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Julia Ann's New Family

Hearing that Eden was not restocking their DVD's, I quickly ordered this film with Julia Ann before it went out of stock, since it seemed like a decent film. While she was in 2 scenes, the only special part of her scenes were the orgasms. The rest of the scenes from the film not including the 3rd were somewhat plain and boring, and not really worth ordering the film.
A threesome, the performers, 2 scenes with no cum shot
Mostly vanilla threesome, no anal, no toys
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The Stepmother 4
Directed by Nica Noelle

James Deen, Gracie Glam, Tommy Gunn, Julia Ann, Nina Hartley, and Christian.

Main Menu
Play Feature, Scenes, and Slideshow. Scenes are just broken down by performer, as Gracie, Julia Ann, Gracie and Nina, and Julia Ann again.

Main Feature
Scene 1
The movie starts with Gracie and James in bed talking, and Gracie is upset about her new stepmother, Julia Ann. I have not yet seen a scene with Gracie, and so far I have enjoyed her performance. She has quite the nice rear end. Included in the scene is kissing, fingering for Gracie, fellatio with some full length deep throating, non-condom PIV sex with her on top, PIV sex in missionary, then an interesting spooning but where they are facing each other. There is also normal spooning, then after a very long endurance, James cums on her stomach, then reinserts himself for more sex.

This scene lasted 30 minutes, and I'll give it 3.5 stars. There was nothing special with outfits or location, but the sex was nice and they had a few interesting positions. He seemed to go for a really long time, and Gracie almost seemed like she wanted him to stop. Then the normal cum shot followed by re-insertion is just annoying.

Scene 2
We are now in a room with Tommy and Julia Ann, and she is looking at herself in the mirror. The scene starts after some dialogue between them about getting married and eloping, then it starts with Tommy being pushed onto the bed. The scene starts slowly, with kissing, talking, and slow undressing. There is fellatio, PIV sex with Julia Ann in cowgirl, Julia Ann on her back, spooning, doggy, and then the cumshot. But wait, it wasn't a cumshot, she finished him off with her mouth and she swallowed. What a change for once!

This scene lasted 27 minutes, and I'll give it 4 stars, with a large helping part being the lack of cumshot. The scene didn't feel as long as the first, had some nice general positions, and Julia Ann. My negatives are that there were no toys or really sexy lingerie, and they were just in a bed.

We now are at a house where Tommy is meeting Gracie and James at the door, and down the stairs comes Julia Ann. James sees Julia Ann up on the stairs, and does a double take as she is posing up there. And wow, Julia Ann is taller than Tommy.

That night James can't get Julia Ann out of his head as he tries to sleep, so he gets out of bed and goes to the kitchen. While drinking his glass of water, Julia Ann sneaks up behind him in a slip and startles him. She get them both some brandy, and they start talking. Before they can get too intimate, Gracie finds them and is very upset about the situation.

The next day Gracie is about to sneak out the front door when Tommy catches her at the door. She is a little startled, and makes up a story about going out to do errands. But it is really to meet up with Nina and Christian for the 3rd scene.

Scene 3
We find out that Gracie has a kinky side, and Nina and Christian are a couple that helps her with her urges. They first start with Christian spanking Gracie as she kisses Nina. A little toe sucking, cunnilingus for Gracie from Nina, fellatio, 69 for both Nina and Christian, then Gracie and Christian. PIV sex for Nina, PIV doggy for Gracie while licking Nina, an interesting triangle with Nina on the bottom, Christian in her pussy, Gracie on her face, while Gracie and Christian are kissing. Pleasure all around! Many more positions follow, and they finish with Christian cumming on Gracie's stomach.

This scene lasted 30 minutes, and it was a nice threesome. But still no toys, or anal sex. So for something kinky, it seemed a little plain. 3 stars.

As Gracie was getting ready to leave, she finds a photo of Julia Ann next to the bed. When she asks who it is, they tell her that Julia Ann was her predecessor in their kinky threesomes.
Julia Ann comes and finds James when no one else is in the house. She makes her move, and starts kissing James, but Gracie is still home. Later Gracie confronts Julia Ann about her past, and shows her the photo taken from Nina and Christian. While Gracie thinks she has the upper hand, Julia Ann quickly turns it around to saying that Gracie has a dark side of her own.

Scene 4
After faking an illness to get to stay home alone with James, the 4th scene starts. James grabs Julia Ann from behind, and they start kissing on the staircase, before finding their way to the bedroom, and once again, another bed. Their scene includes cunnilingus, fingering, fellatio, PIV sex with spooning, missionary, and cowgirl.

This scene lasted 25 minutes, and I'll give it 3.5 stars. It really was just an average scene up to the point of his orgasm, where Julia Ann swallows it once again via fellatio, and it was nice that they started the scene on the stairs too. But the lack of toys or anal are the negatives, and they spent most of the scene on a bed.
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