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The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past

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Your past doesn't have to haunt you

The plot's no good, but the sex is fun to watch. There's a nice variety of older and younger performers. Nina Hartley fans in particular will enjoy her scene, Gracie Glam is adorable, and Julia Ann is wonderful in her cougar role.
• hot sex
• good performances
• insipid plot
• could use better direction & editing
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Writer/director: Nica Noelle
cast: Julia Ann, Gracie Glam, Nina Hartley, James Deen, Tommy Gunn, Christian

Unlike Fatal Seduction, the other Nica Noelle movie I watched recently, this movie has a rather unsatisfying plot. It tells the story of a woman who doesn't get along with her stepmother and is excited to find out about her stepmother's past, so she can tell her father. But when the stepmother figures out that the daughter's sex life is just as tawdry, the daughter can't do anything and the plot ends in an abrupt and unfulfilling way. Perhaps part five of the series will expand on the story, but this part of the story doesn't hold up on its own.

Video quality is passable, but there are some issues at times. Audio is often muddled, particularly during plot segments. The music chosen for this movie made it sound like a soap opera, which felt somewhat appropriate given the plot. Note that there is no music during the sex scenes. The sets are uninteresting—nothing but bland house interiors.

Scene 1: Gracie Glam & James Deen

She's extremely cute. He's quite hairy, which some will like and other may find off-putting.
The chemistry between these two is quite believable. There's lots of kissing at the start and the focus is always on her pleasure—quite a bit of manual stimulation of her vulva occurs before he even undresses. She performs a very nice blowjob, with some real enthusiasm and skill. There's some athletic girl-on-top. It takes her a while to get into it, but once she does she's really loving it as he really pounds her hard! When she's near orgasm (as is evident by the flushing of her chest) he flips her over and goes down on her. "I love when you go down on me like that" she utters when she realizes what he's doing. They really sell this scene.

Throughout the scene there seems to be much more attention on getting her to orgasm than giving us a show. This is nice, but those who expect clear shots of all the action will be disappointed.

Scene 2: Julia Ann & Tommy Gunn

There's some convincing dialog during this scene; these two sound like they're married. The sex feels real, too. It really feels like they're newlyweds and she's not quite used to his monster cock yet, but she loves it.

Scene 3: Gracie Glam, Nina Hartley, & Christian

These three work well together. Some threesome scenes feel awkward, but in this scene all three are enjoying each other throughout. You get to see pretty much any combination of partners and activities that you'd like. The dialog during the scene is good, but the muddled audio makes it hard to hear at times.

Scene 4: Julia Ann & James Deen

This scene has better camera angles than the others and the lighting is better, too, so you can really see what's going on. The two have some very passionate sex, but the scene drags a bit. Like the other scenes, it's just too long. As with the rest of the scenes, the performers do a great job of staying in character throughout the sex, with appropriate dialog sprinkled throughout.


Three's an extremely brief slideshow of female performers (no more than a dozen photos) and that's it. I'm not sure why they even bothered.
The tag line in the marketing for this movie: "She was the perfect trophy wife… until her past came back to haunt her."

But it didn't haunt her. Not for one minute. As soon as her stepdaughter shows her the evidence of the past, she steals it away and convinces her stepdaughter that she can't say anything without exposing her own unusual sex life. As far as I'm concerned, the plot was disappointing and completely failed to deliver on its promise.

The only redeeming factor was the actual sex, which was quite enjoyable at times. I just wish the scenes were better edited.

Fun fact: They changed the name of this movie after it was made but before it was released. The opening credits sequence lists it as "The Stepmother 4: Dirty Little Secrets" which isn't what the box is labeled.
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  • married with children
    It sounds like you liked this movie more then most of the reviews. Great review, thanks for sharing.
  • tim1724
    I wouldn't say I liked it. The bad writing and overly long scenes were annoying. I think there's definitely an audience for this movie; i personally wouldn't want to watch it again but it's not awful.
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the review. I liked the detail you went into for the first scene, I just wish there was a little more detail in the other scenes.
  • tim1724
    For whatever reason the extended review template wasn't available and the word limit on standard reviews is pretty limiting.
  • arewehavingfun?
    You mention that the 1st scene doesn't have very clear scenes of the action--what about the other scenes? Can you see the pentration and any BJ's from a better angle?
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