The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past by Sweet Sinner - review by I'll Miss You EF :(

The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past

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Her secret is safe with me!

While there was promise in the casting of this movie, it fell short in scenes that ended up being boring, or just very unappealing.
Gracie Glam is very hot, as is Julia Ann.
Very vanilla sex, some hard to watch scenes.
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Gracie Glam
Julia Ann
Nina Hartley
Tommy Gunn
James Deen


From the second you look at this packaging, the “finale” is given away; Stepmother being lovingly held by the son-in-law. The back cover pretty much shows a snippet from every scene in the movie, there are no surprises with the storyline.
Basically, the daughter is meeting the stepmother. She hates her already, mostly because she has her father distracted and deeply in love, and she thought that only her dad was caught up in the Stepmother’s spell.


1st Scene – Gracie Glam & James Deen - ***
I have no idea what I was expecting, but this did not deliver. There was a large talking scene in the beginning. Gracie bitched about her stepmother, James commented on how smoking hot she was. Apparently, to comfort her they decided to have sex.

I did like how naturally it started. Some kissing, a little cuddling, then oral sex. I got bored after ten minutes of pretty much just him going down on her and her moaning very annoyingly. My boyfriend got up and left during this scene and told me to call him back when it finally ended. I did get a little distracted with her underwear being left like half on her. It was bright yellow, and I have a weakness for yellow.

They tried out a few positions, missionary, some spooning. There was no roughness, and I’m not even for sure that she actually orgasmed. He did finish on top of her landing strip.

Overall: Really overly long, some stereotypical positions, just very vanilla.

2nd Scene – Julia Ann & Tommy Gunn - *
I have heard of Tommy Gunn before, but I’ve never seen him in a porn movie, and I never want to watch him again. He is a tanner. Very obviously a fake tanner, whose skin, looks leathery. It was hard to find watching them erotic. There wasn’t any real connection going on there. Julia plays the stepmother, and we both agree she is a stepmother who is majorly hot. Julia was a pleasure to watch, she is attractive, but the boyfriend and I decided this wasn’t a scene that we ever wanted to watch again.

Overall: Tommy Gunn was too difficult to watch, also there was a pretty fake set up going on with the plot.

3rd Scene – Nina Hartley, Gracie Glam & Christian - **
I expected this scene to be hot. Again, I’ve never seen Nina Hartley have sex, but I’ve heard great things about her on screen. Also, this was the most outside of vanilla that this movie has. A threesome, not exactly risqué, but whatever.

So the scene starts with Gracie sneaking out to go meet with married couple Christian and Nina, and they immediately start getting sexual.

Christian isn’t very attractive to me, and my boyfriend wasn’t fond of Nina. But we both like Gracie, and we were hoping for maybe some girl-on-girl.

There was none of that rewarding action, instead lots of face sitting, and Nina’s intense dirty talking, which was more like very politely demanding. There was a big chunk of this scene that was shot from behind, with the camera focused on Nina’s vagina riding Christian. Normally this would be a very attractive angle, but Nina has a birthmark maybe? in her ass region that was very distracting, also, she isn’t super young, and there was just a very unflattering look to her riding him, made worse by the fact that the camera was glued to her ass area.

This scene could have been really hot, but it just wasn’t.

Overall: This scene was just one big turn off. It didn’t make me hot in the least bit. I just wish there was less of Nina’s ass and more of her and Gracie getting it on!

4th Scene – Julia Ann & James Deen - ***
By default this is probably my favorite scene in the whole movie, not because it was the hottest, but because I find both stars attractive, and the boyfriend really liked watching Julia. They also had a chemistry that James just didn’t have with Gracie. This was pretty vanilla too though; one impressive thing was when James came. He shot his load into Julia’s mouth and I kid you not, there was no drop to escape her mouth. A very impressive blowjob that didn’t feature any spitting, unattractive gagging, or rough mouth fucking.

Overall: Favorite scene, but that isn’t saying much. Awesome ending blowjob.
Basic Overview of the Movie:
I can’t say that I liked it, but I didn’t hate it. The story line pretty much didn’t exist. The acting was subpar, but a few of the matchings were nice to watch ( *cough* Julia & James! *cough*). There was promise for this movie, with stars like Gracie Glam and Nina Hartley, but it just fell a bit short.

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This was my FIRST ever porn DVD, and I was so excited for it to just blow me away, and it didn't. But I really am glad that I did get my first DVD, because I am excited to get more!
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  • Antipova
    Nice review! I'm looking forward to ordering my first DVD porn too, I hope it will be more exciting than this one was for you. It's funny how non-vanilla we expect porn to be... anyway, thanks for your thoughts (I'll definitely skip this one), and better luck next time!
  • Tuesday
    It sounds horribly boring. Nice review.
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the review. Too bad it was a flop, they had a great cast.
  • I'll Miss You EF :(
    Antipova: I just hoped it would be the hottest movie ever, and I'd become addicted to porn DVDs. Haha. One can hope for better next time!

    Leatherlover: There was SO much promise in the casting. But it just fell so short!

    Thanks all!
  • Selective Sensualist
    My husband and I like Julia Ann and James Deen, too. Better luck with your next DVD!
  • Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    Sorry it didn't float your boat. Great review!
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