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The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past

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Tommy Gunn and the house of hypocrites.

The Stepmother 4 has a very strong cast that can not only act with the best of them but also perform like the best of the adult stars. With strong a performance from Julia Ann and James Deen keeps this from being a mediocre film. While this certainly boosts some decent sex scenes, the plot is incredibly week and with the lack of special features there is not enough to keep people coming back for more.
Strong Cast
Weak plot
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover strikes me as fairly bland. There is a simple picture of a topless Julia Ann and James Deen with a white background on the front cover. The text resembles most Sweet Sinner productions which feature cursive text, which is supposed to give it more of an elegant and romantic feel.

The menus are simple and attractive. The menus are easy to navigate and you will not find yourself becoming lost in them.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film begins with Gracie and James relaxing on a bed, the two talk about Gracie’s stepmother. Gracie does not like her stepmother and feels threatened by her. James tries to reassure her, but the two get distracted and have sex that includes oral and vaginal intercourse.

Immediately following the previous scene, we are introduced to Gracie’s father Tommy (Gunn) and her stepmother Julia Ann. The two are getting intimate and before you know it their clothes come off. The two have oral and vaginal sex before the screen fades to black.

James and Gracie arrive at the home that Tommy and Julia’s share. As Tommy welcomes the two Julia descends the stairs and for a few split moments her and James’s eyes meet.

Later James is thinking about Julia and leaves his bed at night in order to get himself something to drink. In the kitchen he runs into lingerie clad Julia. Julia offers James some brandy and the two retire to a bedroom where they share a drink over a conversation. Julia questions James about his readiness for marriage and manages to slip in to the conversation that Gracie has a bad temper. Soon Gracie wakes and goes in search for James. Just as things begin to heat up between the two they are interrupted by Gracie.

Just as Gracie is about to leave to meet friends she is stopped by her father Tommy who explains that he is making dinner for the family that night. The camera cuts tow a couple that includes Nina Hartley. The man is upset that Gracie is late. Nina explains that she has a lot of things going on in her life including a clueless boyfriend. Soon Gracie arrives and jumps on the bed. The man begins spanking Gracie before the three jump into a full on threesome that involves vaginal and oral sex. As Gracie is about to leave she finds a picture peeking out of her friends notebook. Gracie pulls on the picture to reveal a photo of her stepmother Julia. Gracie questions the two, and they explain that the woman in the photograph is Gracie’s predecessor. Instead of being angry Gracie seems to be amused, perhaps she has ammo, or perhaps she is just a freaky chick.

Back at the homestead James and Julia converse, this soon led to a quick kiss before Julia hops out of the room. After James leaves Julia cleans up the home. While cleaning Gracie encounters Julia, while exposing Julia she inadvertently exposes herself. Julia quickly turns the tide.

Later after showering, James runs into Julia. Julia then feigns illness in order to skip out on dinner with the family. Gracie and Tommy leave, leaving Julia and James home alone. Now that the two are alone they find an empty bedroom where they can screw around, and screw around they do. The two have oral and vaginal sex before the credits hi to end the film.

Camera/Picture Quality & Sound:
The angles were for the most part average. There were some sketchy angles here and there throughout the film, and every scene seemed to have an angle that did not do the action justice. At times the action was not clear or visible, but one could argue that it is more organic this way, I would disagree.

The sound quality was hit and miss, for some of the actors/actresses the sound was perfect, for others it was sub par. At times the dialogue was clear and others it was not. Even in the same scene in the same location the sound seemed to be muddled up a little. One actor would come across clearly and the other who stood beside the other sounded lighter and unclear as if someone was talking several feet from the mic.

Bonus Features:

Personal Comments:
It seems that every adult film is the same anymore, maybe it is me, but it just seems that there are so many films in the adult industry that have that disturbing, shocking, or taboo themes, many unintentional. This was not the case here; it seemed deliberate which is fine. The cheating spouse seems played out for me. The plot here was just uninteresting for me. None of the characters were special or meant anything to me.

The acting was above average. James Deen is good as he always seems to be. Julia Ann had a very strong performance, more so acting wise. Gracie was about average with her character portrayal, with a few bumps here and there. Tommy was about average also, he seemed to force a little bit of his lines but overall he did fine.

If I had to choose a favorite scene then I would choose, ironically the Gracie/Nina/other dude three-way. I thought that this was well done, and Nina was great here. While I privately called the yappy and over talkative guy a few choice names (all directed toward the character and not the actor), I thought the woman were wonderful.

In a time where special features are expected this film producer must have missed a memo somewhere. Only a slideshow? That is ridiculous. What if I loved this film and it became my favorite adult film of all time? I would feel a little disappointed that there was no behind the scenes or something similar, and unlike mainstream media, you are not going to get a re-release with extras. There must be more special features than this, if someone puts out over $20, then they deserve something extra. Even more shocking was the lack of trailers, another aspect where Sweet Sinner could have capitalized, if I loved this film I would be more interested in their other works. Thankfully for me this is not my favorite, in fact I am giving this an average rating or three stars.
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