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The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past

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The Wicked StepMother: Her Secret Slutty Past

Gracie Glam's wicked stepmother has some dirty skeletons hiding in her closet. She stumbles upon them and plans to use them to her benefit, hoping to rid herself of wicked Julia Ann for good. But her plan backfires, and the MILF shows us her truly wicked side. With a fun, super sexy threesome scene in the midst of a fully-developed plot and some vanilla hetero sex, there's something here for just about everyone.
Gracie Glam is so naturally hot, Fun 3some scene, Real plot, Good acting
Acting at points a bit forced, production quality a bit low
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The first impression that Sweet Sinner makes in The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past, is as deceiving as the rest of the film. We find the super sexy, natural beauty Gracie Glam confiding in her fiance, James Deen, about her wicked stepmother who's just eloped with her father. The acting is subpar and I can almost read the lines as they come out of Gracie's mouth, and the sex, while including plenty of foreplay, is such a completely predictable yawn. But predictable this film is not!

I personally am certainly not straight enough to subjectively review hetero porn, and James Deen's man grunts and throbbing crooked cock are no exception. In all honesty, he reminds me of s a member of the band Weezer or some other skinny nerd group - with his pale skin, lamb chops and thick dark fur covering his body.

Gracie gives him a blow job complete with plenty of slurping and farting sounds, and James contributes by punctuating the entire 25 minute sex show with animal noises. Several sexual positions are used though Gracie is only on top during one. The lack of male/female dominance balance here is a turn off for me. I like to see a woman take control a bit.
However disgusted I may have been by James' pale hairy bear-man ways, the couple seems to be genuinely enjoying their romp, which ups the hot factor a bit.

Cheesy jazz music makes for a Soap-operatic scene transition. We're introduced to Julia Ann, the mom I'd like to fuck, in her hotel room with her new hubby. Julia and Tommy Gunn have genuine chemistry and their acting blows the last scene out of the water. I detect a bit of improvisation as well. Julia loves taking control of her man, and is an attentive lover as well. Tommy's packing a schlong as thick as a Coke can, and Julia's plenty eager to show it some sincere appreciation.

Without giving too much of the twisting plot away, I can tell you you're in for a thrill with this movie. The plot is rich and well-developed despite the length of the 4 sex scenes, which do occupy a bit over half of the 2 hr, 12 min runtime. As Sweet Sinner advertises, this movie shows real sex, real passion, and real orgasms. Everyone seems to be enjoying their roll in the hay as much as any amateur homemade porn I've ever seen, and that's certainly hot. The sex is quite hetero, vanilla and predictable, with positions repeated throughout the movie, until we come to the kicker: the threesome.

The threesome scene made this film re-watchable for me, and coming from someone who so highly dislikes hetero porn, that's saying something. I fast forwarded through the straight scenes, but this one was thoroughly enjoyed. Not only kinky, this scene is genuinely fun. Everyone is so into it, and by the looks of it, may get together off screen for a remake on their own time.

The females dominate the scene. Christian's pole is worshipped without insinuating him as a dominant masculine entity whatsoever. It takes both of the gals together to suck his enormous peen! One lady directs the action and keeping the excitement going through verbal prompting and, oddly enough, cheerleading. The other is vamping up the bedroom with her sexy innocence, soaking in the attention from a man and woman simultaneously. We see some salad tossing and even spanking here, and it is a welcomed sight! Many pornos these days consider anal sex about as kinky as it goes. Which for me, is not the end of the rainbow!
The tension between Gracie and Julia Ann, the wicked stepmother, runs deep and rampant in every scene where they're forced to interact. Julia is manipulative and deceitful and quite obviously jealous of her new husband's affection for his young daughter. Gracie finds out about Julia's secret and tries to use it against her, but Julia is much older, more mature, and experienced in the art of evil. She turns the blackmail around on Gracie, and as the film ends, gets Gracie back in the most wicked way possible.

The film ends quite suddenly, as I was dismayed to find. We're left hanging on the edge of a cliff, so to speak, and I can't wait to see the Stepmother 5! As Julia Ann's super slutty dominatrix (whoops! I gave it away!) past is only touched on in this film, one would expect to find her decked out with whips and chains and leather in the scenes afterwards. Alas, it's the same vanilla sex. We just have to look forward to that in Stepmother 5, I hope.

Overall, the production quality was very high. The feel of the film was quite reminiscent of a soap opera, though I found myself wishing in many scenes that they would dim the lights, or add a warm filter. Harsh, green-hued lights were unflattering for some of the more mature actors, whereas a dimmer scene could've hidden the little imperfections in their skin, and boob jobs.

If you're into porn with a real plot and BDSM or kinky sex is not an absolute must for you to enjoy a film, you'll definitely want to check this out.
Follow-up commentary
That threesome scene still stands out to me... and little Gracie, god she's so hot. This is still one of the best porns I've seen. It's still not one I'd watch again, however. I prefer no penises in my porn!
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