.

If your tired of the regular overacted porn, or looking for actual love-making in your porn, Sweet Sinner films may be just what you are after.

For a 2+ hour long production with only four scenes, I would have enjoyed a few more sex scenes that were shorter instead of going for the longer scenes with little to no plot thrown in to support it. My favorite scene is with Gracie and James and the rest of it, I could do without entirely.

I personally was not very impressed with this movie. I was super excited to see it after watching the preview, but I was sadly disappointed. The camera work and sound have a lot to be desired. Also not to mean but the actors and actresses are not the hottest, however they do look like real people. But other then the sex being rather nice there's not much to look forward too.

Julia Ann and Gracie have a dirty secret. So do I. I hate this movie and I feel like I wasted over two hours of my life watching boring porn with a story line that doesn't even make sense half the time. I feel like this had a lot of room to be done well, but they totally missed it with this one. I liked other things written by Nica Noelle, but this one fell short in the story and porn departments.

While there was promise in the casting of this movie, it fell short in scenes that ended up being boring, or just very unappealing.

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